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Chapter 190: 190 In The End, She Would Still Let Li Xiwu Down (1)

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190 In The End, She Would Still Let Li Xiwu Down (1)

Li Xiwu looked around and said, “There are too many people. Come back to the car with me first.”

Yuanyuan nodded. “Okay.”

A few minutes later, Yuanyuan got into Li Xiwu’s car.

Li Xiwu, who was sitting at the side, said calmly, “Say what you want to say.”

Yuanyuan took a deep breath before she dared to say, “Miss Li, I admit my mistake first. I didn’t tell you about this immediately.”

Li Xiwu could tell from Yuanyuan’s tone that it was serious. “Speak first.”

Yuanyuan said, “Recently, Sister Weiling and Qi Zishen have been very close.” After pausing for a few seconds, Yuanyuan quickly waved her hand. “It’s not that they’re close because of the characters in the film. I know about filming, but they’re also close outside the film.”

Li Xiwu frowned. “Such as?”

Yuanyuan: “For example, in the production team, Qi Zishen would order a portion of food for Sister Weiling. This is actually nothing. From the outside, it looks like Qi Zishen took good care of Sister Weiling. However, that day, I realized that Qi Zishen had tied the scarf he had worn around Sister Weiling’s neck. The two of them even had a cup of milk tea and the same straw, especially last night… After Sister Weiling finished work, she asked me to leave first. I was careful at that time, then I realized that Sister Weiling had gotten into Qi Zishen’s van and was almost photographed by the fans waiting outside…”

Yuanyuan’s face was full of trepidation as she said the last sentence.

Li Xiwu said nothing. She pursed her lips in silence.

Yuanyuan sighed and continued, “Under Miss Li’s influence, I understand that the entertainment industry is like entertainment for the rich. However, for someone like Sister Weiling, who has struggled to climb up the ladder, she will face temptation and traps at any time. Although Qi Zishen has a good image outside, he’s a very playful person in private. Everyone in the industry knows that. I’m worried about Sister Weiling.”

Qi Zishen was Hua Guan’s number one male celebrity. Not only was his status stable, but his popularity had also always been stable. Ever since he signed with Hua Guan, he had earned a lot of money for Hua Guan.

However, in the past two years, the newcomers had been making a name for themselves. Like Miao Zhiyi, Qi Zishen was preparing to transition.

Li Xiwu lowered her eyes. “You were right to worry.”

Yuanyuan asked anxiously, “Then how should I persuade Sister Weiling to wake up?”

Li Xiwu looked out of the car window. “Weiling has always been very sober, but no matter how sober a girl is, she can’t withstand the temptation of love, especially a girl who has never been raised in riches physically or mentally. When facing a boy, she can easily fall for him.”

Yuanyuan nodded. “That’s right. Ever since this drama started production, Qi Zishen has been expressing goodwill to Sister Weiling, intentionally or unintentionally. Previously, Sister Weiling was unmoved. Recently, Qi Zishen has started to care about Sister Weiling in all sorts of ways. His stance is too fierce. Sister Weiling has never been in a relationship before. I feel that she’s falling.”

Li Xiwu said something that was very likely. “Maybe she’s fallen.”

Yuanyuan looked worried. Li Xiwu pursed her lips in deep thought. It was normal for the male and female leads to fall in love because of the show. It was also normal to end their relationship after filming.

Ji Weiling had never been in a relationship before. It was easy to fall into it when dealing with an experienced person like Qi Zishen.

“Yuanyuan,” Li Xiwu called out.

Yuanyuan looked at Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu asked, “What day is the poster shoot of the D perfume?”

Yuanyuan said, “Five days later. We’ll film in the morning and announce it in the afternoon.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Watch out. Don’t let her go too far. If she loses this endorsement, her future will be even harder.”

Yuanyuan nodded. “Yes, I understand.”

They got out of the car in front and behind. They entered the set.

At this moment, Ji Weiling and Qi Zishen were filming a misunderstanding scene.

Ji Weiling’s acting skills were stable, and Qi Zishen’s acting skills were even better. In the end, Ji Weiling’s empathy was probably too strong. She was deeply immersed in the show and cried.

Then, Qi Zishen, who had already fallen out of his character, went forward and hugged Ji Weiling to comfort her as if no one was around.

It was unknown what kind of comforting words he said, but he quickly composed Ji Weiling’s almost broken emotions. Then, she smiled through her tears. Qi Zishen smiled dotingly, his fingertips gently scratching the tip of Ji Weiling’s nose.

Li Xiwu’s expression darkened when she saw this.

Yuanyuan bit her lip. “How can Sister Weiling resist an old hand who is the best at seducing people?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Ji Weiling looked over.

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