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Chapter 22

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Stunning Everyone!

Everyone saw Cheng Zhongqing’s agitated reaction. For a moment no one knew what was wrong with him.

Du Xu asked worriedly, “Old Cheng, are you looking for a trash can?”

Du Xu, who knew Cheng Zhongqing well, guessed that either the tofu was too salty or the taste of the tofu was very strong. Otherwise, why would Old Cheng have such a big reaction after only taking a bite?!

Tao Jing and Han Qianye also had solemn expressions.

Tao Jing felt that the two dishes Li Xiwu cooked just now should taste very good. After all, they smelled so good. Just looking at them made her mouth water. How could they taste bad?

Han Qianye also slowly frowned. When she came down and saw Li Xiwu cooking personally, her familiar and smooth movements simply stunned her. At the same time, she felt even more proud. Even if Li Xiwu was deliberately hiding it, she still managed to win her pride.

But from the looks of it… that didn’t seem to be the case. Cooking personally… had become poisonous. Judging from the expert’s reaction, it probably tasted awful.

Min Hanrong brought a cup of warm water over and handed it to Cheng Zhongqing. “Drink some water to rinse your mouth.”

Du Xu quickly took the water from Min Hanrong and thanked her. Then, she handed the water to Cheng Zhongqing. “Move the trash can to your feet. Quickly vomit. Drink some water to rinse your mouth.”

As she spoke, she took a few tissues and handed them to Cheng Zhongqing. “Wipe your mouth after rinsing it.”

However, not only did Cheng Zhongqing not spit out the tofu in his mouth, but he even swallowed it. His expression became very strange.

Du Xu watched with a frown. “That’s hard on you.”

It wasn’t easy to record a show.

Everyone was guessing that Cheng Zhongqing did not vomit because he was giving face to the fourth group’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. It would indeed not be good if he directly vomited.

[I was drooling earlier, but now I’m frowning.]

[I watched Li Xiwu cook the entire time. It was clearly done very well. Did it really taste bad? Which step went wrong? I recorded it just now and was prepared to learn how to cook it.]

[The appearance was too good. Is it too salty?]

[Why didn’t anyone discuss how Li Xiwu’s cooking technique looked familiar?]

[I found out a long time ago. No one said anything, right? I didn’t say anything.]

[There must have been a deliberate imitation.]

[Mother Dragon has never cooked this dish before, so it’s difficult to determine.]

[Don’t think that Mother Dragon doesn’t manage her fans. In fact, her fans are very good at fighting. Last time, there was also a short video blogger who imitated Mother Dragon’s style. Mother Dragon doesn’t even know about this yet, but that imitation blogger was reported by her fans to the extent that she can’t post videos. This is a live broadcast of the Mother-in-Law Joy. Don’t mention Mother Dragon’s instigation. Everyone, please show mercy.]

[The Mother Dragon’s fans are very strong. Everyone, stop spamming the livestream. Sister Li will be scolded later.]

[I hope Sister Li has her own cooking style. The next time she looks so much like Mother Dragon, I really won’t be able to help but curse.]

The comments in the live-stream were flooding in.

Everyone had a tacit understanding. They did not mention that Li Xiwu’s cooking method was like a popular short video blogger. They were afraid that it would cause a scolding war for Mother-in-Law Joy’s show. If the comments turned into curses, it would affect the live broadcast. However, it was hard to say what would happen if someone recorded it and posted it online.

At this moment, Cheng Zhongqing had already sat down again. He didn’t spit out the tofu or drink the water. When he sat down, he realized that everyone was staring at him. He extended his chopsticks and said, “Why is everyone looking at me? Eat.” Then he asked, “By the way, do you have a spoon?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yes, please wait a moment.” She went to the kitchen to get a spoon and handed it to Cheng Zhongqing.

Cheng Zhongqing thanked her and scooped a few spoonfuls of Mapo Tofu into his bowl. It was as if he was afraid that everyone would snatch it away when they sat down later.

Du Xu couldn’t figure out what Cheng Zhongqing meant and asked, “Is it good?”

Cheng Zhongqing said, “Not bad.”

Du Xu breathed a sigh of relief. “Then why were you so jumpy just now?”

Cheng Zhongqing’s expression did not change. “I didn’t expect that.”

Du Xu said, “Didn’t expect what?”

Cheng Zhongqing said, “Hurry up and eat. If you keep nagging, there won’t be anything left.”

Du Xu was speechless. That’s ridiculous! That’s impossible! The director did not say that there was a segment for praise. She put some tofu into her mouth with a skeptical attitude. Then she fell silent. The silence was complete.

Seeing that one of the two experts was eating non-stop and the other was silent after taking a bite, Min Hanrong thought that they were forcing themselves to show respect to the production team and guests, so she said kindly, “We still have a lot of dishes over there. Do the two of you want to go over and eat?”

Cheng Zhongqing shook his head as he ate. “No, no.”

After a moment of silence, Du Xu picked up her chopsticks and continued eating the tofu. “It’s pretty good here.”

Cheng Zhongqing grinned. “Right?”

Du Xu rose. “I’ll get a bowl of rice.”

Cheng Zhongqing immediately handed her a bowl. “Get me a bowl too.”

Du Xu quickly went to get two bowls of rice. She had one bowl, and Cheng Zhongqing had one bowl. With the two dishes on the table, they began to eat heartily. It was clearly just two vegetarian dishes, but there was a scene of delicacies.

Min Hanrong, who was rejected, felt a little awkward. She looked at the two dishes on the table and thought, Isn’t it just Mapo Tofu and stir-fried vegetables? Are two experts really so eager to eat?

It had to be fake!

However, Min Hanrong could not resist the temptation of the two dishes on the table. They smelled really good and made her hungry. She was about to go back and get her chopsticks to try them when she turned around and saw Wan Yu and Luo Xiaosong already holding bowls and waiting eagerly.

Min Hanrong was speechless.

Wan Yu and Luo Xiaosong both filled their bowls and sat down around the table.

Wan Yu ate the vegetables first. Her mouth was not full of fragrance, but she was very surprised. “The stir-fried vegetables usually have a rustic smell. This stir-fried vegetable actually doesn’t have a rustic smell. It’s so delicious.”

Luo Xiaosong picked up a piece of Mapo Tofu with his chopsticks and put it into his mouth. As he ate, his eyes widened. “This minced meat is so fragrant. It’s simply superb when wrapped in tofu.”

“There’s no minced meat at all,” Cheng Zhongqing said.

Luo Xiaosong was very surprised and clearly did not believe him. “Impossible! This is minced meat!” As he spoke, he picked up a piece of tofu. There was minced meat on the tofu, and he even specially showed it to Cheng Zhongqing.

Wan Yu also picked up some food and placed it in her mouth. Her expression immediately became very excited. “It’s so delicious. It’s really delicious.”

“Right? I’ve never had such delicious Mapo Tofu.” Luo Xiaosong was also very excited.

Du Xu, who was beside Cheng Zhongqing, asked, “Old Cheng, is what you said true? Isn’t this minced meat?”

“No, no,” Cheng Zhongqing said firmly. Actually, he figured it out with his first bite. He explained to everyone, “The minced meat you think is actually replaced by broad beans. This is also Miss Li’s brilliance. I dare say that others can learn such culinary skills, but they will never expect it.”

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