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Chapter 202: 202 The Words "Li You" Shocked Li Xiwu.

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202 The Words “Li You” Shocked Li Xiwu.

At this moment.

When Cai Buqu stood in front of Li Xiwu, his gaze was as sharp as a ruler as he sized Li Xiwu up and asked, “Miss Li, is this your first time in Qiang Yuan Garden?”

Li Xiwu looked at the white-haired old man in front of her and replied gently, “Yes, Old Mr. Cai.”

Cai Buqu retracted his gaze. “I also watched your variety show. You and your mother-in-law should be entering Qiang Yue Garden to complete the mission arranged by your production team today?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Yes.”

Although Cai Buqu was old, he did not dawdle. After asking about it, he said directly, “In that case, we can make an exception.”

Li Xiwu was slightly surprised.

Cai Buqu asked with a smile, “Are you surprised?”

Li Xiwu answered truthfully. “A little.”

She naturally did not expect Old Mr. Cai to agree to let her enter Qiang Yue Garden after a few words. Although she was sure she had heard him clearly, she couldn’t help but ask again, “Old Mr. Cai, are you serious about going in?”

Cai Buqu replied with certainty, “Of course.”

She received a definite answer from Cai Buqu. Li Xiwu turned to look in the direction of Xue Jinzhu and Tang Xian. “Auntie Tang, Jinzhu, Old Mr. Cai said that we can make an exception. Go in.”

When Xue Jinzhu heard this, she was stunned. “Huh? We can go in?”

Tang Xian said, “Xiwu, since you’ve communicated with Old Mr. Cai, it’s better for you to go in.”

Li Xiwu knew the order. “You arrived first.”

Cai Buqu said at the right moment, “Everyone can go in.”

The moment that was said, everyone was delighted.

However, Han Qianye felt that it was inappropriate. “Only one group can check in. We can’t stay here. We have to go to the next place.”

Cai Buqu said calmly, “Mrs. Pei, there’s no hurry.”

Han Qianye pursed her lips. She felt a little uneasy. She looked at Li Xiwu beside her and asked her what she meant.

Li Xiwu said, “It’s a rare opportunity to enter the Li Mansion once. It’s good to go in and take a look. We only have one mission left to complete. There’s no hurry.”

Since Li Xiwu had said so, Han Qianye naturally could not go against her again. “Then let’s go in.”

Cai Buqu calmly made an inviting gesture.

Li Xiwu nodded. “Thank you, Mr. Cai.”

Cai Buqu smiled. “You’re welcome.”

The group entered Qiang Yue Garden smoothly. It was so smooth that all the netizens were dumbfounded.

[If it were someone else, there would still be a possibility of an NPC, but that person is Old Mr. Cai!!]

[Haha, perhaps Old Mr. Cai also wooed Mother-in-Law Joy. He might even be Sister Li’s fan.]

[I wonder who said that the entire production team can’t gather a capable person who’s from Qiang Yue Garden?]

[I wonder if anyone realized that Old Mr. Cai called Han Qianye Mrs. Pei. In other words, Han Qianye’s husband’s surname is Pei?]

[I’ve always wanted to go to Li Mansion and see Uncle Li’s old residence. Mother-in-Law Joy made my dream come true online.]

[If Uncle Li was still around, he would definitely welcome everyone warmly.]

Li Mansion was located to the west of Qiang Yue Garden.

It was an old mansion. It did not have the gorgeous appearance of a modern building, but it occupied a wide area. There were large empty iron gates and a retro fountain. Many evergreen trees were planted beside the wall.

Cai Buqu took care of the Li Mansion, so he knew everything about it.

Like a tour guide, he told everyone how long the Li Mansion had existed. The Li family had been descendants of Zanying for generations. The Li family had produced celebrities a hundred years ago, but those celebrities had all died of old age.

Only in Li Huaisheng’s generation.

Li Huaisheng died in the line of duty in his middle age. His wife died in her middle age. His daughter died in the line of duty when she was young.

The once lively Li Mansion had now become a big cold and lonely house.

Xue Jinzhu had heard her father’s story about the Li family a long time ago. Now that she knew this from Old Mr. Cai, she would still feel very sad. “Uncle Li’s only daughter is also very outstanding. She’s Uncle Li’s pride and Uncle Li’s sequel. It’s just… a pity.”

Tang Xian glanced sideways and asked, “You know Li Huaisheng’s daughter?”

Xue Jinzhu nodded. “I know, but I heard from my father that Uncle Li’s daughter is very outstanding. If she had survived back then, she would definitely have become the best diplomat in our country like Uncle Li!”

Tang Xian asked casually, “Then do you know her name?”

“Li You!”

It was Cai Buqu who answered. But when he answered this word, Cai Buqu’s gaze was on Li Xiwu.

From the moment she entered the Li Mansion, Li Xiwu’s condition had begun to deteriorate. She tried not to let everyone notice, so she walked very slowly. She walked at the back and quietly listened to Old Mr. Cai talk about the history of the entire Li Mansion.

Until just now.

As Old Mr. Cai answered Tang Xian, he suddenly turned to look at her.

Li You’s name shocked Li Xiwu. She had been recognized as Li You several times. Every time, she was very calm. Because she knew that it had nothing to do with her, she did not have to care.

Only this time.

She felt as if her heart were being strangled. It was an indescribable pain.

Cai Buqu walked towards Li Xiwu and asked her worriedly, “What’s wrong?”

Li Xiwu didn’t want to dampen the mood. She suppressed the discomfort in her heart. “Resonance.”

[Not to mention Sister Li, I’m also very empathetic!]

[At the mention of the Li Mansion, who wouldn’t be sad? Uncle Li handed the first half of his life to the country. The second half of his life was really sad. He lost his wife in his middle age, his daughter in his middle age, and he died in the line of duty in his middle age…]

[As long as Uncle Li’s daughter survived back then, the entire Li Mansion would not have changed.]

[I feel as bad as Sister Li.]

Li Xiwu’s words made everyone empathize.

However, no one could empathize with this situation like Li Xiwu.

The bricks and tiles of the mansion, the evergreens planted in the walls, the pumpkin cart carved from stone in the courtyard, the white jade fountain in the pool all felt more familiar than ever.

That’s not right.

Not unprecedented.

The person she had seen in her dream also felt more familiar than ever.

“Look! This is Uncle Li’s memorial!”

It was Xue Jinzhu who spoke. She raised her hand and pointed in a direction, where a huge stone tablet stood.

The interior of the Li Mansion was not open to the public. Many people who visited the Li Mansion mainly wanted to take a look at the monument and also wanted to see the Li Mansion.

They walked to the monument.

The monument was more than three meters tall and sat on the north side of the Li Mansion. It was a good location. There were many words engraved on Li Huaisheng’s monument.

The main content was Li Huaisheng’s contribution to the country and his character’s resume.

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