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Chapter 213: Chapter 213: Getting the Truth From Pei Jingzhou

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Chapter 213: Getting the Truth From Pei Jingzhou
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Qiao Qiao went on and on. But in the end, it was only her guess. “If Pei Jingzhou’s former lover was Li You, and you happened to be Li You who had lost her memory, then the substitute doesn’t exist at all.”

Li Xiwu listened quietly without speaking.


Qiao Qiao shouted, “Bae?”

Li Xiwu answered, “1 1 m listening.”

Qiao Qiao asked, “What do you think?”

On the other end of the line, Li Xiwu’s expression was indifferent and distant.


“I just suspect that I’m Li You. Before I find out, I can’t be too sure.”

Qiao Qiao’s voice softened a little “That’s true.”

After a few seconds of silence, Qiao Qiao suddenly thought of an idea. “I have a nasty trick.

Li Xiwu said, “I’m all ears.”


Qiao Qiao smiled. “In the past, you didn’t suspect your background, so you naturally didn’t think of getting information out of him. Now that you’re suspicious, go and talk to Pei Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou is such a cautious person, so it probably won’t be easy to get information out of him. You’ll either use a honey trap or get him drunk. This should be more direct and effective than you trying to find out.”

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “It’s indeed a nasty trick.”
Although it sounded bad, it was not completely unusable. She had indeed never doubted her background in the past.

Now that she had experienced all kinds of things and suspected her background, the time to investigate would be very slow. She might even be hindered. However, it was indeed a good suggestion for her to ask Pei Jingzhou.

However, the success rate was probably… very, very low.

At the end of the conversation, the conversation ended.

Li Xiwu instructed Qiao Qiao, “Take care of yourself.”


Qiao Qiao said, ‘Qiao Jingmo fed me four times a day. Although my mind is being tortured, my body is very good.”

Li Xiwu was relieved to hear that. When she ended the call with Qiao Qiao and put away her phone, she noticed the time. It was past five-thirty.

Night came quickly after winter. When she looked up, she realized that the sky was already dark.

Li Xiwu quietly looked at the night sky and recalled the people she had come into contact with one after another since she went on the variety show. Now that she thought about it, they were all people she usually did not come into contact with easily.

Pei Jingzhou had never allowed her to enter the entertainment industry as an actress because he did not want her to appear on the big screen one day. At first, she understood that the status of a rich wife was not suitable for her to appear on the stage of the entertainment industry.

After those celebrities squeezed their heads out and married into wealthy families, they would immediately retire to take care of their husbands and children.

But now that she thought about it, she must have misunderstood.

Li Xiwu opened the takeout software and ordered dinner. She came in from the terrace and left her phone in the bedroom before opening the door and going out.
The contents of the financial channel were playing on the television. At some point, the original cartoon had been changed. If Pei Jingzhou was not still sitting on the sofa, Li Xiwu would have mistaken Yaoyao for accidentally changing the channel.


She came over and stood quietly beside the sofa.

Pei Jingzhou looked at her sideways. “You’re done with the call.”

Li Xiwu nodded and asked, “Why did you change it to a financial channel?”

Pei Jingzhou tilted his head towards the aggrieved Yaoyao. “He said he wanted to watch it.”

Li Xiwn: After a moment of speechlessness, Li Xiwu picked up the remote control beside Pei Jingzhou and switched the financial channel back to the cartoon. As the cartoon was switched back, the resentment on Yaoyao’s face quickly disappeared.

Pei Jingzhou stood up and walked to Li Xiwu’s side. He said in a jealous tone, “You dote on him quite a lot.”

Li Xiwu replied matter-of-factly, ‘Yaoyao is a child and a guest. You can’t be harsh on a child, nor can you neglect a guest.”
“Good point.” Pei Jingzhou glanced at the quiet and obedient child sitting on the sofa. “The few smiles I saw on your face today were all because of this kid.” Li Xiwu corrected him.

“What do you mean by ‘this kid’? His name is Yaoyao.”

Pei Jingzhou continued to be jealous. “I don’t know him.”

Li Xiwu said, “Didn’t I say that Yaoyao is Madam Di Xin’s grandson?”

Pei Jingzhou asked, “Then do you know this kid’s full name?

Li Xiwu was suddenly stumped. It seemed that Madam Di Xin really did not say what Yaoyao’s name was.

Li Xiwu pushed Pei Jingzhou away and walked to the front of the sofa. She sat down beside Yaoyao. Yaoyao turned around and looked at Li Xiwu, who was sitting beside him. His big eyes were sparkling.


Li Xiwu’s voice was especially gentle when she asked, “Yaoyao, what’s your name?

The twinkling stars in Yaoyao’s eyes dimmed a little, and his small mouth tightened without answering.

Although Li Xiwu was meticulous, she could not guess the little guy’s purest thoughts. “Do you know how to write your name?
Yaoyao shook his head.

Li Xiwu wasn’t sure. “You can’t write?”

Yaoyao turned to look at Pei Jingzhou and saw that he had gone to get water. After confirming that he could not hear him, he told Li Xiwu in a muffled voice, “I only know ten Chinese characters.”

Li Xiwu guessed correctly and said with a smile, “Is it one two three four five six seven eight nine?

Yaoyao nodded. Because the numbers from one to ten were the simplest. In addition, he had grown up in Country T and basically recognized Country T’s words.

Li Xiwu was not too surprised. Yaoyao was a child adopted by Madam Di Xin. After all, not all native family members would accept an outsider without reservation, even if it was just a child. Thinking of this, Li Xiwu suddenly realized that other than not knowing the name of Yaoyao, she did not know how old he was.

She asked, “Do you know how old you are, then?”

Yaoyao slowly raised his hand and gestured with four fingers. Li Xiwu thought he was four years old. Then, Yaoyao raised his other hand and gestured with three fingers.
Was this four years old… or three? He doesn’t look like he’s four years old. This was because she had seen a four-year-old child. He was slightly taller than Yaoyao and his small body was stronger. He looked very small when he bit. So she guessed, “Three years old?”

Yaoyao puffed out his cheeks slightly and shook his head.

Li Xiwu continued to guess. “Three years and four months?”

She felt that the four fingers he was gesticulating with were not casual gestures. But Yaoyao still shook his head. Li Xiwu hesitated. “Could it be four years and three months?”
Yaoyao nodded happily.

Li Xiwu poked Yaoyao’s soft cheek. “You look three years old at most.” Yaoyao said in a muffled voice, “But I’m already a little adult!”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips in a smile. “Then why does Yaoyao look so small?”

Yaoyao didn’t seem to like mentioning this, but even if he didn’t, he would still answer. “Because Mom was only pregnant with me for one, two, three, four, five, six, seven months. Oh, it’s seven months.”

Hearing Yaoyao say this, Li Xiwu was immediately stunned. Although she had never given birth and had not specifically learned the exact cycle of pregnancy, she knew that being only seven months pregnant was considered premature.

Generally speaking, premature babies would not have survived in ancient times.

However, there were incubators in the modern world. Even so, the survival rate would still be much lower than a full-term baby..

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