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Chapter 19

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See Li Xiwu Show Off

[I’m so happy. I finally saw a feature on Mother Dragon today.]

[I was very excited when Tao Jing played ‘Altenis in A Minor’ yesterday, but because everyone was spamming Min Hanrong, not many people talked about Mother Dragon.]

[Make the best songs and cook the best dishes. I love Mother Dragon.]

[Super curious about what Mother Dragon’s life is like in person. Does she have a boyfriend? Is she married? Does she have children? Does she live in some poetic town?]

[I’m even more curious about what Mother Dragon looks like. I’ve been paying attention to her for a year, but her face has never appeared on screen.]

[As expected, it’s a special topic about the Mother Dragon today. The comments are all about the Mother Dragon. I thought our Mother Dragon was so low-key. Everyone only knows about Altenis and not the Mother Dragon.]

[Are you kidding? Without the Mother Dragon, where would Altenis come from? Other than being curious about the Mother Dragon’s appearance, I’m more curious about the friend who made the Mother Dragon regret.]

[I’m really afraid it’s a man. Mother Dragon is such an outstanding woman. If her regret was a man, what kind of woman can prosper in love?]

Han Qianye listened to the heated discussion next door about a person called Mother Dragon. She was confused and turned to ask Li Xiwu, “Who is Mother Dragon?”

Li Xiwu was looking at her phone. When she sensed that Han Qianye was looking at her, she also looked up at Han Qianye and replied, “A short video creator.”

Han Qianye was curious. “Is this Mother Dragon very popular?”

Li Xiwu said, “Not so bad.”

Han Qianye propped her head up. “You’re usually very busy, so you shouldn’t have time to pay attention to these short videos.”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement.

“I heard them talking about that Dragon Mother. Apart from being artistic, she seems to be very good at cooking?” Han Qianye heard this clearly.

Li Xiwu pocketed her phone. “I think so.”

Han Qianye frowned when she heard that. “You usually do nothing but work. When you’re free, you should go online more often. Look, you don’t know what they’re talking about. You can’t talk at all.”

Li Xiwu agreed. “You’re right.”

Han Qianye fell silent. Li Xiwu’s every move and every word did not sound very obedient to Han Qianye. More than that, she was bored. She couldn’t understand why her son had kept such a boring person by his side for three long years. Now that plastic surgery technology was so advanced, there were many stand-ins. Why not keep the most similar one with the best personality?

[The fourth group’s daughter-in-law actually doesn’t know about Mother Dragon?]

[Han Qianye asked her daughter-in-law to go online, but she didn’t.]

[The Mother Dragon has a lot of influence on that short video. Everyone who uses that short video software should know about the Mother Dragon, right?]

[I strongly suggest that the fourth group pay attention to Mother Dragon and learn her culinary skills.]

In the chat between Han Qianye and Li Xiwu just now, she had shown that she did not know much about Mother Dragon. Originally, her live broadcast popularity was comparable to Xu Muzhen’s group, but now, she was completely behind. More than half of her online viewers had left.

Gao Yueban sat in front of the monitor and worried. “The popularity of Group Four is getting lower and lower.”

The assistant beside him suggested, “Why don’t we arrange a more detailed script for Group Four?”

Gao Yueban scratched his chin. “How many scripts have been produced by the editors?”

The assistant couldn’t remember. He took out his phone and checked the chat history with the editor. “Two scripts have come up so far.”

Gao Yueban nodded. “I’ll talk to the director and the fourth group of guests tonight. Today’s live broadcast has already started, so there’s no time to follow the script.”

Gao Yueban was half-worried that if this continued, Group Four’s live broadcast would not be able to continue.

After a while, the pair of plant experts arrived at the inn. Li Xiwu went to entertain the two of them and made small talk with the two plant experts. Other than the research couple, the identities of the plant experts were all real. They were also experts that the production team had spent money to hire.

Seeing that the group next door was already preparing lunch, Han Qianye was still worried. As much as she was worried, she also wanted to slack off. She was supposed to take care of the matter, but she suddenly lost her mood. She stopped Li Xiwu and said, “I’m not feeling well. I’ll go up and rest.”

Li Xiwu did not ask anything and obediently replied, “Okay, go rest.”

Then, Han Qianye left the live-stream.

[I can tell that Han Qianye’s mood can’t be maintained for a moment.]

[It’s too hard on her to cook. When the camera hits her face, her brows furrow. I can’t help but worry.]

[I want to see Sister Li show her skills.]

[Forget about Li Xiwu. Her culinary skills are probably inferior to her mother-in-law’s. She might as well go to Group One and have a meal. Among the four groups, Xie Wen’s culinary skills are the best.]

[Speaking of which, who did Xie Wen learn her culinary skills from? I remember that when Xie Wen first entered the industry, she said on the show that she was a kitchen idiot. Later on, she learned it from the people around her. At that time, I thought she learned it from Sister Li.]

[Didn’t Li Xiwu’s mother-in-law say last night that Li Xiwu had never entered the kitchen after marrying into a wealthy family?]

[The rich wife and daughter-in-law from the previous season are still worth watching. They directly flaunted their wealth.]

The comments screen was in full swing. When many netizens learned that Xie Wen was good at cooking, they all rushed into the third group of guests’ live-stream.

Xie Wen’s live-stream has always been the most popular today.

On the other hand, Min Hanrong’s popularity was only lower than Xie Wen’s. After all, Min Hanrong was the goddess in many people’s hearts when she was young. Now that she is 40 years old, her looks and temperament are not inferior to when she was young. Now, she was more charming.

Han Qianye, who was the same age and had the same beauty, had a mental breakdown. She returned to her room and called Lin Yourong to complain.

“I really don’t want to record this lousy variety show for a minute. I can’t do this or that. I’d be embarrassed. This was different from what I originally thought. Shouldn’t I be shopping, eating, and playing? Why am I here in this remote town? There’s no place for me to play at all.” The more she spoke, the more depressed she became. Han Qianye looked at her new nails and sighed. “Rongrong, come and pick me up.”

Lin Yourong scolded with a smile, “Is that all you’ve got? In order to record this variety show, you’ve learned cooking and taken care of yourself. You’ve put in so much effort and now you’ve seen a splash. Are you really going to give up just like that?”

Han Qianye said, “I’m not recording anymore.”

After saying that, Lin Yourong fell silent for a long time.

Han Qianye thought that Lin Yourong felt that she was disappointing and ignored her angrily. She sighed. “We’ll talk about the rest when I get back.”

Before she could finish, she heard Lin Yourong remind her on the phone, “I thought Li Xiwu didn’t know how to cook?”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yes.”

“But this…” Lin Yourong was depressed.

Han Qianye was confused. “What? Did something happen?”

Lin Yourong did not know how to describe the scene in the live-stream at this moment. She only reminded Han Qianye, “Go downstairs and watch it yourself.”

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