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Chapter 178: 178 Four Years Ago, Chaos in Country T

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178 Four Years Ago, Chaos in Country T

Country T was in chaos.

Large-scale evacuation of emigrants.

When she saw these words, Li Xiwu was stunned for a long time. In the timeline, the unrest in Country T was four years ago. Even four years ago, the Internet must have been filled with reports of the unrest in Country T.

But she had no impression of the unrest in Country T four years ago. Logically speaking, this shouldn’t be the case.

Had she forgotten something?

Li Xiwu continued reading. After the information she found, it detailed the time Pei Jingzhou went to Country T, the reason for his injury, the time he returned to the country, and the time he was hospitalized.

This was a very complete timeline.

Although there was not much content, it was indeed the information Li Xiwu wanted.

After reading it, Li Xiwu fell silent.

In summary, four years ago, there was chaos in Country T, a large-scale evacuation of emigrants, his fiancée, Pei Jingzhou’s injury, seventeen days in the ICU, and a notice of critical illness…

The turmoil in Country T in front had already shocked Li Xiwu. When she saw that Pei Jingzhou was seriously injured and the doctor had given the notice of critical illness, her heart trembled. She had imagined Pei Jingzhou’s serious injuries, but she would never have imagined that they were so serious that he had already issued a notice of critical illness.

Li Xiwu held her breath. She exhaled and took a long time to calm down. It was also written in the timeline that the reason Pei Jingzhou was injured was to save his fiancée.

And this fiancée was the Li You she had never seen before.

After a long silence, Li Xiwu suddenly remembered the dream.

… Cannon fire and smoke filled the air. Just thinking about it, if there was a large-scale evacuation after the turmoil in Country T, such an urgent situation might appear in the end when there was no time to finish the evacuation.

And the person who had called her Little You in her dream.

Did she really have anything to do with all of this?

There were too many thoughts in her mind to bear. Suddenly, there was a sharp pain in her head. Li Xiwu almost lost her balance. She held the sofa and squatted down. When the pain subsided, she heard footsteps behind her.

“Li Xiwu.” It was Pei Jingzhou’s voice.

Li Xiwu was about to stand up when her head hurt even more. The pain made her dizzy and she fell straight back onto the carpet.

Pei Jingzhou, who had rushed over, picked her up and placed her on the sofa. “A headache?”

Li Xiwu silently turned off her screen. “Yes, a little.”

Pei Jingzhou quickly got up and returned to the bedroom to get a down jacket. He came over and draped it over Li Xiwu. When he leaned over again and wanted to pick Li Xiwu up, Li Xiwu gently grabbed Pei Jingzhou’s collar. “Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou looked down at her. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu said, “It was just for a while. Actually, it’s much better now.”

Pei Jingzhou said in a low voice, “I’m worried. Let’s go to the hospital to take a look.”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “Fourth Brother, have you forgotten what the doctor said? It’s normal for patients with concussions to have headaches during their recovery.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I don’t remember what the doctor said. I’ll only be at ease if we go to the hospital.”

Li Xiwu could not dissuade him. In the end, she was taken to the hospital by Pei Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou was so worried that he scared the doctor. He thought that the sudden situation might be really serious, such as intracranial hemorrhage. He quickly examined Li Xiwu.

In the end, nothing happened.

The doctor said, “Plenty of rest. Reducing the use of your brain is the key to recovery.”

These words reminded Li Xiwu. The reason why her head suddenly hurt was very much related to the document about Pei Jingzhou being seriously injured four years ago. They came out of another tunnel in the hospital and got into the car.

Li Xiwu looked at Pei Jingzhou’s tense expression. “The doctor said that it’s nothing serious.”

Pei Jingzhou placed his hands on the steering wheel and asked her, “So what are you thinking about? Why would you have a headache because of that?”

Li Xiwu was speechless.

Back at Lake Lu.

Pei Jingzhou kept carrying her. Li Xiwu’s feet don’t touch the ground the entire time. She was worried about the wound on his arm, but he said angrily, “If you really care about me, think less.”

Li Xiwu said, “What about thinking of Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Thinking of me makes you have a headache?”

Li Xiwu smiled tightly.

After spending some time in the hospital, Li Xiwu was already very hungry. Pei Jingzhou had originally planned to bring her out to eat, but Li Xiwu refused. It was probably because she did not want to waste the few dishes Pei Jingzhou had painstakingly cooked at noon today.

After the meal, Pei Jingzhou followed Li Xiwu closely.

Puzzles, adult Lego, chess, and so on were the most suitable things to pass the time. However, because they had to use their brains, Pei Jingzhou did not let Li Xiwu play.

When she’d digested her meal, he’d lure her to bed.

It wasn’t exactly sleep.

At first, Pei Jingzhou was very obedient, but Li Xiwu tossed and turned in his arms and could not sleep. Pei Jingzhou’s hands began to move.

Li Xiwu pressed his hand down. “Fourth Brother, how can I sleep like this?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Your mind is full of things.”

Li Xiwu stared at his jaw for a moment. “Who has nothing on their mind?”

Her retort had a point. Pei Jingzhou pressed the tip of his tongue against his cheek. “Then remove all the things in your mind for the time being.”

Li Xiwu: “?”

She had been wondering if Pei Jingzhou was planning to tell her some interesting story to distract her from those things. In the end, he took action directly…

The moment her mind went blank, she understood the deeper meaning of Pei Jingzhou’s words. After a long time, her heart barely calmed down.

In the end, Li Xiwu felt weak all over. She did not even have the strength to open her eyes. Her eyelids drooped and fell asleep. Just as she thought she could sleep in peace, Pei Jingzhou kissed her.

Li Xiwu was powerless to resist. “Wash your hands,” she whispered.

Pei Jingzhou said, “Just sleep. Don’t worry about me.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She did not want to worry about him and wanted to sleep. But how could she sleep like this?

This way, she really couldn’t think about anything else.

She had wanted to find time in the afternoon to search online for information about the turmoil in Country T four years ago. Not only was she curious about the turmoil in Country T four years ago, but she was also curious why she had no impression of it at all.

However, she never had the chance to search. Especially since Pei Jingzhou had always been by her side.

The phone on the bedside table was vibrating. Li Xiwu came back to her senses and reached out to take it. Pei Jingzhou reached out in front of her and took the phone from the bedside table.

Li Xiwu saw that it was Qiao Qiao on the screen. Worried that it was an urgent call from Qiao Qiao, she tried to snatch the phone back. However, Pei Jingzhou had already picked it up and turned on the speakerphone—

On the other end of the line, Qiao Qiao’s voice was very loud. “Bae! Your Mother Dragon’s account has been hacked!!!”

Li Xiwu: “…”

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