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Chapter 181: 181 Madam, You've Been Blacklisted

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181 Madam, You’ve Been Blacklisted

Han Qianye’s face darkened when she saw the new public opinion.

“What is this production team doing? Why are they still exposed!”

Currently, the heated discussion about Li Xiwu scamming Mother Dragon has just been suppressed. In the blink of an eye, a tweet called #Mother-in-Law Joy’s Car Accident# appeared on the trending searches.

There was already a heated discussion online. Many big V bloggers were quickly forwarding it now. The popularity was getting higher and higher. As soon as it was refreshed, it quickly entered the top three trending searches.

[Before I clicked on it, I thought it was a joke. I didn’t expect it to happen.]

[I’m glad she’s fine. I was scared to death by the headline.]

[Mother-in-Law Joy’s public service this time is really meaningful. I hope they won’t be criticized. Everyone, discuss rationally.]

[I’m eating melons. I’m eating melons. I saw someone reveal the situation after the car accident. Refresh and see the forwarding.]

[After seeing the gossip, it means that Li Xiwu is really cold, but her coldness is also really cold.]

[It’s fine if she didn’t wait for the others. The key is that she didn’t even wait for her mother-in-law, Han Qianye.]

[Is Li Xiwu preparing to debut? Half an hour ago, she dominated the trending searches and lost the popularity. Half an hour later, she dominated the trending searches again.]

[She was slapped in the face with Mother Dragon and came back with another trending topic.]

[Li Xiwu and Han Qianye can’t be a combination mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, right? Perhaps Li Xiwu is going to debut??]

There were too many comments.

All kinds of guesses and inferences emerged. She swiped it down, and saw most of them were almost mocking comments. As for the fans who really liked Li Xiwu and the passersby who didn’t like her, they couldn’t stand it anymore.

Many people jumped out to speak.

[Li Xiwu does so many meaningful things. Some people pretend to be blind and can’t stop criticizing such a thing.]

[Who doesn’t have an emergency? If Li Xiwu has something very important to leave for the time being, can’t she?]

[Mother-in-Law Joy has been too popular recently. Her live broadcast popularity has been breaking through a new high. She’s probably blocking someone’s path. Someone’s buying anti-fans to forcefully harm her.]

[No matter how much you criticize, I just like to watch Mother-in-Law Joy. I just like Li Xiwu. Don’t like me? Come and beat me up.]

The negative public opinion that had arisen was that an unknown blogger had posted some fabricated misinterpretation on Weibo.

Especially after the car accident was exposed, she immediately exposed the car accident as an internal member of the production team. Li Xiwu left selfishly and immediately sent the words “Li Xiwu” to the peak of public opinion.

When Han Qianye saw the trending topic, she was furious.

At this moment, Lin Yourong called. “Qianye, you were right to end this relationship as soon as possible. That Li Xiwu is really a two-faced person.”

Han Qianye was already angry.

Hearing Lin Yourong’s ridicule, she was even angrier. “Who are you calling two-faced?”

Lin Yourong did not realize that Han Qianye’s anger was already directed at her. She continued, “You didn’t say what happened at Mount Liang when you came back to ask me out. You just said that you wanted to end your relationship with Li Xiwu in advance. So you finally saw Li Xiwu’s true colors. Qianye, believe me, quickly chase Li Xiwu out of the house.”

Han Qianye was still very angry a second ago. The next second, she quickly calmed down. She said to Lin Yourong, “I did see it clearly.”

Lin Yourong was overjoyed. “I knew it…”

Before Lin Yourong could finish, Han Qianye interrupted, “Don’t contact me for the time being.”

Lin Yourong: “?”

Beep, beep, beep, beep…

The busy tone from the receiver reminded Lin Yourong that Han Qianye had hung up on her. Lin Yourong refused to give up and called again. A prompt came from the speakerphone. “I’m sorry, the number you’ve dialed is temporarily unavailable…”

Lin Yourong still did not give up and continued to call. It was still the same reply: “Sorry, the number you have dialed is temporarily unavailable…” Lin Yourong had never been blocked, so she did not know what was going on.

The servant who entered the house was immediately stopped by Lin Yourong. “Come here for a moment.”

When the servant heard her, she walked over carefully. “What’s wrong, madam?”

Lin Yourong asked, “Look at my phone. Is something wrong? I’ve called Qianye several times, but the other party can’t connect for the time being.”

The servant was stunned for a moment, then whispered, “Madam, you—you’d better not call.”

Lin Yourong asked, “Why can’t I call?”

The servant’s voice was even softer than before. “Because you’ve been blacklisted.”

Lin Yourong: “???”


Han Qianye blocked her?!

On the other hand, after Han Qianye temporarily blocked Lin Yourong, she called Gao Yueban, the executive director of Mother-in-Law Joy.

Gao Yueban had already panicked when he saw the second trending topic. When he received Han Qianye’s call, he nervously changed his form of address. “Mrs. Pei.”

Han Qianye questioned, “Didn’t you say that this matter was suppressed? Why was it exposed again?”

Gao Yueban also felt aggrieved. “I just found out that someone in the know took money and exposed this matter.”

Han Qianye frowned. “Took money? By whom? Did you find that person?”

Gao Yueban said truthfully, “I did, but he only admitted that he took the money and didn’t tell me who it was. I fired him.”

Han Qianye felt uncomfortable. “Can’t you force a confession out of him?”

Gao Yueban was shocked. “Mrs. Pei, this is the modern world, not ancient times. The modern world has to talk about the law.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Gao Yueban immediately fell silent. How could he have forgotten that Han Qianye had the Pei family behind her? Not only was Han Qianye’s husband an arrogant business sniper when he was young, but he was also a lawless big shot.

Gao Yueban swallowed silently.

Han Qianye asked, “Did the cameraman record the video along the way when Xixi came to find us?”

Gao Yueban said, “Yes, there must be.” After a pause, he quickly said, “When I saw the trending searches just now, I instructed them to edit the video. Who knew that it would ferment so quickly? The ghostwriters swept away the popularity and sent it up in an instant. The video is relatively long and is still being edited. I’m preparing to post it on Mother-in-Law Joy’s official Weibo account.”

Han Qianye said decisively, “Send it to me after it’s edited. I’ll post it on Weibo. The officials can just forward it.”

Gao Yueban understood what Han Qianye meant. She was going to stand on Li Xiwu’s side and help Li Xiwu straighten her back to counter the netizens’ speculation and slander.

Therefore, Gao Yueban agreed. Once the video was edited, he would send it to Han Qianye. She waited for more than half an hour.

Han Qianye received a video from Gao Yueban. She clicked on it first.

Once the live broadcast ended, the camera would still be recording to enrich the premiere content. The editor was very good, especially at the beginning when they sat around for dinner in Ding Wei’s village social office.

As they ate, they received a call that something had happened to the car that left.

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