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Chapter 228: Chapter 228: So She’s Mrs. Pei!

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Chapter 228: So She’s Mrs. Pei!

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Lan Min was a clear-headed person. But she would not let the person she hated off easily!


“Li Xiwu, did you bring these people to scare me so that I would back off?” Lan Min calmed down and pretended not to be frightened. After pausing for a few seconds, Lan Min quickly added, “Also, you said that they’re from the Triads, right? Are you sure you didn’t just find someone to fool me?”

Dong, who stood at the side, fixed Lan Min with a malicious gaze. “Fool? It seems you know nothing about your situation.”

Dongs aura was strong. A casual sentence could scare Lan Min into silence.

Buzz buzz buzz.


The phone on the coffee table was vibrating.

Lan Min quickly picked up the phone. “Hello, Boss Lin.”

The person on the other end of the line seemed to have said something. Lan Min’s expression changed. “Boss Lin, wait a moment, 1—”

Before Lan Min could finish, the line was hung up.


Lan Min looked up at Li Xiwu and swallowed before saying slowly, “Something happened to Tianyi Media. Boss Lin asked me… who I offended.”

Li Xiwu lowered her eyes. “What do you think?”

Lan Min was suddenly agitated. “Li Xiwu, how… how did you get involved with the Triad?”

Li Xiwu looked at the incredulous Lan Min. “Are you surprised?”

Lan Min was not as arrogant as before. Her tone was much weaker. “You’re clearly just… No, who are you?

Just as she finished speaking, Dong called out, right on cue, “Mrs. Pei.” Li Xiwu turned. Dong said slowly, “If there’s not enough time to deal with it here, Mr. Pei said to delay today’s live broadcast.”


Li Xiwu said calmly, “There’s no need to delay it.”

Dong nodded. ‘Okay.”

Lan Min’s eyes widened in shock. “Mrs. Pei?”

According to Lan Min, Li Xiwu’s husband’s public identity on the show was an executive of R.E! And R.E. belonged to the Pei Corporation!

The person from the Triad just now actually called Li Xiwu Mrs. Pei…

No wonder… No wonder Li Xiwu was so arrogant. No wonder she could order the Triads around. She actually had the Pei Corporation behind her. The so-called corporate executive was actually that person from the Pei Corporation.

Lan Min finally understood why she could not find out the identity of Li Xiwu’s husband before his identity was exposed. She had actually provoked someone she could not afford to offend! Li Xiwu’s eyes cast a shadow. “Lan Min.”

Lan Min was terrified. “Huh?”


Li Xiwu said, “We should mind our own business.”

Lan Min, who had been in the capital circle for so many years, knew the background of the Triads. It was said that the chairman of the Pei Corporation was once the leader of the Triads when he was young. Even though the Triads disappeared later and were rarely mentioned, they were still avoided.

Lan Min did not expect Li Xiwu’s executive husband’s true identity to be the head of the Pei Corporation! She almost got herself into trouble.

In an instant, Lan Min’s domineering attitude changed. “No! It’s not that we mind our own business. I was blind. Xiwu, I promise you that everything I know will automatically be erased from my memory. I will never mention another word.”

“I hope you mean what you say.” Li Xiwu’s voice was slightly cold. “Lan Min, you’re not shallow. You should know this.”

Lan Min nodded in fear. “I know, I know.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Lan Min deeply before turning to leave. She did not take the document away. Her goal today was just to give her a taste of her own medicine. Since Lan Min had threatened her, she naturally had to threaten her back.

She could use the same method!

After Li Xiwu left, Dong did not leave with Li Xiwu immediately. He slowly paced up to Lan Min. “When the Triads are mobilized, they often end in another way. Do you understand me?”

Lan Min was so frightened that her face turned pale. “I understand. I’m sorry. I was wrong. Please don’t make things difficult for me.”

Dong smiled. “Mrs. Pei has already spoken. Don’t worry, we won’t do anything without permission.

Lan Min heaved a sigh of relief when she heard this. However, before she could heave a sigh of relief, she heard this person say, “Mrs. Pei only used the method you used to deal with her and returned it to you, so Mrs. Pei won’t do anything to you, but it doesn’t mean that Mr. Pei will let you off.”

Lan Min’s pupils trembled. “Mr. Pei, Mr. Pei…’


Dong raised his hand and placed his palm on the top of Lan Min’s head. “If you have the chance to be a person, be a good person. This world is not as beautiful as you think. You have to be glad that Mrs. Pei came personally. If Mr. Pei came…”

There was no need to finish. Lan Min swallowed hard. “I-I understand.”

Dong smiled. “Let’s go.”

The moment everyone left, Lan Min seemed to have lost all her strength and her feet slid down. She was so close. She was so close to causing a disaster! Just as that person had said, fortunately, it was Li Xiwu who came today.

In order to avoid any accidents, Lan Min quickly deleted all the threats’ stored in her phone! And the chat with her cousin had all been deleted. As she was working, she suddenly received a message on Weibo—

# Palpitation Light Removal and Modification #

Lan Min was very shocked just by seeing the words “Palpitation Light”.

Afraid that she had accidentally exposed something, her fingertips trembled as she opened this Weibo post. When she saw the topic, she finally felt a little more at ease.

A TV station V: [We received a report today that our live-service show, “Palpitation Light”, has deceived the audience. From today onwards, the show will be taken off the shelves and modified. The recovery time will be released separately. Thank you for your attention.]

The post went up.

It quickly caused a heated discussion.

A large number of netizens exclaimed: [I’ve long heard that more than half of the female guests on this show are shills. Sometimes, the male guests are also shills. It’s simply a lie.]

[The original intention of this show was still alright. At that time, the twenty female guests and the male guests who participated in every episode were all serious about settling their marriage. Later on, because there was nothing to watch, there was a plot in many episodes.]

[Who reported it? I’ll give you a thumbs up. This blind date show should have been modified long ago.]

[I remember that this show was reported many times, but the viewership ratings were alright at that time, so it held. Could it be that they formed a team to report it this time?]

[Actually, not only is this show getting more and more fake, but I also heard from my friend that some of the female guests have a messy relationship with the organizers of the show.]

[Some female guests slept with the director the night before and successfully held hands with a male guest the next day. That male guest is really a huge injustice..]

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