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Chapter 18

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Using Her Skills To Attract Fans

The live broadcast started at ten. With yesterday’s warm-up, the number of netizens camping today doubled.

Compared to Min Hanrong, who was first in popularity yesterday, Xie Wen’s group was first in popularity today. Min Hanrong’s group was second in popularity, Xiang Lan’s group was third, and Li Xiwu’s group was last.

Xiang Lan and her daughter-in-law, Xu Muzhen, were the most ordinary guests in this episode. There were no trivial matters in life, and there were no arguments between mother and daughter-in-law, but it was not peaceful. Because Xu Muzhen was about to break down even though it was only the second day of the broadcast.

Xu Muzhen was a doctor. She often stayed up late to work. Recently, in order to record a variety show, she had discussed with the hospital before temporarily reducing her shifts.

Initially, she thought that she could have a good sleep during the filming of the variety show. Unexpectedly, before seven in the morning, she was grabbed from the bed by her mother-in-law, Xiang Lan, and was dragged to the living room to do calisthenics. When she could sleep early at 10 PM, her mother-in-law dragged her out to do more calisthenics.

This was simply torture for Xu Muzhen, who had crazy biological clock and wanted to sleep in. Not only did the netizens not feel heartache, but they were also very happy to see this.

[If I had a mother-in-law like Xiang Lan, my fats would have long disappeared.]

[Some people say that Xiang Lan doesn’t give her daughter-in-law a good rest. It’s too suffocating to do aerobics all the time, but why do I feel that this is also for her daughter-in-law’s good? The doctor’s day and night shifts are reversed, and her biological clock is in chaos. Xiang Lan is saving her daughter-in-law. If this continues, she will be gone before she becomes a director.]

[Being a doctor is really tiring. My husband didn’t get his Mediterranean hairstyle from studying back then. He got it when he worked as a doctor. He said it almost killed him.]

[During last night’s live broadcast, the netizens were really too funny. They were laughed to death by Xu Muzhen’s to slack off.]

[I just want to see Xu Muzhen get caught.]

Around eleven o’clock, tourists started coming into the inn. The first young couple was arranged by the program team, their identities are researchers on animal protection. The second middle-aged couple were serious plant experts.

Min Hanrong was recognized by the young couple the moment she appeared. The girl covered her mouth in shock. “Are you Min Hanrong?”

Min Hanrong’s outfit today was even more exquisite and beautiful than yesterday. She was wearing a dark brown knitted dress with a slim-fit design. Her hair was long and curly, and she looked to be in her early thirties. When she stood with her daughter-in-law, Tao Jing, they looked like a pair of sisters.

Min Hanrong smiled gently. “Yes.”

“Ah, ah, ah! Oh my god! I’m seeing Min Hanrong in person!” The girl was shocked after she confirmed Min Hanrong’s identity, then she screamed excitedly.

The girl’s boyfriend was surprised, too. The look on his face said it all.

The live-stream exploded at the same time.

[If I meet Min Hanrong by chance, I can brag about this in front of my father for the rest of my life.]

[Min Hanrong is so beautiful today. My dad said that.]

[If I bump into Min Hanrong, the first thing I’ll do is take a photo.]

[Someone revealed that the place where the program is being recorded is in Fu Town. If it wasn’t so troublesome to go to Fu Town now, I would have gone there.]

[This young couple is actually doing research. No wonder they can enter Fu Town. It’s really difficult to enter Fu Town recently.]

[I was lucky enough to go to Fu Town a few years ago. The only thing I felt was that I could break the law if I wasn’t careful.]

It was nearing noon. Min Hanrong personally cooked lunch for the two young couples. Tao Jing was in charge of livening up the atmosphere. They chatted and laughed, and the atmosphere was especially good.

“I’ve watched Mother Dragon’s videos several times. I don’t know why, but Mother Dragon hasn’t updated her works recently.” Tao Jing took out her phone. She wanted to show her mother-in-law, Min Hanrong, the cooking video that Mother Dragon had posted on the short video software. She refreshed it. It has been half a month since the last update.

“You follow Mother Dragon too?” It was the girl from the couple. Her name was Wan Yu.

Tao Jing followed the voice and looked at Wan Yu. When they looked at each other, she knew that she had met a soulmate. She nodded. “A year ago, Mother Dragon composed Altenis. It was forwarded on various platforms. It took me a long time to find Mother Dragon’s short video account. I followed her then.”

Wan Yu was especially surprised. “What a coincidence. I also paid attention to her because of that piano piece in A minor. At that time, it was very popular. I heard that she was the disciple of a certain master, and I also heard that she just happened to have the luck to promote short videos. However, I think that no matter what the outside world says, Mother Dragon is a god in my heart!”

Tao Jing and Wan Yu immediately found a common topic. The two of them chatted non-stop on the topic of Mother Dragon.

Min Hanrong, who was preparing the dishes, asked, “Could this Mother Dragon be a foreigner?”

It was Wan Yu who answered: “I think that’s possible. Although I followed Mother Dragon just to wait for her to post another song one day, the videos of her cooking later were also very attractive. Looking at the comments, I realized that several dishes were from Kelantan. Is it possible that Mother Dragon is from Kelantan?”

Tao Jing added, “I don’t think so. I’ve seen all those cooking videos. Other than Kelantan’s dishes, there are also dishes from T Nation. It’s too difficult to guess Mother Dragon’s nationality.”

Min Hanrong had never seen the Mother Dragon that her daughter-in-law was discussing with this female researcher.

Out of curiosity, she asked Tao Jing to show her Mother Dragon’s short video.

[Introduction to the Tyrant Dragon: Short video creator, food blogger, and so on: Dragon Dragon, Dragon Baby, Mother Dragon.]

[With the creation of the first short video, ‘Altenis in A Minor’, it has received 8,000,000 likes. Currently, each account has accumulated 90,000,000 likes, a total of 27 short videos have been released, and 16,000,000 fans.]

After Min Hanrong read Mother Dragon’s summary on the short video, she said in surprise, “This Mother Dragon only posted a total of 20 videos of cooking. She actually has so many fans?” She actually has more fans than a star. She couldn’t have bought the fans right?

As if seeing through Min Hanrong’s thoughts, Wan Yu immediately said, “Actually, at least 10 million of these 10 million fans are following her because of Altenis.”

Tao Jing agreed with Wan Yu. “Yes.”

Her seemingly casual creation of Altenis was actually a level that many professionals could not match. She relied on her strength to gain fans.

Min Hanrong was immediately interested in this blogger. She took out her hand from the basin and wiped it clean before reaching out. “Show me her cooking videos.”

Tao Jing handed the phone to Min Hanrong.

At this moment, Tao Jing and Wan Yu were not the only ones discussing the blogger, Mother Dragon. On the screen of the live-stream, there were also comments related to Mother Dragon—

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