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Chapter 206: Chapter 206: Han Qianye Began To Doubt Li Xiwu’s Identity

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Chapter 206: Han Qianye Began To Doubt Li Xiwu’s Identity

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Li Xiwu looked as if she remembered nothing.


The situation was serious. She had to take Li Xiwu to the hospital for a checkup quickly. She had no time to argue with them here. However, they actually dared to scheme against her daughter-in-law. This matter was definitely not over!

Jiang Ce looked away and at the person beside him. “Old Gu, you’re in trouble.”

Gu Lanshi did not mind. “As long as the path is right, there’s no need to be afraid of the long way.”

Jiang Ce snorted.


Gu Lanshi looked at Jiang Ce. “How much will she probably remember after today? How long will it take for her to completely remember?”

Jiang Ce raised his hand to his chin. “I’m not sure. It depends on whether her subconscious desire to understand is strong. The more she subconsciously wants to understand, the more memories will come back.”


Cai Buqu strode in and stood in front of Gu Lanshi and Jiang Ce with a straight face. “You’re not allowed to approach her again.”


Jiang Ce smiled awkwardly. “Mr. Cai, these words are useful to him. I’m only doing my job. If he didn’t spend money to hire me, I wouldn’t have come.”

Cai Buqu looked at Gu Lanshi.

Gu Lanshi gave a less clear answer. “Not for the time being.”

Meanwhile, Han Qianye brought Li Xiwu out of the Li Mansion. The cameraman immediately carried the camera over.

[Aiyo, they’re finally out. More than half of the live-stream has left in half an hour.]

[I watched helplessly as more than three million people were left with more than 1.2 million people.]


[Sister Li, quickly share how you feel when you first enter the Li Mansion.]

[The last place is completed. There are still three hours before the live broadcast ends. I’m curious about what to do next.]

[The live broadcast won’t end once the check in completes, right?]

At this moment, Han Qianye held Li Xiwu’s hand tightly and announced that the last check-in had been completed.

At the same time, it was announced that today’s live broadcast would end early.

The staff was stunned.

The netizens were also stunned.

[What’s going on? We’ve been waiting for so long. You’re announcing the end of the live broadcast when you come out?]


[It’s a waste of half an hour. I shouldn’t have guarded it.]

[No way, is the live broadcast really ending? Did something happen?]

[Sister Li doesn’t look very well. She seems to be troubled. Is she feeling unwell?]

The netizens were angry as they guessed that something had happened.

Han Qianye did not disappoint everyone. She specifically explained to the camera, “I’m sorry, everyone. It was an unexpected situation. Xixi didn’t completely recover from her previous injury. She almost fainted inside just now. I have to take Xixi to the hospital to take a look. I’ll definitely bring joy to everyone tomorrow. Thank you.”

With that, she hurriedly closed the car door.

Although the netizens were very reluctant, everyone expressed their understanding while feeling reluctant after Han Qianye explained the situation.

[I didn’t see Sister Li’s wound. I almost forgot that Sister Li was recording a show with an injury.]

[It must be the aftereffects of a concussion. No wonder it took so long to get out after going in.]

[I hope Sister Li gets better soon.]

In the car.

Li Xiwu had been very quiet from the moment she left the Li Mansion until she got into the car.

Han Qianye was on the phone with Pei Qingji and had already finished speaking. “That’s probably the case. Quickly send someone to investigate. They must be up to no good.”


Pei Qingji only followed his wife’s orders. “I’ve already sent someone to investigate. Don’t worry too much, or you won’t eat dinner again.”

Han Qianye’s anger had yet to subside. “I don’t want to eat anymore. This Old Cai is really too much. I’m so angry. If I had known that this would happen, I would have stopped her.”

Pei Qingji asked in a low voice, “So, Old Cai is also trying to confirm this?”

Han Qianye nodded. “Yeah.”

Actually, when she was arguing with Cai Buqu, Han Qianye was quite uncertain. It was fine if it was Madam Di Xin, but his brother, Han Pin, also said that Xixi had a shadow of Little You. Later on, there was Yu Hewei, and there was Cai Buqu too!

Recalling the first time she had seen Li Xiwu, she had been surprised too. She thought that Li You had really returned from Country T alive.

However, when her son introduced her, he said that her name was Li Xiwu.

When she returned, she quickly asked someone to check Li Xiwu’s identity and background. Other than looking like Li You, the two of them had nothing to do with each other.

Therefore, ever since Han Qianye confirmed that Li Xiwu was the substitute her son had found, she had never put Li Xiwu and Li You together to guess their identities.

It was true that she did not like Li Xiwu at that time. Because at that time, she felt that Li Xiwu was not worthy of her son. It was difficult to accept a substitute who only looked like her.

But after today, Han Qianye had to reevaluate some things.

After ending the call with Pei Qingji, Han Qianye wanted to sigh. She looked sideways at Li Xiwu, who was sitting beside her, and forcefully suppressed her sigh, afraid that it would affect her. She put away her phone and moved closer to Li Xiwu. “Baby?”

Li Xiwu came back to her senses.

Han Qianye thought that Li Xiwu was still in a state of amnesia and said kindly, “I’m your mother.”

Li Xiwu:

Han Qianye held Li Xiwu’s hand and coaxed her to call her, “Can you call me Mom?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips.

Han Qianye continued to coax her. “I’m really your mother. I’m real. Be good. You have to listen to me and not believe those strangers outside. They’ll kidnap you. I can’t lose you.”

Li Xiwu’s lips moved. Just as she was about to say something, Han Qianye pouted and said, “Be good. Call me Mom first.”

Li Xiwu:

Han Qianye was more or less disappointed that she did not hear Li Xiwu call her Mom.

She knew that although Li Xiwu had temporarily lost her memory, she had not lost her brain stem. She must have suspected something.

But that was fine.

She leaned forward and kissed Li Xiwu on the cheek. “Baby, Mom loves you.”

Li Xiwu was stunned. She raised her hand to touch the cheek that Han Qianye had just kissed. At this moment, Han Qianye leaned over again. “I’ll kiss here too, indicating that Mom loves you very much.”

Li Xiwu looked sideways at Han Qianye and finally said, “Auntie, what’s wrong with you?”

Han Qianye pouted and was about to kiss her again. “l!!”

If her toes could really dig through the ground when she was embarrassed, Han Qianye’s toes should be able to dig out three bedrooms and a living room.

“You, you, you remember?” Han Qianye asked incoherently.

Li Xiwu did not lose her memory at all. Her mind was only blank for a few minutes. She knew Han Qianye when she saw her, but the blankness in her mind drove her nerves. She subconsciously asked, “You are…”

Therefore, Han Qianye misunderstood and thought that she had lost her memory.

Li Xiwu was afraid that Han Qianye would be too embarrassed. “I just remembered.”

Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief and patted her chest twice. “That’s good, that’s good.”

She didn’t have to dig out three rooms and one living room with her toes awkwardly!

Li Xiwu said to the driver in front, “Change the route. Go…”

Han Qianye immediately interrupted, “No, no! You can’t change the route. Go to the hospital. I’ll only be at ease after going to the hospital for a checkup. Who knows what those two ill-intentioned people let you smell? If that thing accumulates in your body, it might cause second harm to your body..”

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