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Chapter 165: 165 Memory Fluctuating, Past Memory Appear

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165 Memory Fluctuating, Past Memory Appear

Ding Wei also comforted him. “Miss Li will wake up. The doctor said that she will wake up tomorrow. It’s not a big problem. Don’t imagine a bunch of scary things.”

Meanwhile, Xue Jinzhu, who was in the same ward as Min Hanrong and Tao Jing, was sitting on the bed taking photos of her injured legs.

She was someone who shared whatever she was happy about and cried when she was wronged. She never held back. She took photos of her injured foot and sent the injured photo to Chen Xin through WeChat—

Xue Jinzhu: [Brother, I’m injured. I had a small car accident. My leg hurts.]

Xue Jinzhu: [I want Brother to hug me.]

Xue Jinzhu: [Aggrieved GIF ~]

Chen Xin was still bitterly working overtime in the company. He did overtime yesterday, today, and even tomorrow. What kind of experience was it to have a dictatorial boss?! Anyway, he had given him enough money.

His phone was vibrating. When he saw that it was a WeChat message from Xue Jinzhu, he quickly took the time to open WeChat.

After seeing the photos Xue Jinzhu had sent, Chen Xin immediately called Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu was waiting for this call. She immediately picked it up and shouted aggrievedly, “Brother, I missed you.”

Tao Jing and Min Hanrong, who were on the next bed, looked over at the same time.

Xue Jinzhu did not care about the gazes of others at all. In any case, she called Chen Xin Brother, so she was not afraid of exposing anything.

Chen Xin asked her, “What happened?”

Xue Jinzhu told Chen Xin the general situation. When she said it, she felt wronged and wanted to cry. Chen Xin had to coax her a few times before she felt a little better.

Tao Jing, who was next to her, said to her mother-in-law, Min Hanrong, “Jinzhu and her boyfriend are so close.”

Min Hanrong glanced at it and retracted her gaze. “Dating is all like this.”

Tao Jing smiled awkwardly. Indeed, dating was like this. She was the same when she was dating Jiacheng. After she got married, their relationship became calm. All the surprises and joy recently were thanks to Mother-in-Law Joy’s show.

Over here.

Chen Xin coaxed Xue Jinzhu and asked, “What about Miss Li? Did anything happen to Miss Li?”

Xue Jinzhu replied softly, “No. Sister Li didn’t leave with us tonight. It was my fault and I insisted on leaving. However, something happened later and Sister Li rushed over to save us.”

When Chen Xin heard that Li Xiwu was fine, he heaved a sigh of relief. “Rest well. Don’t stay up late. I’ll come and pick you up tomorrow morning.”

Xue Jinzhu definitely hoped that Chen Xin would come over now.

However, she also knew that this was too unreasonable. After all, it was already so late. In addition, Brother had been working overtime recently and had not rested well. He could not work too hard.

The next day.

Tang Xian woke up early. When she heard that the snow last night did not seal the mountain, she packed her luggage and called Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen down the mountain to rush to the county hospital.

It was almost nine when they arrived at the county hospital.

Han Qianye chatted with Min Hanrong in that big ward. She first asked about Min Hanrong’s condition. Min Hanrong did not expect Han Qianye to be so concerned about her. She smiled and said, “I’m fine now.”

Han Qianye said, “When I saw you on the emergency stretcher last night, I thought it was very serious.”

Emergency stretcher? When did she get on an emergency stretcher? Min Hanrong was about to ask Han Qianye when she saw her get on the emergency stretcher when Tang Xian knocked on the door and entered.

Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen followed in.

Han Qianye stood up. “You’re here.”

Tang Xian nodded and went forward to ask with concern, “Are you alright?”

Han Qianye smiled. “I just bumped my head. It’s a small matter. There’s no problem anymore.”

Min Hanrong added, “We’re all lucky.”

Xiang Lan said, “It’s true that you’re lucky. The car has flipped over. We were so worried that we didn’t sleep well all night. We wanted to follow but were afraid of causing trouble.”

Han Qianye looked behind the three of them. She did not see Li Xiwu enter, but she held back from asking. Instead, Xue Jinzhu asked, “Where’s Sister Li? Why isn’t she here yet?”

Tang Xian, Xiang Lan and Xu Muzhen were stunned.

Tang Xian spoke first. “Xiwu followed them to look for you last night. Didn’t you see her?”

Xue Jinzhu said, “I know. I’m just asking why Sister Li hasn’t come in yet. I haven’t seen her since I arrived at the hospital last night.”

Min Hanrong also said, “I saw Xiwu last night. She’s been helping. Our car was full and left first. Xiwu seems to be looking for Qianye.”

Tao Jing was unconscious and did not know about this at all, so she could not speak.

Han Qianye was stunned. “Then why didn’t I know?”

Tang Xian was also stunned. “Could it be that Xiwu booked a hotel after leaving the mountain last night?”

If that was the case, she could understand why she hadn’t come over this morning.

Han Qianye’s face fell when she heard this. She had been the only one to go for a checkup last night. She had stayed alone in an empty ward and thought about Li Xiwu from time to time. She wondered if she would sleep well at night.

In the end, after she followed them down last night, she went to book a hotel room. It was not that she wanted Li Xiwu to accompany her, but she would feel uncomfortable if she did not greet her. It turned out that Li Xiwu really did not care about her at all.

Thinking of this, Han Qianye felt a little sad.

It seemed that this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law relationship was really going to end after the variety show ended.

At the same time, in another ordinary ward.

Ah Yue stayed in the ward all night and did not wait for Li Xiwu to wake up. When the sky lit up slightly, his eyelids finally closed. He lay by the bed and began to sleep.

Actually, Li Xiwu, who was unconscious, had woken up once in the middle of the night. She didn’t open her eyes. She was too tired to open them. Then she went from unconscious to sleepy and exhausted and fell asleep again.

It was a long sleep.

She also had a dream.

In the dream, an unfamiliar person appeared. He was wearing a pair of gold-framed glasses and standing in front of her in a formal suit. He was as smooth as jade and exuded elegance and calmness from the inside out.

After staring at her for a moment, he reached out to her and shouted, “Little You.”

Li Xiwu looked at the unfamiliar face in confusion. For some reason, her heart suddenly ached to the extreme.

She was crying silently in her dream, but she didn’t know why she was crying. Just looking at that unfamiliar face made her heart ache. He approached her and reached out to touch her tear-streaked face. “Little You,” he whispered soothingly. “Don’t be afraid.”

Li Xiwu followed her instincts and threw herself into his arms. He hugged her and patted her back. “Little You, I’m not your prequel, and you’re not my sequel. You’re just yourself. Walk forward boldly. Daddy’s right behind you…”

Why did this sentence sound so familiar? It was as if she had remembered it thousands of times.

And calling him daddy…

Li Xiwu’s tear-filled eyes suddenly froze. By the time she let go of this embrace and wanted to see the person in front of her clearly again, everything had already turned into smoke. She could not touch or grasp it.

She’d never been as upset as she was at that moment. Sadness rose from the bottom of her heart in silence.

“Little You.”

The same voice as before appeared again.

She looked up suddenly. The man had appeared again, but this time he was far away from her. He just smiled at her and called out to her.

Li Xiwu rushed over recklessly, but she passed through his body. When she woke up crying, she shouted—


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