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Chapter 207: Chapter 207: The Implication of Fate

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Chapter 207: The Implication of Fate

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Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “But I…”


Han Qianye interrupted her again. “Xixi, listen to me this time.”

Li Xiwu finally compromised and agreed to listen to Han Qianye’s arrangements. She didn’t know what the psychotherapist had let her smell. When she fell unconscious, many strange images appeared in her mind. When she woke up, her mind was blank.

But she had a rough idea of their intentions.

They tried to jog some memories from her mind.


Li Xiwu did not resist this. If she had really lost her memory, this method could really make her remember something. It couldn’t be better for her. However, that person was someone who had nothing to do with her in the first place. The only person she interacted with was Tang Xian.

Therefore, she did not know if Gu Lanshi had good intentions or had other motives.

In the future, she had to be as careful as possible about things like today.

They arrived at the hospital under the Pei Corporation.


Han Qianye revealed her identity and brought Li Xiwu to another passageway. There was no need to queue or wait. If she came up and drew blood for a checkup, the results would be out very quickly.

The entire department on this floor was specially set up to serve the patients who came up through the ‘special passage’. It was very quiet and there were no mixed voices. When they passed by, they were all rich wives and daughters of wealthy families who were dressed in noble clothes.

After drawing the blood, Li Xiwu went to the bathroom. When she came out again, she was surprised to meet Madam Di Xin.

At this moment, Madam Di Xin was standing anxiously outside a department. Behind her stood two tall attendants.

After repeatedly confirming that it was indeed Madam Di Xin, Li Xiwu was more or less surprised that Madam Di Xin had yet to return to Country T. However, when she thought about how Madam Di Xin’s daughter had married into the Capital, it could explain why Madam Di Xin had not returned.

Li Xiwu hesitated for a few seconds before taking the initiative to greet her. “Madam Di Xin.”


The two burly attendants immediately reached out to block Li Xiwu from approaching, indicating that she should keep her distance. Li Xiwu understood. After all, she was the former Prime Minister’s wife.

Outside, especially in a foreign country, one had to be careful at all times.

Madam Di Xin was surprised. “Miss Li! It’s you!” With that, she gestured for her attendants to step back.

The two burly attendants quickly stood behind Madam Di Xin. Li Xiwu asked, “Madam Di Xin, are you feeling unwell?”

Madam Di Xin sighed softly. “It’s Yaoyao. His stomach hurts.”

This was the first time Li Xiwu had heard this name from Madam Di Xin. It was like a girl’s name. But whether it was a boy or a girl, it had to be a child.

At this moment, the doctor walked out and shook his head at Madam Di Xin. “The little guy refused to cooperate.”

“Yaoyao doesn’t like crowds. I thought he’d be more obedient when we came out.” Madam Di Xin looked worried.


The doctor said, “It’s probably his first time in the capital, so he’s not used to the weather here. Madam, communicate with him again. I was talking to the little guy just now, but he kept ignoring me.”

At the end of the sentence, the doctor smiled helplessly.

Li Xiwu listened quietly. She roughly understood the situation.

Madam Di Xin brought a child from Country T. The child had just arrived in the capital and was not used to the environment and climate here, so his body showed some uncomfortable symptoms. Therefore, Madam Di Xin sent the child to the hospital.

Listening to the conversation between Madam Di Xin and the doctor, it was probably because the child had a strange personality and did not cooperate with the doctor’s examination.

She was thinking when her wrist was suddenly clasped. Li Xiwu looked down and saw Madam Di Xin holding her wrist. “Miss Li, do you know how to coax children

Li Xiwu had just answered unequivocally that she wouldn’t. But Madam Di Xin didn’t give her a chance to say no. She pulled her in.

Li Xiwu:

The examination room was huge, but there was no sign of the child.

Madam Di Xin, the two bodyguards, and the doctor looked around for the child. Li Xiwu seemed to be at a loss and did not know what to do. Han Qianye was still waiting for her. She wanted to tell Madam Di Xin that she wanted to leave first, but she could not find the opportunity to speak because Madam Di Xin was looking for the child called Yaoyao anxiously.

Li Xiwu suddenly realized that there seemed to be a slight movement behind the door beside her. She wasn’t sure she’d seen it right. After a few seconds of hesitation, she slowly reached out and pulled open the door.

Then Li Xiwu froze.

She didn’t know what word to use to describe the little boy crouched behind the door. Probably… soft? But the soft little face was tense, especially after she pulled open the door. He stared at her defensively, as if warning her not to approach.


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Then Li Xiwu slowly pulled the door closed again and said to Madam Di Xin, who was still looking for a child, “He’s here.”

Hearing this, Madam Di Xin rushed over. “Where?”

Li Xiwu pointed behind the door. Madam Di Xin quickly pulled open the door.

Li Xiwu looked over again. She thought that the little boy was very guarded against strangers. That was why his soft little face had tightened when he saw her just now.

Li Xiwu was silent until Madam Di Xin pulled the door open. The little boy’s face was as tense as ever.

“Yaoyao.” Madam Di Xin knelt down and reached for the little boy behind the door.

Li Xiwu thought that the two of them would communicate in the language of Country T. To her surprise, Madam Di Xin still spoke to the little boy in very standard Mandarin. “Yaoyao. Come to Grandma.”

The boy was unmoved. His unhappy little face was also a little pale, looking a little pitiful.

Madam Di Xin was gentle and patient. “Yaoyao. If you really resist this place, let’s go home, okay?”

The word home made the boy’s eyes light up. But he still hadn’t come out.

Madam Di Xin tried her best to coax the child out, but she couldn’t bear to say anything harsh. In the end, she had no choice but to get up and beg Li Xiwu for help.

Li Xiwu raised an eyebrow. “Me?”

Madam Di Xin said, “Try it.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly and declined tactfully. “I can’t. I have to go.”

“Please, Miss Li,” Madam Di Xin said. “How will you know if you don’t try?

Yaoyao will like you.”

Li Xiwu was speechless. She wondered why Madam Di Xin sounded so certain. She glanced silently at the little boy, who was now crouched on the ground, his eyelashes lowered and focused on the ground.

Li Xiwu sighed, then walked forward and squatted in front of the boy. “Hello,” she said stiffly.

The boy didn’t even look up. He ignored her.

Li Xiwu’s jaw tightened as she composed her tone. “Is there anything you want to eat?”

The moment that was said, the silent boy suddenly looked up at Li Xiwu in confusion. Their eyes met, caught off guard.

Li Xiwu was stunned again.

Beside her, Madam Di Xin was still encouraging her. “Miss Li, continue to coax him and make him come out willingly.”

Li Xiwu took a deep breath, feeling that this was a difficult responsibility. “I— The next second, the boy buried his head again, sullen and ignoring everyone.

Li Xiwu thought for a few seconds and said, “Can I treat you to candied hawthorn?”

The boy raised his head again, his big eyes blank. “Candied hawthorn?”

Madam Di Xin quickly explained, “Yaoyao grew up in Country T and has never come into contact with these.”

Li Xiwu looked at the little boy’s appearance. He did not look like someone from Country T at all..

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