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Chapter 168: 168 Pei Jingzhou's Unexpected Appearance, Li Xiwu's Injury Is Discovered

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168 Pei Jingzhou’s Unexpected Appearance, Li Xiwu’s Injury Is Discovered

Around nine o’clock, Chen Xin rushed to the hospital to pick Xue Jinzhu up.

Pei Jingzhou came with him.

Xue Jinzhu did not know yet and thought that only Chen Xin was here. Because she could not meet Chen Xin in the ward openly, she could only say that she was going out for breakfast and quietly come out to see Chen Xin.

Her leg was still a little lame, but it did not affect her walking. She ran a little every three steps and threw herself into Chen Xin’s arms to hug him. “Brother ~ I missed you so much ~”

Chen Xin steadied Xue Jinzhu and coughed lightly in all seriousness.

Xue Jinzhu was dissatisfied. “Brother, don’t you miss me?”

Chen Xin’s face was tense. “…Yes.”

Xue Jinzhu pouted. “Then why didn’t you hug me?”

Chen Xin glanced back and gestured for Xue Jinzhu to look behind him. At first, Xue Jinzhu did not understand and thought that her brother was fooling around with her. She was about to tiptoe and kiss him when she happened to look past Chen Xin’s shoulder and saw… President Pei standing not far away!

The next second, Xue Jinzhu’s tiptoes suddenly pressed back and she almost lost her balance.

Chen Xin quickly held Xue Jinzhu, then cleared his throat and said in a normal working tone, “Be careful.”

Xue Jinzhu swallowed. “Oh.”

All the dead branches and railings outside the hospital were still pressed with unmelted snow. The sun had not come out, and the snow could press down for a day and a night. Mount Liang was much colder than the capital.

It was snowing again.

Pei Jingzhou was wearing a warm turtleneck sweater and a thick black woolen coat. After getting off the plane, he tied a scarf around his neck. His temperament and appearance could not be ignored no matter where he went. Just by standing there quietly, countless gazes were on him.

He walked over.

Xue Jinzhu called out obediently, “President Pei.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced at Xue Jinzhu and asked, “Where is she?”

Huh? Was President Pei asking about Sister Li? When Xue Jinzhu saw Pei Jingzhou, she was already very surprised. Sister Li had already gone back, so why was President Pei still here? Could it be that Sister Li did not tell President Pei before she went back? So President Pei had missed!

Pei Jingzhou looked at Xue Jinzhu who stammered and glanced at Chen Xin. Chen Xin understood Pei Jingzhou’s gaze and turned to ask Xue Jinzhu softly, “Zhuzhu, where’s Miss Li?”

Xue Jinzhu swallowed. “Sister Li… No, didn’t she already go back?”

Pei Jingzhou looked straight at Xue Jinzhu. “Speak clearly.”

Xue Jinzhu finished speaking in one breath. “Director Gao said that Sister Li had already booked a plane ticket back because of an emergency in the company. I thought you knew.”

Chen Xin gasped when he heard this.

At six-thirty this morning, he called Mr. Pei and said that he was coming to Mount Liang to pick up his girlfriend. President Pei did not say anything and only told him to go early and come back early. At that time, he asked, “Isn’t Mr. Pei going to pick Miss Li up?”

How did Mr. Pei reply? At that moment Mr. Pei said, “She can find her way back.”

In other words, there was no need for him to go.

Thinking that Mr. Pei and Miss Li’s relationship had been a little cold recently, Chen Xin could not say anything else. He said, “Mr. Pei, it might take me sometime to come back. Zhuzhu’s foot is a little injured. I’ll send her to a big hospital when I get back.”

When he heard that it was a county hospital, Chen Xin was not at ease, so he planned to personally send Xue Jinzhu to a big hospital for a checkup after bringing her back.

Pei Jingzhou asked on the phone, “Did something happen over there?”

Chen Xin told Mr. Pei everything that had happened last night. Afraid that Mr. Pei would be worried, he emphasized that Miss Li was not among the people who had gotten into the car accident last night because Miss Li had planned to return the next day.

After a moment, Pei Jingzhou asked Chen Xin to book an additional plane ticket. When Chen Xin heard this, he thought that Mr. Pei must be worried, so he quickly booked another plane ticket to Mount Liang.

They set off at seven o’clock for a three-hour flight. Chen Xin arrived with Mr. Pei after nine. After getting off the plane, he went straight to the hospital.

Chen Xin was still thinking that Mr. Pei’s relationship with Miss Li would ease this time. Unexpectedly, Miss Li had already gone back!

But this…!?

Xue Jinzhu said seriously, “President Pei, you missed Sister Li. She just left not long ago. It’s possible that you missed her at the airport.”

Chen Xin asked, “Zhuzhu, are you sure Miss Li has really left?”

Xue Jinzhu nodded. “Of course I’m sure. The director already said that. President Pei, why don’t you call Sister Li? Eh, no, if the plane takes off, the call won’t go through.”

There was a pause.

Xue Jinzhu said, “President Pei, Auntie Han hasn’t left you yet. You haven’t picked up Sister Li. You can pick Auntie Han up too.”

Pei Jingzhou walked towards the hospital and said, “Go back first.”

Chen Xin raised his voice and asked, “Mr. Pei, are you going to pick Auntie up?”

Pei Jingzhou nodded.

Chen Xin retracted his gaze and held Xue Jinzhu’s hand. “Then let’s go to the airport first.”

Xue Jinzhu said, “But my luggage…”

Chen Xin said, “The production team will send it back for you. Let’s go back first.”

Xue Jinzhu held Chen Xin’s arm tightly. “Okay, I’ll listen to you.”

Meanwhile, in Li Xiwu’s ward. On the third time Ah Yue came in to see her, worried, she suddenly suggested, “Ah Yue, help me buy a sketchbook for drawing. And two pencils.”

Ah Yue asked curiously, “Sister, do you want to draw?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Painting is quiet. It also passes the time.”

Ah Yue patted his chest. “Leave it to me. I’ll buy it right away.”

Li Xiwu smiled tightly. “Thank you.”

Ah Yue smiled shyly. “Sister, don’t be so polite.”

A few minutes later.

Panting, Ah Yue ran back to the ward with a brand-new sketchbook and two pencils. He handed the sketchbook and pencils to Li Xiwu. “Sister, the sketchbook and pencils you wanted.”

Li Xiwu took it and saw Ah Yue sitting down beside the bed. She smiled and turned to the first page. She picked up the pencil and began to sketch the man’s face according to her dream memory.

The tip of the pencil rubbed against the sketchbook, making a swishing sound. The appearance of the person in her mind gradually appeared in the sketchbook, and the outline of his face became clearer. His facial features were roughly outlined. At this moment, her hands began to tremble uncontrollably…

Ah Yue noticed Li Xiwu’s strange expression and quickly stood up to ask worriedly, “Sister, what’s wrong?”

Li Xiwu steadied the pencil in her hand and took a deep breath.

Ah Yue’s gaze landed on the person in the sketchbook and he grinned in surprise. “Wow, Sister, your painting is like a photo. The eyelashes are so real.”

Li Xiwu composed herself and tilted the sketchbook in her hand to show Ah Yue. “Have you seen him?”

Ah Yue shook his head. “Sister, I’ve never seen him before.”

Li Xiwu was just asking. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that Ah Yue couldn’t have seen him. All she needed to do now was draw a complete picture of the person in the dream and make it clearer. Then, she would think of a way to find this person and confirm if he existed.



The phone by the bed was vibrating. Ah Yue reminded her, “Sister, your phone is ringing.”

Li Xiwu came back to her senses and took the phone. Seeing the caller ID, it was Pei Jingzhou, whom she had not contacted for two days. She motioned for Ah Yue to be quiet. Ah Yue nodded obediently.

Then she put the sketchbook away and pressed it under the pillow. She took her phone and got out of bed. She went to the window to answer the call and called out steadily, “Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice came from the phone. “You’re back in the capital?”

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “Not yet. I just boarded the plane. I’m taking off later.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I just came to pick you up and you went back. Is it too late for me to rush to the airport now?”

Li Xiwu held her breath. Pei Jingzhou came to Mount Liang?

“Why? Is it too late?” he asked with a smile.

Li Xiwu’s tone was natural. “Yes. I’ll take off soon. I’m afraid it’ll be too late.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Is that so?”

Li Xiwu was about to reply yes when Ah Yue’s voice came from behind. “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

Li Xiwu’s chest tightened. Just as she was about to turn around, Pei Jingzhou’s voice came from the phone receiver and the door of the ward outside. “I’m looking for my wife.”

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