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Chapter 183: 183 Strong Clarification Slaps the Whole Internet

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183 Strong Clarification Slaps the Whole Internet

[They’re really spreading rumors now.]

[After watching the video, whether it was looking for someone or saving someone, Li Xiwu was the one at the front. Why smear her like this?]

[I like Han Qianye to be so stubborn! She protects Sister Li forcefully!]

[Brainless and Unhappy are the best!]

[Could it be that Sister Li is too popular? Did she block someone’s path to wealth?]

[I almost cried. Especially when Sister Li knew that it would be dangerous, but she still went down to look for Han Qianye without hesitation.]

[And the public opinion that Sister Li is trying to scam Mother Dragon. Since the show started, has Sister Li ever mentioned Mother Dragon?]

[It can’t be helped. Mother-in-Law Joy is just too popular. Sister Li is too popular. Those people are just jealous.]

Everyone was feeling indignant for Li Xiwu.

Some attentive netizens realized that Han Qianye’s ID was very similar to the Weibo ID of the young man who had almost exposed Mother Dragon.

Hence, they followed the clues and flipped through Han Qianye’s Weibo. Then, they saw Han Qianye’s first Weibo post was a selfie of a young man. This selfie actually matched the photos that the young man had posted on Weibo in the past.

It was actually the same person!

Meanwhile, Qiao Qiao, who was still surfing the Internet late at night, saw a group of netizens who had transformed into famous detectives and kept digging deeper. She felt helpless and speechless.

Indeed, people were afraid of being famous. Such a method stripped people clean by eighteen generations of ancestors. She couldn’t help but click on the comments section—

[So that handsome blogger is Han Qianye’s son?]

[Someone had guessed it a long time ago, especially since both of them liked to play with shoes. They were both in high school, but no one confirmed it at the time.]

[I suspect that the cabinet was copied from Mother Dragon’s cabinet. Actually, there’s no connection between the two at all.]

[The photos match. If it was some time ago, I would have believed it. Now that Mother Dragon has personally refuted the rumors, my first reaction is that it’s the same person. Anyway, it has nothing to do with Mother Dragon.]

There were hundreds of new comments.

Qiao Qiao wanted to call Li Xiwu. But looking at the time, it was past one in the morning. Li Xiwu was already resting at this time. Coupled with the fact that Li Xiwu had recently injured her head, what she needed most was a good rest. She couldn’t call in the middle of the night to disturb her.

But she couldn’t let the netizens slander her after making wild guesses, especially those bad comments. Qiao Qiao’s heart ached.

Especially that hacker.

She was so angry! After thinking for a long time, Qiao Qiao decided to do something. She first hid all the content on her personal Weibo. Then, she began to edit a new Weibo post.

A few minutes later.

An edited Weibo post was posted on Qiao Qiao’s Weibo with the topics #Mother-in-Law Joy# and #MotherDragon. It wasn’t enough to just bring up the topic. She gritted her teeth and charged this Weibo post ten thousand yuan for promotion.

After charging the promotional fee and checking the Weibo content, she smiled in satisfaction. “It’s done.”

The next day.

The first rays of the morning sun shone down.

Li Xiwu was woken up by her frequently vibrating phone. Seeing that it was a call from Qiao Qiao, Li Xiwu instantly woke up. She half stood up and was ready to get out of bed at any time. At the same time, she picked up the phone. “Qiao’er? What’s wrong?”

Qiao Qiao’s voice was very loud. “Han Qianye exposed your Mother Dragon’s identity!”

Li Xiwu: “…?”

Li Xiwu was stunned for a long time when she heard Qiao Qiao’s words. Probably because what she was worried about and what Qiao Qiao said were two completely different things, her mind instantly froze for dozens of seconds.

Qiao Qiao didn’t hear Li Xiwu’s voice. “Bae? Are you listening? No, are you awake?”

Li Xiwu came back to her senses and glanced sideways at the man sleeping beside her. Then, she quietly got out of bed and shuffled to the bathroom in her slippers. She pressed the phone to her ear. “What exactly happened?”

Qiao Qiao replied seriously, “I only found out this morning when I saw the trending topic on Weibo. I clicked on it and saw that the name Mother Dragon had appeared on the trending topic. This time, it’s really true. There’s no need for you to respond personally.”

Li Xiwu: “?”

Doubts filled her mind. When did Han Qianye know about her relationship with Mother Dragon?

Qiao Qiao seemed to be in a hurry. “I can’t explain it in a few words. Look at the trending searches yourself. I’ll hang up first.”

Before Qiao Qiao hung up, Li Xiwu called out to her, “Qiao’er.”

Qiao Qiao was anxious to hang up. “I’m packing my bags for a trip far away. Don’t look for it for the time being.” She paused for a few seconds. Qiao Qiao added, “Don’t worry. That outsider with the Qiao family name can’t find me for the time being. I’ll come back after he leaves the capital.”

Li Xiwu said, “Qiao’er, wait…”

Beep, beep, beep. The line went dead. Li Xiwu took down the phone and saw that Qiao Qiao had hung up.

Li Xiwu was a little worried and wanted to call back. At this moment, Weibo suddenly sent her two messages: #Li Xiwu is Mother Dragon, finally confirmed#, #Mother Dragon’s account was hacked#

Li Xiwu looked at the two notifications and pursed her lips in thought. She was curious about the first notification. She understood why Qiao Qiao hung up so quickly.

Because only she and Qiao Qiao knew that the account had been hacked, and it was Qiao Qiao who acutely discovered it immediately. Because Qiao Qiao knew Li Xiwu very well, she knew that Li Xiwu wouldn’t post such a video on that account at all.

Therefore, Qiao Qiao stepped forward to clarify that the account had been hacked.

Li Xiwu clicked on #MotherDragon’s Account Was Hacked#—

A blogger with a very chuunibyou name, [First Warrior to Tame a Tyrannosaurus], posted a Weibo post.

The details are as follows:

First Warrior to Tame a Tyrannosaurus V: [1: Let me introduce myself. I’m a good friend of Tyrant Dragon (female). You can also call me a Dragon Tamer. One can’t do without me in the Jurassic Era.

[2: Regarding the online rumor that Mother Dragon posted a video to refute Li Xiwu’s scam, I swear. That’s not refuteing the rumor. That’s a hacked account.

[3: Fighting fakes definitely can’t be done with just a few words. I understand this logic, so the following photos are some highlights of the video I filmed with Tyrant Dragon. The photos are evidence.

[4: The Tyrant Dragon’s account is protected by the short video official. I hope the short video official will give us a positive response about the hacking incident. Why didn’t they notify us immediately with the phone number of the account when there was an abnormality?

[5: Lastly, when the Tyrant Dragon’s account was established, Mother Dragon only vented some of her regrets in another way. She was indebted to everyone’s love and received attention. Later on, she released a cooking video, which also made Mother Dragon’s boring life not so boring. She had more than 16 million fans today. She didn’t show her face publicly because she didn’t want her private life to be paid too much attention. Thank you for your concern.

[6: When people encounter misunderstandings, don’t resent them. Things will recover after a harsh winter.]

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