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Chapter 198: 198 Netizens Guessing Li Xiwu's Background

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198 Netizens Guessing Li Xiwu’s Background

Li Xiwu used the time provided by the production team to navigate. “The shared parking area is more than eight hundred meters away from us, but it should be everywhere on the way.”

Han Qianye raised her eyebrows. “A shared bike?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes.”

Han Qianye, who had never ridden a shared bike in her life, asked curiously, “What is a shared bike?”

Li Xiwu’s heart skipped a beat. She looked at Han Qianye and pursed her lips. “Bicycle.”

Han Qianye suddenly understood. “Oh, a bicycle.”

Li Xiwu calmed down a little. She thought that it was probably because Han Qianye had never used a shared bike when she went out, so she did not know what a shared bike meant. But she would know if it was a bicycle. She thought it was safe.

Unexpectedly, Han Qianye said, “But I don’t know how to ride a bicycle.”

Li Xiwu: “…”

She calmly and quickly calculated which places Han Qianye had given her yesterday were the closest. The former residence was considered close, but it had already been successfully checked in by Min Hanrong’s group. The old site was a little further away than the former residence.

She couldn’t wait any longer. She was afraid that if she went too late, she would get stuck again. It would become more and more difficult to complete the mission.

Li Xiwu said, “Let’s go first.”

Han Qianye nodded and followed behind Li Xiwu with her hands in her pockets. After walking for a while, she met a shopkeeper selling cotton candy. Han Qianye stared at him for a few seconds before taking out her phone and planning to scan the QR code to pay for it.

At this moment, the staff reminded her in time, “All expenses before the mission end will be included in the 100 yuan.”

When Han Qianye heard this, she silently put away her phone.

Li Xiwu looked at it and asked, “Do you want to eat cotton candy?”

Han Qianye pointed at the cotton candy. “It’s colorful. There must be a lot of pigment. It’s not healthy to eat it. We won’t eat it.”

The uncle selling cotton candy said, “You really can’t eat grapes and say they’re sour.”

Han Qianye walked over. “I’m telling the truth. Look at how bright the color of your cotton candy is. It must be made of pigment, unless you give me one to try. I’ll carefully confirm if it’s pigment.”

The uncle laughed. “You’re really thinking of ways to trick me, aren’t you?” After laughing, the uncle said, “Look at you. You’re dressed in branded clothes and don’t even have ten yuan?”

Han Qianye pointed at herself. “They’re all fake. I love face.”

[I’m going to laugh to death by Han Qianye.]

[I heard about Han Qianye’s plan overseas.]

[I didn’t expect you to be like this, Brainless.]

[As expected, Han Qianye’s performance was restricted in Fu Town.]

[Sister Li’s helpless expression looks so funny.]

It was unknown whether the uncle believed her or not, so he took a toothpick and handed it to Han Qianye. “This is for you.”

Han Qianye said loudly, “Thank you, Brother.”

The uncle beamed when she called him brother. “Alright, alright, alright. Don’t spread rumors about what color I use.”

Han Qianye said, “How could that be? Just you wait. Many people will come to buy your cotton candy tomorrow.”

The uncle didn’t take it seriously. But seeing that there were so many of them and some of them were carrying cameras, he wasn’t sure she was serious.

Han Qianye took the cotton candy to Li Xiwu’s side. “Try it?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “You can eat.”

Han Qianye handed the cotton candy in her hand to Li Xiwu’s mouth. “Try it.”

Li Xiwu did not want to see Han Qianye’s disappointed expression. After hesitating for a few seconds, she picked up a little and placed it in her mouth. It melted in her mouth, and the sweetness quickly filled her entire mouth.

Han Qianye asked with a smile, “Isn’t it very sweet?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yeah.”

Although Han Qianye was delayed for a moment, she did not forget her business. “We have to hurry.”

A voice message came from the phone’s navigation on how many meters ahead to reach the bus stop. When they arrived at the bus stop, Han Qianye pointed at the signboard like a curious baby and asked, “How do I look at this?”

Li Xiwu explained.

Han Qianye was very perceptive. “I’ve lived for nothing for more than forty years. I’ve never even taken a bus in my life.”

Li Xiwu said jokingly, “The program has a rule that you can’t take the subway today. I’ll take you there next time.”

Han Qianye said, “I’ve taken the subway before. Is it the one that whizzed from the Capital to Fengtian?”

Li Xiwu thought that Fengtian was a district in the capital. It took her a while to remember that Fengtian was another city.

Li Xiwu added, “That should be a high-speed rail.”

Han Qianye reacted. “Oh, right, right. It’s a high-speed rail. I might really have never taken the subway before.”

[It’s good to be rich. You were born to stand in Rome.]

[Brainless had never taken a subway or a bus for forty years. I’ve lived for twenty years. Ever since I was eleven years old and in junior high school, I’ve been taking the subway and buses every day.]

[Their lives, our dreams.]

[Han Qianye’s family background is very good, and her husband’s family is definitely not bad, but Li Xiwu’s family background should be very ordinary.]

[Li Xiwu’s family background doesn’t seem to have been dug up.]

[It’s not that no one has dug it up. It’s just that they can’t.]

[I don’t think Li Xiwu’s family background is that good. She belongs to the kind of person who works hard to change her life.]

[Li Xiwu’s life and way of speaking are very close to reality. I also feel that Li Xiwu’s family should be an ordinary family.]

[Family background is not important. It’s good that Sister Li is very outstanding.]

The bus arrived. From a distance, Li Xiwu could see that the bus was packed. She ignored the fact that it was morning rush hour. It was inconvenient to record a show with too many people. She turned to Han Qianye and said, “Auntie, we might have to change the transportation method.”

Han Qianye stood up. “Whatever you say.”

In the end, Li Xiwu chose a tricycle. The driver was an old man in his sixties. The old man usually only liked to watch news broadcasts and Peking Opera. He did not know Han Qianye and Li Xiwu. He picked them up and asked, “Where are you going?”

Li Xiwu gave the address. “The old XXX address.”

The old man smiled. “That’s a good place. Twenty bucks.”

Han Qianye did not think there was anything wrong with this price and said, “Then let’s go.”

Li Xiwu stopped her. “Wait a minute.”

The old man asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Xiwu opened the voice broadcast on the map navigation. The voice was very clear. After the voice broadcast, Li Xiwu said, “Sir, isn’t twenty yuan a little expensive for a distance of 1.1 kilometers?”

The old man said, “How is it expensive? This is the Capital. The prices are so high. Twenty yuan a kilometer is reasonable.”

Li Xiwu said, “No, it’s not reasonable.”

The old man’s temper was a little explosive. “Do you want to sit or not? If not, get down.”

Han Qianye had just sat down when she heard the old man chase her away. She hurriedly pulled Li Xiwu’s sleeve. “Xixi, I don’t think twenty is expensive.”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and reminded Han Qianye, “What we have the most today is time, but we don’t have enough money. It’s fine to clock in four places at once. If they clock in in advance from time to time, I’m afraid the fare won’t be enough. It’s only 100 yuan. We have to spend it sparingly.”

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