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Chapter 195: 195 She Had Many Things She Wanted To Give Li Xiwu

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195 She Had Many Things She Wanted To Give Li Xiwu

Li Xiwu didn’t deliberately suppress a smile. “How are you adjusting to the new school?”

Pei You’an nodded. “I’m used to it. I’m especially used to it. I’m good at everything I learn, there’s nothing I can’t learn.”

Li Xiwu nodded in agreement. “It’s not impossible.”

Li Xiwu even approved of his bragging! So if one were to ask why Pei You’an liked Li Xiwu so much. This was one of the reasons. He was really very happy to be encouraged!

Han Qianye asked, “Where’s your brother?”

Pei You’an took the time to answer Han Qianye. “I didn’t see my brother when I came back.”

Han Qianye said, “So he’s not back yet.” As she spoke, Han Qianye turned to look at Li Xiwu. “Why don’t you call Jingzhou and ask when he’ll be back?”

Li Xiwu remembered that Han Qianye had told her everything she asked just now. Now that it was a small suggestion, she naturally wouldn’t refuse to say she wouldn’t call. So she nodded in agreement. “Okay.”

Seeing that Li Xiwu had agreed, Han Qianye thought with relief that if she often called her daughter-in-law and son back for dinner, their relationship would definitely get better and better. Why would she get a divorce? Li Xiwu would always be the daughter-in-law of the Pei family, the only public Mrs. Pei in the aristocratic circle.

Han Qianye did not delay Li Xiwu’s call and pulled Pei You’an away.

Pei You’an said, “Mom, wait a minute. I’m not done yet.”

Han Qianye knew her youngest son’s character too well. “With your mouth, you won’t be able to finish talking for three days and three nights. Go away.”

Pei You’an: “…”

Li Xiwu went to the side and dialed Pei Jingzhou’s number. After waiting for about ten seconds, the other party picked up. Li Xiwu asked, “Fourth Brother, are you still busy?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Mhm.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “When will you return to the Pei residence for dinner?” Her tone sounded like a routine.

Pei Jingzhou answered her, “I’m in the study on the fourth floor. I’m talking to Dad.”

Li Xiwu was stunned. “Fourth Brother, you’re back?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Mhm.”

She had thought that Pei Jingzhou was busy at the company, but it turned out that he had already returned. She and Han Qianye had been in the dollhouse, so she naturally did not know when he had returned.

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Downstairs?”

Li Xiwu said yes.

Pei Jingzhou said, “I’m coming down.”

Less than a minute after the call ended, the elevator door opened and Pei Jingzhou walked out. His gaze swept over and stopped on Li Xiwu as he walked towards her.

Li Xiwu put away her phone and shouted, “Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou naturally held her hand and walked towards the dining room. “Do you like the dollhouse?”

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “Why do you ask, Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You’ve been inside for a long time.”

It turned out that he still knew that she and Han Qianye had been staying in the dollhouse. However, she naturally could not mention what she had chatted with Han Qianye in the dollhouse because from the various signs, Pei Jingzhou should be afraid that she knew something.

She replied briskly, “Those dolls are beautiful. I can’t take my eyes off almost any of them.”

Pei Jingzhou glanced sideways. “Do you like it?”

Li Xiwu knew what Pei Jingzhou meant by this question. “I like it, but I don’t necessarily have to have it. I can just return to the Pei residence to admire it occasionally. I don’t have time to take care of it myself.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “You can come back often.”

Li Xiwu laughed it off.

Tonight’s dinner was the most complete dinner in the Pei residence in recent years. Not only was it complete, but it was also lively.

Han Qianye kept serving Li Xiwu dishes, wanting to stuff all the delicious food into Li Xiwu’s bowl. Li Xiwu would only eat 70% full at night, but she was very full tonight. There might be extra.

She could not refuse Han Qianye’s kindness.

Pei Qingji held his wine glass and said to his eldest son, “If you leave your wife at home for ten days to half a month, she will definitely gain weight.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “If she doesn’t like it, she’ll reject it directly unless she’s willing.”

Pei Qingji smiled. “Speaking of which, it’s really magical. The previous mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show was bad. So I thought that you would be single again from now on after this season’s variety show.”

Pei Jingzhou: “…”

Pei Jingzhou raised his wine glass to Pei Qingji. “Dad’s worries are unnecessary. I won’t be a bachelor even if you’re a bachelor.”

Pei Qingji scolded jokingly, “Brat.”

The atmosphere in the dining room was very warm. Until Pei You’an suddenly asked Han Qianye, “Mom, are you happy on this show?”

Han Qianye replied sincerely, “I’m happy.”

Pei You’an asked again, “Then why do I see everyone online saying that you’re brainless?”

The moment Pei You’an finished speaking, all the voices at the dining table disappeared. Other than Han Qianye, everyone else looked at Pei You’an.

Pei You’an asked, “Why are you all looking at me?”

Pei Jiao placed her hand to her lips and coughed lightly. “Brother, compared to you, I realize that my mouth is alright.”

Pei You’an was just asking out of curiosity. Soon, he would pay for his curiosity.

After dinner.

Pei You’an hugged Pei Qingji’s leg and wailed. “Dad! My biological father! It’s not easy for me to go to school. There are many places to spend money in Lancas. It’s fine if Mom stops Pei Jiao’s pocket money, but if you stop my pocket money too, how am I going to live in the future?”

Pei Qingji was expressionless. “Selling shoes.”

Pei You’an shouted, “What? Selling blood?”

Pei Qingji seemed to be motionless.

Pei You’an continued to wail. “Dad, I’m your biological son. How dare you ask me to sell my blood to survive? You might as well drain my blood at once.”

Han Qianye, who was passing by, leaned over and patted Pei You’an’s head kindly. “Alright, I’ll make a mummy out of you and put it in the museum at my own expense. A thousand years later, you’ll definitely be the most valuable mummy.”

Pei You’an: “…”

With that, Han Qianye left elegantly.

Pei Qingji kicked his legs. “Rascal, why didn’t you offend anyone else but your mother? If you’re not unlucky, who is?”

Pei You’an: Sobs!

Pei Jiao, who was passing by, looked at Pei You’an, who was sitting pitifully on the ground. She squatted down and placed her hand on Pei You’an’s shoulder. She comforted him, “Mom is not lying to you. If you’re made into a mummy and left for thousands of years, it will indeed be very valuable. I remember that there was an auction in Nigeria some time ago. A mummy cost more than 80 million yuan.”

Pei You’an said, “It’s easier said than done.”

Pei Jiao said, “Nonsense. I’m clearly squatting and talking to you.”

Pei You’an: “…”

A month’s worth of money was gone just like that. He did not have much savings to plan ahead. He was probably really going to sell his shoes!

After dinner, Li Xiwu wanted to take a walk outside.

Han Qianye felt that it was cold outside and wanted Li Xiwu to stay inside. Actually, she still had many strange things that she had not shown Li Xiwu, such as the jewelry room that was bigger than a dollhouse, the new clothes room that was bigger than a jewelry room.

She had a lot of things she wanted to give Li Xiwu.

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