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Chapter 197: 197 Pei Jingzhou Looked Happy

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197 Pei Jingzhou Looked Happy

Just like before, it was a light kiss. But it seemed more affectionate. After retreating, Li Xiwu asked, “Did it look like her just now?”

Pei Jingzhou’s jaw tightened and his thin lips pursed into a straight line. He did not reply. Li Xiwu looked at Pei Jingzhou’s expression and chuckled. Without saying anything, she opened the car door and got out.

The two cars faced each other, with one-way glass on either side, but not in front. The live broadcast camera had recorded everything that had happened in the Bentley opposite.

The netizens were ecstatic—

[Ahhhhhh, what did I just see? Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!]

[Sister Li and her husband are so sweet!]

[Sister Li is too clear and cold. I thought that Fourth Brother was usually the one seducing Sister Li. I didn’t expect Sister Li to be so fierce in private.]

[Fourth Brother looked like he was enjoying the kiss. Hahahaha.]

[When Sister Li got out of the car, Fourth Brother looked reluctant. Real husband and wife are just so happy.]

[Sister Li’s lips must be very soft. I want to kiss you too ~]

Li Xiwu was in no hurry to get into the production team’s car. She sent Han Qianye a message: [Are you here?]

Han Qianye replied quickly: [Coming, coming, coming.]

Just as she finished reading Han Qianye’s reply, she looked up and saw a Rolls-Royce driving over. The automatic door slowly opened and Han Qianye, who was wearing a long black down jacket, got out of the car. She saw Li Xiwu at a glance and walked towards her happily.

“Xixi.” Han Qianye waved her hand.

[I was just wondering why I didn’t see Brainless.]

[Sister Li actually doesn’t live with her mother-in-law?]

[The relationship between mother and daughter-in-law who don’t live together is enviable. All problems will be avoided directly, and the relationship between husband and wife will last longer. No wonder Sister Li and Fourth Brother are so loving.]

[Li Xiwu was injured last time. Is it really okay to record the show so quickly?]

[Brainless has to take good care of Unhappy~]

Li Xiwu and Han Qianye got into the production team’s car one after another. After recording three episodes, they were used to being on camera. Both of them were very comfortable. Especially Han Qianye. She was in a good mood.

The staff in front handed over today’s mission card. Li Xiwu reached out and took it, then flipped it open under the camera.

Han Qianye subconsciously took out her phone. She had stored the 16 places Gao Yueban had sent her yesterday in a memo. She was about to unlock her phone.

At this moment, Li Xiwu suddenly shouted, “Mom.”

Han Qianye glanced sideways in surprise. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “We’re going to clock in at four commemorative places. Do you have any places in mind?”

Han Qianye instantly understood that Li Xiwu’s timely call of “Mom” had stopped her from exposing herself.

Although the mission card had been publicized in the group chat yesterday afternoon, it was only known to the entire production team. It was not publicized, and the official Weibo had only announced the fourth episode of the single-player mission.

When all the guests received the mission card today, they had to show that they had just found out about today’s mission.

Han Qianye calmly put her phone back and took the mission card from Li Xiwu’s hand. “Let me see today’s mission.”

The staff in front also heaved a sigh of relief. Fortunately, Li Xiwu reacted quickly.

After reading the mission on the mission card, Han Qianye thought carefully and her eyes lit up. “How’s XXX’s former residence?”

Li Xiwu had no objections. “Then let’s go here.”

Han Qianye told the driver the location and the driver adjusted the GPS. In the end, she received a message halfway. The first group of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law had already successfully clocked in at the place Han Qianye chose.

Han Qianye frowned. “They’re so fast.”

Li Xiwu said, “Then let’s move to the next place, this old XXX address.”

Han Qianye touched her hair with the hand that was holding the mission card and said, “Alright, let’s go to this place.” With that, Han Qianye asked Li Xiwu, “My hair isn’t messy, right?”

Li Xiwu was about to answer that it was not messy when her gaze was suddenly fixed on the mission card that Han Qianye had not taken away when she touched her hair. The driver was adjusting the navigation.

Just as she was about to turn the steering wheel, Li Xiwu suddenly said, “Wait!”

The driver hit the brakes. The staff in the car looked at Li Xiwu.

Han Qianye asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Did your hair get messy?”

“It’s not.” After Li Xiwu answered, she reached out and took the mission card from Han Qianye’s hand.

She took a closer look at the line of small words at the bottom of the end and slowly read them out word by word. “Every group will have a total of two chances to take the car provided by the production team. After the two chances are used, the production team will provide a hundred yuan as travel expenses for all transportation and continue to complete the mission.”

This line was very small. It was much smaller than the word “Mission.” It was not easy to notice at first glance. Visually, at first glance, it would be thought of as mission translation in English. Therefore, even Li Xiwu ignored it when she first saw the mission card.

Han Qianye’s expression froze. “Twice? Then we’ve already used it once just now. Or is it only once if we reach a place successfully?”

Ever since they got into the car, the staff had been waiting for the two of them to discover the line of small words below the mission card. They thought that they would only know when their two chances were used up and they came to remind them.

Fortunately, Li Xiwu discovered it in time and left a chance. The staff told Han Qianye kindly, “You’ve already used it once. There’s still one chance.”

[I was wondering how it could be so simple. It turned out to be such a scam! Hahahahaha!]

[This single-line mission is too interesting.]

[Brainless looks a little unhappy.]

[Should I say that Sister Li’s eyes are still the best? She left a chance.]

[A hundred yuan is definitely not enough to travel, unless you ride a shared bike.]

[If one of them doesn’t know how to ride a bike, then they’re doomed.]

[Then they can walk. Every place feels so far away, but fortunately it’s winter. It’s getting warmer as we walk, but it’s a little taxing on the feet.]

After Han Qianye had nothing to live for, she quickly comforted herself. “We’re definitely not the only group of guests who didn’t see the small words.”

The staff said, “You have to speed up the time. Otherwise, the nearest places will be clocked out. A hundred yuan might not be enough for the toll if it’s too far away.”

Then, he added, “In addition, the subway is excluded from the list of transportation. It’s not convenient for security cameras to pass.”

Han Qianye, who had calmed down after comforting herself, wanted to show off again. “How can a hundred yuan be enough for the travel expenses?”

Li Xiwu added, “We can try.”

Then the two of them got out of the car. In order to ensure the safety of the guests, each group of guests was equipped with six staff members. In addition to the cameraman and the assistant, there were also two guests, a total of ten people.

The parking spot was a little remote, and there were relatively few pedestrians.

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