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Chapter 182: 182 Han Qianye Posted On Weibo: My Xixi Is Always The Best

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182 Han Qianye Posted On Weibo: My Xixi Is Always The Best

At the later part of the video, everyone was carrying out an emergency rescue.

Li Xiwu had been helping, pawing at the snow. She was doing everything she could. Everyone else had been found except Han Qianye. Li Xiwu’s expression was clearly nervous and worried. These were all her true feelings.

After that, someone accidentally misled everyone and thought that Han Qianye had fallen down there. Other than Ding Wei and the two young men, no one else said anything.

Li Xiwu went down without hesitation. Then something happened…

Han Qianye burst into tears when she finished watching the video.

The moment Pei Qingji entered, he saw that his wife was crying. Without another word, he knelt down. “Honey, I was wrong.”

Han Qianye stopped crying and looked at Pei Qingji, who was kneeling. “Why are you kneeling?”

Pei Qingji asked, “Then why are you crying?”

Han Qianye pointed at her phone sadly. Pei Qingji quickly stood up. “Oh, so it has nothing to do with me. Then it’s fine.”

Han Qianye had no time to care about Pei Qingji. She opened Weibo. Her personal Weibo account had been registered for a long time. When she came up with an ID name, she couldn’t think of a good name, so You’an gave her an even more rustic and unpleasant ID name. It was called: So Beautiful That She Had No Friends.

Not only was the ID given by You’an, but the first Weibo post was also a selfie of You’an with a caption: Of course my mother’s first Weibo post is about her handsome son~

This Weibo account has been kept until now. As time passed, Han Qianye almost forgot that her first Weibo post was a full-face photo of her youngest son’s handsome face.

After editing the content of the video, she clicked send.

So Beautiful That She Had No Friends V: [My Xixi is always the So Beautiful That She Had No Friends Weibo videos—]

This was the first time Han Qianye had posted such a formal Weibo post. She did not know how to bring up a topic.

After publishing it, Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief. Now they were just waiting for the public opinion to reverse. She put down her phone in peace and went to wash her face and skincare. Then, she took a beautiful bath. Two hours passed in the blink of an eye.

Two hours later, she picked up her phone and thought that the public opinion online should have reversed, right?

In the end, when she opened Weibo, the trending searches were still hanging. There was no sign of public opinion turning around.

Han Qianye: “?”

What happened? Could it be that the video that was so clear was not convincing?!

Just as she was filled with doubts, she suddenly received a call from Gao Yueban. “Mrs. Pei, when are you going to post that clarification video? The official Weibo account asked me to ask. They’ve been waiting for almost two hours to forward your video. We have to quickly suppress the public opinion.”

Han Qianye frowned and explained, “But I posted the video two hours ago. Why didn’t you see it?”

Gao Yueban was also confused. “This Weibo account with the ID Han Qianye has yet to release any videos. See if it’s saved in the draft box?”

Han Qianye said, “My account name is not Han Qianye.”

Gao Yueban: “?”

Gao Yueban, who quickly reacted, asked, “Mrs. Pei, did you post it on your alternate account?”

Han Qianye found it strange. “I don’t have an alternate account. It’s the one I usually use.”

Gao Yueban immediately understood. “No wonder. Then send me your Weibo ID. I’ll get the official Weibo account to fish you out.”

Han Qianye said, “Oh, okay.”

Although she was slow for a few seconds, Han Qianye quickly understood why the clarification video she posted was not popular. It was because the video she clarified was posted on her usual Weibo.

She thought that this one shot would be exposed. However, she had forgotten that there were not many fans on this Weibo account. Her ID name had nothing to do with the name “Han Qianye”. Moreover, there was no topic of Mother-in-Law Joy. It would be strange if she was noticed.

She opened WeChat and found Gao Yueban’s WeChat.

Han Qianye: [ID name: So Beautiful That She Had No Friends.]

Gao Yueban: [OK!]

After a few seconds, Gao Yueban sent another message: [Is the person with the ID ‘Han Qianye’ on Weibo your main account?]

Han Qianye: [Those accounts on Weibo with the names Han Qianye aren’t me.]

Gao Yueban sent a voice message: [There’s a person called Han Qianye on Weibo. She has more than a hundred thousand fans. Are you sure it’s not you?]

Han Qianye: “?”

There was someone pretending to be her?

There were so many people with the same name in the world. The Weibo name “Han Qianye” had long been registered by someone else. At that time, she had asked Pei You’an to casually think of an old-fashioned and unpleasant Weibo name for her. It had been used until now.

She opened Weibo and searched. She really found a blogger with the ID Han Qianye. She had 130,000 fans and often advertised on Weibo. There were hundreds of comments under each Weibo post. Most of them were asking her if she was really Han Qianye—

[Is this really Han Qianye?]

[Ever since Mother-in-Law Joy started broadcasting, her dozens of fans have now increased to 130,000. She has never directly replied if she is Han Qianye. The key is that she always brings up Mother-in-Law Joy’s topic on Weibo. It’s confusing.]

[Isn’t Han Qianye a wealthy lady? Why would she advertise and sell these third-rate products?]

[It’s definitely not Han Qianye. This name was registered early.]

This blogger did not reply to everyone and continued to advertise.

After Han Qianye finished reading it, she immediately understood that this person had taken advantage of the fact that she had not publicized her Weibo account. She did not admit or deny it and kept everyone in suspense so that they could buy the things in her advertisement.

Wait. She would slap her in the face immediately.

Han Qianye exited Weibo and sent Director Gao a WeChat message: [Other than me (So Beautiful That She Had No Friends), everything else is not me.]

Gao Yueban replied: [The official Weibo account has found you. Hurry up and verify your account.]

Han Qianye was very fast. Just as her verification was done, she saw that her fans had increased. And they increased more.

So verification could increase fans?

When she exited and took a look, she realized that it was Mother-in-Law Joy’s official Weibo account that had forwarded the clarification Weibo post she had posted two hours ago.

Likes and followers rose very quickly.

For the first time, Han Qianye realized that she was still quite popular. It could be seen that the number had increased to more than 2,000 and was still rising.

There were so many praising comments that she was dazzled. She will look at Weibo tomorrow morning after calming down this public opinion.

Hence, Han Qianye turned off her phone and went to sleep in peace.

Half an hour later, it was ten-thirty. A post called #Han Qianye personally clarified # appeared on the trending searches.

[Forwarding from an official Weibo account. This time, it should be Han Qianye herself without a doubt!]

[That fake Han Qianye advertises every day. I’m so annoyed by it. I’m also worried that if it’s really her, I haven’t unfollowed her. Now, I can unfollow the fake Han Qianye in peace.]

[Look, that fake Han Qianye has been banned on Weibo.]

[Damn liar, you should have been banned long ago. You advertise and sell some third-rate products every day.]

[What is clarification? Could it be that Han Qianye personally recorded a video and said that Li Xiwu is not that kind of person? Hahaha…]

[Li Xiwu is a cold and heartless person. I wonder what’s there to clarify.]

There were always cynical comments. But none of these people had seen the clarification video.

After watching the video, many netizens fell silent.

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