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Chapter 191: 191 In The End, She Would Still Let Li Xiwu Down (2)

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191 In The End, She Would Still Let Li Xiwu Down (2)

When she saw Li Xiwu, Ji Weiling subconsciously pushed Qi Zishen away.

Qi Zishen frowned. “What’s wrong?”

Ji Weiling felt a little guilty and ignored Qi Zishen. She pushed aside the makeup artist who was about to touch up her makeup and walked towards Li Xiwu. After not seeing her for a few days, the first thing Ji Weiling did when she walked over was to hug Li Xiwu and shout, “Mother Dragon!”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “You saw the trending searches too?”

Ji Weiling nodded. “Of course. Even if I don’t scroll through Weibo, I’m still following you. It’s all news related to you. I’m also a fan of Mother Dragon.” With that, Ji Weiling sighed. “I’ve been a fan of Mother Dragon for a long time, but I only know now that she’s beside me. I’m really surprised and shocked.”

The smile on Li Xiwu’s lips gradually faded. “Let’s not talk about me. Let’s talk about you. Has the filming been going well recently?”

Ji Weiling nodded. “Yes, everything went well. I’ll ask Qi Zishen for advice if I don’t know anything about acting. He’ll teach me patiently every time.”

As she spoke, Ji Weiling carefully looked at Li Xiwu’s expression. This glance met Li Xiwu’s gaze. Li Xiwu asked, “What are you trying to say?”

Ji Weiling smiled and shook her head. “No, it’s just that I haven’t seen Miss Li in a long time. I miss you very much.”

Li Xiwu looked at Ji Weiling’s evasive gaze. “Weiling.”

Ji Weiling said, “Huh?”

Li Xiwu said, “When you first signed in with me, I said something to you. You said that you would take this as your motto and remember it at all times to avoid doing anything that would destroy your future in the future. Now, do you remember that sentence?”

Ji Weiling was stunned. Then, she turned to look at Yuanyuan beside Li Xiwu. Yuanyuan buried her head and did not dare to look at Ji Weiling.

Li Xiwu repeated, “Do you remember that sentence?”

Ji Weiling paused. “I remember.”

Li Xiwu said, “Then tell me again.”

Ji Weiling said nervously, “You should work hard. You should pay taxes. Don’t talk to people you shouldn’t talk to. Don’t touch drugs you shouldn’t touch.”

Li Xiwu’s voice was cold. “So you remember.”

Just as she finished speaking, Qi Zishen walked over and shouted with a smile, “Miss Li, long time no see.”

Li Xiwu looked up. “Zishen.”

Qi Zishen walked over and teased, “Miss Li, you’ve been really popular recently. I can’t even catch up to your popularity.”

Li Xiwu said politely, “Zishen is the pillar of Hua Guan. Who can compare to your popularity?”

Qi Zishen was humble. “It’s very rare to be praised by Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu’s smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Don’t say that.”

Ji Weiling did not dare to look straight at Qi Zishen or speak to him. She listened to the two of them exchange pleasantries silently. When Qi Zishen left, she looked deeply at Ji Weiling. Of course, Ji Weiling knew that Qi Zishen was looking at her, but she had to pretend not to know anything.

After a while, Li Xiwu wanted to return to the company. Ji Weiling could not bear to part with her, so she hugged her for a while longer.

When Li Xiwu turned to leave, Ji Weiling stopped her. “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu paused. “Yes?”

Although Li Xiwu did not ask explicitly, Ji Weiling could not be hopeful. Yuanyuan should have mentioned it to Miss Li. Otherwise, Miss Li would not have mentioned that sentence just now.

Ji Weiling hesitated. “I, actually, I…”

“I’m not the Minister of Justice of ancient times. If there are some things you can’t say, you don’t have to say.” Li Xiwu had a faint smile on her face. “You walk the path yourself. The streetlights won’t light up to the end. I won’t force you to do anything, but Weiling, just think for yourself.”

Ji Weiling was stunned. After Li Xiwu left, Ji Weiling was silent for a long time. Assistant Yuanyuan was about to say something when Ji Weiling suddenly turned to look at Yuanyuan. “Why are you telling Miss Li everything?”

Yuanyuan replied softly, “Sister Weiling, although I’m your assistant, it’s Hua Guan Media that pays me. I think it’s necessary to report your recent condition to Miss Li.”

Ji Weiling choked. After an artiste became popular, the salary of an assistant would increase, and it would also be prescribed by the artiste’s finances.

Ji Weiling was still a newcomer, everything was managed by the management company.

Ji Weiling’s expression was gloomy, and her voice was low. “The company has already given up on me. This is the only drama I’m filming now. After filming this drama, I won’t have a job.”

Yuanyuan said, “But Miss Li fought for the endorsement of the D Perfume for you. This endorsement can temporarily stabilize your path of retreat and guarantee that you can get a role. It’s just that you’re not the female lead for the time being. Once the value of the artist increases, many scripts will take the initiative to look for you.”

Ji Weiling lowered her eyes. “It’s always the easiest to say, but in fact?”

Yuanyuan was worried about Ji Weiling’s state. “Sister Weiling, everyone in our company knows that no one lasted more than six months as Qi Zishen’s girlfriend. Why do you want to be with him? Is it because he’s generous to his girlfriend? He might be able to give you a female lead drama after the breakup. It’s fine if you don’t fall into deep trouble. Once you fall into deep trouble, if you break up and he give you a drama to send you away, you’ll be the only one who’ll wish you were dead.”

Ji Weiling took a deep breath. “I’m not a love brain. I know what I want.” With that, Ji Weiling turned around and returned to the set.

Yuanyuan looked at Ji Weiling’s back and said, “Are you really going to let Miss Li down?”

Ji Weiling was stunned. Then, she turned around and asked Yuanyuan with a sad expression, “How did I let Miss Li down? Haven’t I been obedient by her side for more than a year? But in the end, did I have a good outcome? The newcomer would replace me and resources were decreased. What did I do wrong?”

Yuanyuan’s eyes turned red from heartache. “But this isn’t Miss Li’s fault. Whoever has the capital has the final say. Miss Li has already tried her best to fight for the best way out for you.”

Ji Weiling chuckled. “Did she?”

She remembered what Qi Zishen had said. “If she wants to fight for you, won’t she be able to since she has won over President Qi who has the most say in the entire Hua Guan Media?”

It was this sentence that enlightened Ji Weiling. That’s right. With Miss Li’s ability, how could she not fight for her in front of President Qi? She just didn’t take her seriously.

Back on set.

Qi Zishen saw her return and handed her a chocolate. “The sweet feeling connects directly to where the endorphins are secreted in the brain. Endorphins can be converted to heat to relieve your stress.”

Ji Weiling looked up at Qi Zishen.

Qi Zishen smiled. “You look like you’re in a bad mood. Chocolate should improve your mood.”

Ji Weiling took the chocolate. “Thank you, Brother Zishen.” She gripped the chocolate and seemed to make up her mind. She took a deep breath. “Brother Zishen, are you coming to my house for dinner tonight?”

She lived alone. The implication of inviting a man who had repeatedly shown her goodwill to her house was self-evident.

Qi Zishen’s eyes darkened and he replied hoarsely, “Okay.”

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