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Chapter 17

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Divorce Sounds Better Than Being Widowed

It was autumn in the capital, and the weather was clear and cold. Especially in the morning. So her hands were cold. Han Qianye held Li Xiwu’s hand and felt that her hand was as cold as ice. She could not help but think of last night and frown. Her emotions were indescribably complicated.

Min Hanrong, who had finished preparing breakfast, saw Han Qianye pull her daughter-in-law in and asked with concern, “Miss Li, are you feeling better?”

Li Xiwu said, “I’m fine.”

When Min Hanrong heard this, she wanted to say more, so she put down what she was doing and walked over. “Everyone just heard that you were hospitalized last night. It’s good that you’re fine.”

To be able to continue filming, it was obvious that the situation was not serious. However, Han Qianye’s worried frown this morning did not seem fake. Min Hanrong could not tell if she was really worried or just pretending. How could she not know that her daughter-in-law was allergic to mushrooms? It was obvious that this mother-in-law and daughter-in-law did not live together much.

A few minutes later, Han Qianye pulled Li Xiwu back to the room upstairs. After closing the door, Li Xiwu did not say a word and waited for Han Qianye to explode in anger. She was also prepared to be criticized. In any case, she would not regret what she had done.

However, the entire room was silent for a long time. Han Qianye did not say a word.

Li Xiwu turned to look at Han Qianye, who was also looking at her. Their eyes met. In the end, Li Xiwu spoke first. “Are you angry?”

Han Qianye’s tone was unreadable. “Why would I be angry? I’m not the one who was hospitalized for mushroom allergies.”

Li Xiwu looked away. “I left in a hurry last night. I didn’t have time to tell you.”

Han Qianye sneered. “Ha!”

Li Xiwu: “…”

When she woke up this morning and couldn’t find Li Xiwu, she found out from Director Gao that Li Xiwu had gone to the hospital last night because of her mushroom allergy. Han Qianye’s mood was very complicated at that time. She didn’t even know if she was angry or something else. Even now it was unclear.

Han Qianye said, “You…”

Li Xiwu said, “You…”

They spoke at the same time. “You first,” Li Xiwu said.

Han Qianye did not stand on ceremony. Then, she erupted with the anger that she had been suppressing since just now. “Don’t you know that you’re allergic to mushrooms? When we were choosing vegetables for dinner, you should have mentioned that you’re allergic to mushrooms! I don’t care what kind of mentality you have, but what if something happens to you? Do you take your own body seriously!”

Li Xiwu was slightly stunned. She was prepared to face Han Qianye’s anger. She thought that Han Qianye would scold her for being scheming and such nasty words. After all, she seemed to have a particularly good relationship with her daughter-in-law during the day. In the end, she didn’t even know that her daughter-in-law was allergic to mushrooms. She even specially made mushroom soup for her daughter-in-law to eat, causing her to be hospitalized overnight. If this matter was exposed online, it would be very disadvantageous for Han Qianye.

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu angrily.

Li Xiwu cleared her throat. “I wasn’t thinking.” It was a very lame reason.

Han Qianye naturally did not believe him. She said the truth shrewdly, “You want to strike first, right?”

Of course Li Xiwu wouldn’t admit it. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Han Qianye said, “Don’t give me that. Don’t think I don’t know what you’re thinking.” At this point, Han Qianye’s tone was a little calmer than before. At least, she was not as angry as before. “Li Xiwu, I’m warning you. You’re not allowed to challenge me with your body, understand?”

Li Xiwu felt an indescribable emotion in her heart.

However, in the next second, Han Qianye added, “If anything happens to you, won’t my son become a widower at such a young age? Divorce is better than being widowed. It’s unlucky to be widowed.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

Knock, knock, knock—

Someone knocked on the door.

Han Qianye raised her neck and asked, “Who is it?”

Gao Yueban, who was standing outside the door, craned his neck. “I heard that Miss Li is back. Miss Li, how are you?”

Li Xiwu went to open the door.

Gao Yueban saw that it was Li Xiwu who opened the door. He sized her up and asked, “Are you alright?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “It’s a small matter. I’ve made Director Gao worry.”

“How can it be a small matter? But it’s good that you’re fine. By the way, can you record the show normally today?” The first part of the sentence indicated that Gao Yueban was relieved. The latter part was what Gao Yueban was most worried about.

It was only the second day of the program’s recording. If Li Xiwu took leave on the second day, the mission script would have to be adjusted. But what Gao Yueban had feared would not happen.

Li Xiwu said, “I’m fine. It won’t affect the recording.”

Gao Yueban heaved a sigh of relief and said, “That’s good, that’s good.” He was completely relieved. Gao Yueban half raised his hand to look at his watch. “It’s almost nine. Get ready. The makeup artist will come in immediately. The live broadcast will start at ten.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “Okay.”

After Gao Yueban left, Li Xiwu did not close the door. She turned to Han Qianye and said, “I’m going back next door.”

Han Qianye ignored her and swiped her phone calmly.

The first task of today’s live broadcast was to operate the inn.

After the program’s organizers rented the Inn From Beyond, it was not open to the public. However, it was not open to the public here, specifically referring to real tourists, the ordinary tourists arranged by the program would come to the inn.

Real tourists could not communicate in advance. It was easy to go wrong during a live broadcast. All kinds of things were impossible to guard against. After all, they had to prioritize the audience’s perception.

After accepting the first mission, Tao Jing began to feel troubled. “What if customers come to stay and want to eat?”

Min Hanrong took the initiative and said, “It’s fine. I’ll cook.”

Tao Jing’s heart ached for her mother-in-law. “That’s too hard.”

Min Hanrong smiled gently. “The capable ones will go first. Only I can cook a few dishes here.”

As soon as she said this, Han Qianye, who was beside her, began to feel uncomfortable. “They’re here to stay, not to eat vegetarian food.”

What she meant was that those tourists came here to have fun and eat happily. Min Hanrong knew how to cook, but she only knew how to cook those few vegetarian dishes. She didn’t know anything about cooking, stew, or dishes that could be served.

Although she was insulted, Min Hanrong was very magnanimous and did not get angry. She even asked with a pleasant smile, “Why don’t you do it?”

In other words, with your bad cooking skills, can you give it to the guests? Even your daughter-in-law was hospitalized overnight because she ate your food.

Han Qianye was speechless. If she didn’t know how to cook, she wouldn’t have to endure this!

Turning around to look at her silent daughter-in-law, Han Qianye felt even more complicated. She suddenly regretted coming to this show. She would have just given Li Xiwu 400 million yuan and asked her to take the money and quickly divorce Jingzhou. Why did she have to listen to Lin Yourong and come to the show to suffer?

Why doesn’t she just find an excuse to leave the show?

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