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Chapter 216: Chapter 216: Father-Son Relationship Established

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Chapter 216: Father-Son Relationship Established

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The doctor said, “Yes, Mrs. Pei. The DNA test results you wanted are out.”


Han Qianye asked, “What was the result?”

The doctor on the other end of the line was about to tell Han Qianye the results of the DNA test. At this moment, Han Qianye suddenly stopped him. “Wait!” The doctor waited in silence.

Han Qianye was a little nervous. She took a deep breath to calm herself down. “Alright, tell me the result.”

The doctor said, “Materials I and II are at D3S1358, THOI…”


After almost a minute, Han Qianye said impatiently, “There’s no need to compare the data. Just say the results. I just want the results.”

The doctor quickly replied, “The probability of Material I being the biological father of Material Il is greater than 99-99%. According to the DNA genetic marker classification results, Material I is the biological father of Material Il.”

Han Qianye summarized, “So, they’re father and son, right?”

The doctor replied, “Yes, Mrs. Pei. The test results are father and son.”


At the same time, the phone in Han Qianye’s hand fell to the carpet with a crisp sound. She was dumbfounded.

Pei Qingji was taking off his wristwatch. Seeing this, he walked over and bent down to pick up the phone on the carpet. Looking at his wife’s dumbfounded expression, he asked, “What’s wrong?”

Han Qianye slowly looked up at Pei Qingji. Pei Qingji panicked. “I haven’t been fishing recently.”

Han Qianye reached out towards Pei Qingji.

Pei Qingji said honestly, “No fishing rod.”

Han Qianye said angrily, “I know where you’re hiding your fishing rod. Give me the phone first.”


Pei Qingji: ‘

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Han Qianye took back her phone and saw that the call had ended. Pei Qingji must have accidentally hung up when he picked up the phone.

Han Qianye dialed back. “Dr. Luo.”

The doctor picked up the phone immediately. He could guess that the commotion just now was an accident. Perhaps Mrs. Pei was… excited? Or angry?

A paternity test relationship was 90% a joyous occasion for ordinary families. However, for a top wealthy family like the Pei family, 20% of it was a happy thing, and the remaining 80% was a bad thing. It was either trouble like an illegitimate child or a scandal. In any case, it was quite complicated.

The doctor spoke carefully. “Go ahead, Mrs. Pei.”

Han Qianye’s tone was calm. “Send the DNA test results to the Pei residence.”

The doctor was very nervous, afraid that he would accidentally be involved in some struggle between wealthy families, but he could not refuse, so he could only agree first. “Mrs. Pei, wait a moment.”


Han Oianve said. “Okav.”

After ending the call, Han Qianye stared at her phone in a daze. Just by looking at her expression, she looked troubled.

Pei Qingji took off his wristwatch and walked over. He sat down beside Han Qianye. “You became preoccupied after answering a call. Did the test results disappoint you?”

Han Qianye did not say anything and sighed.

Pei Qingji leaned over and placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder. “Logically speaking, the disappointing outcome is the right one. Don’t tell me you want to see Jingzhou being discovered because they hid an illegitimate child? Then the couple will get a divorce because of this illegitimate child?”

Han Qianye pursed her lips with a serious expression. Because Pei Qingji had guessed her thoughts. That was why she showed no sign of happiness after knowing this outcome. Instead, she was even more troubled.

Pei Qingji advised gently, “You’re focused on maintaining their relationship now. When their relationship improves, it’s only a matter of time before they have grandchildren. This time, treat it as a false alarm. I also believe that my son isn’t the kind of person to fool around outside. I’m a romantic. My son can’t be a scumbag.”

Han Qianye turned to look at Pei Qingji. “You reminded me.”

Pei Qingji smiled. “Huh?”

Han Qianye said, “Genes are indeed important. A father is a romantic, so is a son. If that son is a scumbag who flirts with women, a father probably won’t be any better. ”

Pei Qingji nodded. “Precisely.”

At this moment, Pei Qingji, who did not know anything about the conversation just now, had unknowingly dug a huge pit for himself.


A few minutes later, Dr. Luo personally sent the DNA test results to the Pei residence. Under the lead of Butler Dong, he carried a yellow document bag in. Dr. Luo personally handed the yellow document bag to Han Qianye with both hands. “Mrs. Pei, this is the DNA test result.”

Han Qianye took the yellow document bag. “Dr. Luo, you’ve worked hard. Please sit down. Uncle Dong, serve the evening tea.”

Dr. Luo quickly waved his hand. “No, no. I still have to go back to the hospital for my shift.”

Uncle Dong asked curiously, “Is the director still on duty?”

Dr. Luo laughed dryly. “The hospital isn’t fully staffed tonight. I have no choice. I have to go back.”

Han Qianye smiled. “Dr. Luo, take care. Uncle Dong, send him off.”

After everyone left, Han Qianye took the yellow document bag and returned to the bedroom upstairs.

Pei Qingji had already washed up and changed into his sleeping robe. When he looked up and saw that his wife had returned, he patted the seat beside him.

“Honey, come and sleep.”

Han Qianye said indifferently, “Go to sleep first.”

With that, Han Qianye sat down on the sofa at the end of the bed. She opened the yellow document bag in her hand and took out the test results to read them carefully. It was similar to what Dr. Luo had said on the phone. The probability of Jingzhou being the biological father of the child was more than 99-99%.

Although she had already confirmed it with her own ears, Han Qianye wanted to see it with her own eyes. Now that she had seen it with her own eyes, she felt even more stifled.

The document in her hand was taken away by Pei Qingji, who had gotten out of bed. “Let me take a look.”

Han Qianye did not stop him. “I suggest you be mentally prepared.”

Pei Qingji sneered. “Do I need to be mentally prepared for this? I want to see what happened to make you look so troubled.”

However, not long after he finished speaking, Pei Qingji’s expression gradually turned ugly. Finally, he let out a sentence that came from his soul. “What the hell!

Han Qianye said helplessly, “Do you know why I’m so preoccupied now?”

Pei Qingji:

This document was a paternity test!

The names of both parties were not written on the appraisal, but the father and son were identified. If he had not known just now that his wife had taken his eldest son and a child’s hair for a DNA test, Pei Qingji would probably have calmly read this test result.

But here’s the situation.

The test results actually showed that the probability of Jingzhou and that child being biological father and son was greater than 99-99%!!!

Han Qianye asked calmly, “Old Pei, what do you think of this matter?”

Pei Qingji coughed lightly. “I think this matter…”

Han Qianye said, “Huh?”

Pei Qingji raised his hand and scratched the space between his eyebrows. “We have to think about this at length.”

Han Qianye mentioned, “I remember someone saying just now that his son is fooling around outside. As a father, he’s not much better.”

Pei Qingji: ‘

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