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Chapter 215: Chapter 215: The DNA Paternity Test Results Are Out!

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Chapter 215: The DNA Paternity Test Results Are Out!

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At the dining table.


Yaoyao obediently sat beside Li Xiwu while Pei Jingzhou sat opposite them alone. The atmosphere was strangely quiet. Other than Li Xiwu, who would give Yaoyao vegetables from time to time, Pei Jingzhou and Yaoyao would look at each other in disgust!!

Finally, Pei Jingzhou couldn’t stand it anymore. “There’s almost no room in his bowl. ”

Yaoyao was unconvinced. “I can still eat a lot!”

Pei Jingzhou’s tone turned cold. “Are you a pig?


Yaoyao turned to look at Li Xiwu and asked in a coquettish voice, “Are pigs cute?”

Li Xiwu suppressed a smile. “Cute.”

Yaoyao immediately said, “Then I’m a cute pig.”

Pei Jingzhou:


Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. Looking at Pei Jingzhou’s strange expression, she suppressed a smile. “Is that necessary, Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Not to that extent, but I haven’t seen you pick up food for me.

As soon as he finished speaking, a piece of pork belly reached Pei Jingzhou’s bowl. “Eat.”

Pei Jingzhou was picky. “Your attitude is different.”

Li Xiwu sighed and smiled. “Three-year-old Pei, eat quickly.”

The smile on Pei Jingzhou’s lips spread to the corners of his eyes like a spring breeze. Li Xiwu couldn’t help but think about it carefully. If Pei Jingzhou had a child in the future, would he be like this?


It was seven-thirty after dinner.

Li Xiwu had some work to deal with and asked Pei Jingzhou to accompany Yaoyao. Pei Jingzhou was clearly unhappy, and Yaoyao was more willing to watch television by himself. The two of them hated each other and did not like each other very much.

It was almost eight o’clock when Li Xiwu finished her work. However, no calls or messages were received from Madam Di Xin during this period. As soon as it was eight o’clock, Li Xiwu took the initiative to call Madam Di Xin. She first asked after her health before cutting into the matter of when to pick up


The call went through.

It was Madam Di Xin who answered. “Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Madam Di Xin, are you feeling better?”

Madam Di Xin sounded weak. “Thank you for your concern, Miss Li. I’m a little better. I was talking to the doctor about my health. The doctor suggested that I be hospitalized, but I refused. Wait for me for half an hour. I’ll come and pick up Yaoyao.”


Li Xiwu didn’t feel too good when she heard this. She suggested, “Madam Di

Xin, it’s more important to take care of your health.”

Madam Di Xin sighed. “That won’t do. I still have to come and fetch Yaoyao. But

Yaoyao might have to suffer and stay with me in the hospital tonight.”

Although Madam Di Xin was in a VIP ward, it was still a hospital. Kids didn’t like that place very much.

Li Xiwu hesitated for a moment. “Why don’t you let Yaoyao stay with me tonight?”

Madam Di Xin was worried. “But you’re recording a show tomorrow?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “My husband has time to watch Yaoyao. When the time comes, Madam Di Xin can just contact my husband.”

She used ‘my husband’, which was also to reassure Madam Di Xin.

Madam Di Xin was grateful. “Then I’ll have to trouble you, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu said, “No trouble. Take care of yourself.”

She ended the call. Li Xiwu turned around and saw Pei Jingzhou standing there, looking at her with a smile. “My husband.”

Li Xiwu:


It was obvious that Pei Jingzhou was in a good mood. He did not even mind Yaoyao staying for the night. He only said, “That kid can stay here tonight, but you can’t carry him into the master bedroom.”

Li Xiwu’s lips curved. “Okay, I won’t carry him into the master bedroom.”

Pei Jingzhou reacted quickly. “You’re going to the guest bedroom?”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. “Fourth Brother said that I can’t carry Yaoyao to the master bedroom. You didn’t say that I can’t bring Yaoyao to the guest bedroom.”

Pei Jingzhou:

Li Xiwu went to communicate with Yaoyao about staying here tonight.

Yaoyao seemed to be looking forward to it, but he was careful when he asked,

“Can I sleep with you?”

Li Xiwu was pleased. “Of course.”

Then, Pei Jingzhou watched helplessly as his wife carried someone else’s son to the guest room.

The bed was made.

There were no daily necessities for children at home. Although he would only stay for one night, Li Xiwu still ordered daily necessities for children from a supermarket and quickly sent them over.

At this moment, only Li Xiwu and Yaoyao were in the bathroom. Because he had not seen Pei Jingzhou for a long time, Yaoyao was nervous. Afraid that he would be suddenly chased out, he tugged at Li Xiwu’s clothes. Li Xiwu squeezed some toothpaste for him. “What’s wrong?”

Yaoyao asked, “What about him?”

Li Xiwu knew that the “he” he was asking was Pei Jingzhou, so she said casually, “He fell into the toilet.”

Yaoyao was instantly dumbfounded.

Li Xiwu chuckled. “Are we going to save him?”

Yaoyao turned to look at the toilet behind him and pondered for a moment. “If we don’t save him, will we be alone?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yes.”

Yaoyao pressed the flush button, and there was the sound of rushing water. “Okay, I flushed him away.” But just as he finished speaking, he regretted it. He turned back and tugged at Li Xiwu’s shirt. “He’s not here. There’s no one to protect you.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh. “It’s okay. Yaoyao will protect me.” Yaoyao was sad. “Why don’t we just pull him out of the toilet?”

Li Xiwu was overjoyed. All the negative energy of late seemed to have disappeared at this moment.

At this moment, Pei Jingzhou walked in. He noticed that the little guy beside him was staring at him in disbelief.

Pei Jingzhou asked, “Kid, what’s wrong now?”

Yaoyao asked in shock, “Did you just crawl out of the toilet?”

Pei Jingzhou:

At the same time, at the Pei residence.

Han Qianye held the photo she had secretly taken today in one hand and the photo album in the other. After repeated comparison, Han Qianye heaved a sigh of relief. “This is too similar!”

Pei Qingji walked over curiously and asked, “What do you mean?”

Han Qianye quickly showed the photo and photo album to Pei Qingji. “Look, do they look similar?”

After Pei Qingji finished looking, he hissed, “Who is this?”

Han Qianye said, “Your son and grandson.”

The corners of Pei Qingji’s mouth twitched. “What’s going on? Why didn’t I know that my grandson is already so old?”

Han Qianye said angrily, “I just found out.”

Next, Han Qianye told Pei Qingji what had happened. After hearing this, Pei

Qingji said, “That should just be a resemblance.”

Han Qianye said, “My intuition tells me it’s not that simple, so I did a paternity test.”

Pei Qingji did not think much of it. After all, this was too ridiculous. His son actually had such a big son, and the entire family didn’t know. Who would believe that?

Buzz buzz buzz—

Her phone was vibrating.

“Whatever I said came. There’s a call from the hospital.” Han Qianye quickly picked up her phone.

Pei Qingji still did not take it seriously. In any case, it seemed ridiculous to him.

Pei Qingji even felt that his wife probably wanted a grandson too much. Recently, she had been nagging from time to time that if her son and daughter-in-law had a child, their relationship would be more stable.

She was probably obsessed with having a grandson.

Han Qianye picked up the phone and asked, “Is the result out?”

The doctor said, “Yes, Mrs. Pei. The DNA test results you wanted are out..”

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