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Chapter 192: 192 Li Xiwu Found What Happened Four Years Ago

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192 Li Xiwu Found What Happened Four Years Ago

Li Xiwu returned to the company. Recently, Mother Dragon’s matter has been too popular. Some employees of the company saw her and were often starry-eyed.

Li Xiwu responded to everyone’s greetings and went to Qi Jiangchi’s office.

Qi Jiangchi crossed his long legs on his desk. His laptop was playing something, and he was focused on it. When he heard the knock on the door, he looked up and saw her enter. He immediately whistled and asked with a smile, “Yo, Internet celebrity Mother Dragon is here.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “I’m here to ask if Qi Zishen has signed the next drama.”

Qi Jiangchi raised his eyebrows. “You didn’t care about me first when you came in.”

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “How has President Qi been recently?”

Qi Jiangchi shook his head. “Not very good. My family began to urge me to get married. It was a bitter business marriage.”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. “I didn’t expect the dignified President Qi to be urged to get married.”

Qi Jiangchi smiled helplessly. The two of them chatted for a while and quickly got back to the point.

Qi Jiangchi turned off his computer and casually played with a pen in his hand. “Qi Zishen just postponed the next drama. He said that he wanted to relax and would probably take on a role at the beginning of the year. However, he’s not completely idle. He has a lot of endorsements on hand. It’s enough to keep him busy.”

Li Xiwu nodded, indicating that she understood.

Qi Jiangchi asked gossipily, “Why are you asking about Qi Zishen? Did that kid seduce your Weiling?”

Li Xiwu raised an eyebrow.

Qi Jiangchi looked at Li Xiwu’s expression. “Tsk, I’m really good at guessing.”

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “President Qi, do you have any good suggestions?”

Qi Jiangchi leaned back. “Zishen is famous and influential in his career. His looks are also the face of our Hua Guan. How many people have taken the initiative to stick to him? He doesn’t have to be responsible for anything. Every relationship ended very respectfully.”

Li Xiwu added what Qi Jiangchi did not say in detail. “The reason why the relationship could end well is because he was generous and willing to give away a house to his girlfriend outside the industry. For girlfriends in the industry, he would give away a female lead role.”

Qi Jiangchi raised his voice and smiled. “There’s no harm for Weiling to be with him. After all, you’re mainly bringing Xue Jinzhu now. If you reduce Ji Weiling’s good resources, Qi Zishen might introduce some good resources to Ji Weiling.”

Li Xiwu’s jaw tightened, her emotions restrained.

Qi Jiangchi realized that he had gone overboard and cleared his throat. “I know that you’re very helpless about this substitution. Not to mention you, I’m also very helpless, but capital is all about money. Who would feel bad about money? Of course, as long as Ji Weiling is stable, her backup plan can still be stable. I heard that you got her the perfume endorsement of the D Family.”

Li Xiwu looked up and looked straight at Qi Jiangchi. “I want to change Weiling’s management company. I’ll pay for the breach of contract.”

Qi Jiangchi’s expression instantly turned ugly. “Ten million yuan for breach of contract. Are you crazy?”

Li Xiwu frowned. “The company can’t give Weiling better resources now. Keeping her will delay her. I want to send her to Ying Huang Entertainment.”

Qi Jiangchi snorted. “You’re really good to her. Better than her own mother.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “I said I would shine with her. If my abilities are limited, I will hand her over to someone capable and continue to shine with her.”

Qi Jiangchi reminded her, “You’ve worked so hard to pave a way for her. Perhaps she’s doing something to disappoint you.”


Li Xiwu thought of the look in Qi Zishen’s eyes when she went to visit Ji Weiling. It was an encroaching look of a predator that had yet to obtain his prey.

At this moment, Li Xiwu would not have thought that Ji Weiling had already decided to let her down. She did not know yet and was still worried that Ji Weiling would make a mistake. “I’ll draft the contract termination as soon as possible and hand it over. I’ll also contact Ying Huang Entertainment in advance. That manager is an old friend I knew when I entered the industry. I know her qualifications very well. I’m also very relieved to hand over Weiling to her.”

Qi Jiangchi sneered. “Ten million is not a small amount. You only earn a few million a year in Hua Guan, but this time, you spent ten million on Ji Weiling.”

Li Xiwu said, “I love money, but I use it wisely.” With that, she raised her hand to her wristwatch. It was four-thirty. She promised Han Qianye that she would return to the Pei residence by five-thirty. When she stood up, she replied to Qi Jiangchi, “I have a mild personality. I don’t need anyone to remember my good deeds. As long as she’s good.”

With that, Li Xiwu turned and left Qi Jiangchi’s office.

Qi Jiangchi stared at Li Xiwu’s back in deep thought. After a long time, he sighed softly. “I hope your kindness won’t be let down.”

Li Xiwu did not leave the company immediately. She went back to the office to deal with some other matters.

Xue Jinzhu was currently mainly recording the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show. She maintained her identity as a commoner until the end of the variety show. There were no other arrangements during this period of time.

After dealing with her work, Li Xiwu prepared to turn off her computer. Her hand reached out, stopped for a few seconds, then withdrew.

She had been very curious about something and had yet to make up her mind to investigate. She had many opportunities to investigate behind Pei Jingzhou’s back in the past two days, but she had never made up her mind.

Because she knew that once she tried to understand and investigate, it meant that she was no longer an outsider.

She seemed to have made up her mind.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and finally opened the search page. She typed: Country T’s chaos four years ago.

Four years was neither long nor short. However, time was a magical thing. Unknowingly, it had silently obliterated some traces. As long as no one mentioned it, it would gradually be forgotten in the long river of history.

At this moment, what appeared in front of Li Xiwu was the battle between Country T and South Yue Nation four years ago.

A war waged over the political and economic advantages of the Central and South Peninsula. The two countries had been at odds for centuries before this war broke out. It had been a protracted stalemate, but neither had swallowed the other.

Until this war broke out and shook the country.

She scrolled down the list. Half of it told her how intense the war had been. The other half was a name that appeared frequently.

Li Xiwu stared at the name for a long time, then entered the name alone in the search box: Li Huaisheng. Below the page that popped up was a very detailed Baidu encyclopedia.

There were also photos of Li Huaisheng.

Li Xiwu stared at the photo for a long time.

She saw him before…

She had really seen him before…

In the dream, it was the person who called her Little You. It was also the person she’d drawn in the sketchbook.

It was exactly the same face.

If there was one thing that was different, it was the color of their hair. The person she dreamed of was dark-haired, meticulously groomed, and cultured. In the photo, he looked to be in his fifties, but his hair was gray. He was poised and cultured.

Li Xiwu looked at the photo quietly for a long time. She tried to find traces of this person in her memory, but for some reason, every time she tried to remember, her head began to hurt.

Suddenly, something hit the table.

Li Xiwu looked down. There was a crystal tear on the brownish-black table. She was stunned for a long time before she slowly raised her hand to touch her tear-stained cheek.

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