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Chapter 230: Chapter 230: Get the Marriage Certificate

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Chapter 230: Get the Marriage Certificate

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The last time.



He said that he would take her back to see her grandfather one last time…

When she heard this, Qiao Qiao looked stunned. She let Qiao Jingmo take her hand and walk out. They took the elevator downstairs, got into the car, went to the airport, and boarded the plane.

Five to six hours of flying time was enough for Qiao Qiao to think about many, many things. When they got off the plane and came out of the airport, it was already past two in the afternoon. The car arranged by the Qiao family was already waiting outside the airport.

The driver and bodyguard still recognized her. When they saw her, they would respectfully call her, “Miss.”


Qiao Qiao nodded. With a heavy heart, she almost bumped into the car door. Qiao Jingmo pulled her back and her back bumped into his arms. She was still in a daze and couldn’t react for a long time.

Until Qiao Jingmo reminded her from above, “Be careful.”

Only then did Qiao Qiao come back to her senses and realize that she was leaning against Qiao Jingo’s arms.

Her wrist broke free of his shackles and she leaned over to get into the car. She slowly moved to the other side in front of him. She didn’t think much about the small accident just now. All she could think about was that her grandfather had been sick for a long time.


Not long ago, when she got on the plane, Qiao Jingmo told her that her grandfather had actually been sick for a long time. Recently, his health had been getting worse and worse, and he was on the verge of death. He was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to see Qiao Qiao one last time if this dragged on, so he asked Qiao Jingmo to come to the capital to find Qiao Qiao and bring her back.

When the video call was connected that day, Qiao Qiao had clearly seen that the old man on the screen was still very healthy. Why was he suddenly waiting for her to go back and see him one last time?

This stinky old man!

What last time? It must be a way to trick her into going back.

It had to be!

Last time, her mother had said that the old man had found someone to read his fortune. It was not a problem for him to live to a hundred years old. This was still far from it.


The atmosphere in the car became very oppressive.

Qiao Jingmo looked at her sideways. “Don’t worry too much. There’s still a thirteen -minute drive.

Qiao Qiao suddenly turned around. “Shao Jingmo!’

This shout was very loud. It seemed to be a shout, but it was actually a roar! The driver and the bodyguard sitting in the front passenger seat were shocked for a moment, then resisted the urge to look in the rearview mirror. Qiao Qiao’s face was tense as she glared coldly at Qiao Jingmo.

Qiao Jingmo’s expression was indifferent. “Speak.”

Qiao Qiao moved over and grabbed Qiao Jingmo’s collar with both hands. “You better have lied to me. If you lied to me this time, I… can forgive you.”

Qiao Jingmo said, “I will never lie to you.”

Qiao Qiao’s eyes were red as she tightened her grip on Qiao Jingmo’s collar. “You must have lied to me! You must have!”


Qiao Jingmo looked down at the small hands holding his collar. They were clearly so small, but they used so much strength to grip his collar tightly, forcing him to lower his head. He raised his hand and pried her hand away bit by bit. “The eldest daughter of the Qiao family should be like the eldest daughter of the Qiao family.”

Qiao Qiao was disappointed and frustrated. Her hands slowly fell to her sides. All the arrogance from before was gone. In an instant, it was as if all the strength in her body had been sucked away.

After more than ten minutes of driving, the towering iron gate in front of them slowly opened. A neatly trimmed green scene appeared in front of them. After passing through the garden, a villa in a retro building from the last century appeared in front of him. Just a glance made them feel sacred and solemn.

Following the winter solstice, the golden plums in the garden bloomed.

The car window rolled down, and a rich fragrance wafted past the tip of her nose. Qiao Qiao looked out the window and said, “That’s a plum tree planted by Grandpa himself. Every tree.”

Qiao Jingmo glanced sideways. “The golden plums are blooming very well this year.”

Qiao Qiao suddenly turned her head. “Does this mean something?”

Qiao Jingmo raised his eyebrows. “Such as?”

Qiao Qiao pursed her lips. “It means that Grandpa’s health will get better.”

Qiao Jingmo’s thin lips curled up. “I hope so.”

Qiao Qiao fell silent.

The car stopped outside the villa. Qiao Qiao couldn’t wait to get out of the car. She found the direction and rushed straight in. It had been three years since she last came back, not thirty years. She had a deep memory of this house. She wouldn’t go wrong if she walked around.


Mrs. Qiao, Jiang Lin, came out to welcome their daughter, who had only returned home after three years. Guigui.”

Qiao Qiao threw herself into Mrs. Qiao’s arms. “Mom, I missed you so much.”

The most straightforward confession also contained Qiao Qiao’s inexhaustible longing for the past three years.

Jiang Lin carefully observed Qiao Qiao’s change and concluded, “It’s been three years. You’ve become even prettier.”

Normally, Qiao Qiao would be happy to hear that. But now, Qiao Qiao quickly asked, “Mom, where’s Grandpa?”

Jiang Lin sighed. ‘I Let’s go see Grandpa.”

Because of his illness, Old Master Qiao had been living in seclusion for more than a year. In this year, almost everything in Deep Blue Group had fallen into Qiao Jingmo’s hands. Although he was not really in power, he was just a step away.

Qiao Qiao asked as she walked, “What happened to Grandpa’s health?” Jiang Lin sighed. “Go see Grandpa first. I’ll tell you later.”

In the end, Qiao Qiao entered Old Master Qiao’s room with Jiang Lin.

Qiao Qiao slowly approached the bed and looked at the sleeping old man. She recalled the video call she had with the old man in the Capital a few days ago. The old man clearly looked energetic, but in the blink of an eye, he had aged a lot.

Had the old man been forcing himself to show her?

At the thought of this, Qiao Qiao felt a lump in her throat and sobbed. This sound accidentally woke up the sleeping Old Master Qiao.

Old Master Qiao opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling for a few seconds before slowly turning around. The moment he saw Qiao Qiao, he smiled. “I dreamed again. This time, I dreamed that our Guigui came back to see me.”

Qiao Qiao’s suppressed emotions suddenly collapsed because of this sentence.

She walked to the bed and squatted down. “How is it a dream? Qiao Guigui is standing in front of you alive.”

Old Master Qiao’s eyes suddenly widened and he extended his hand. “Guigui, you’re back?”

Qiao Qiao held Old Master Qiao’s hand. “It’s your naughtiest girl.”

Old Master Qiao’s muddy eyes were filled with tears. “Grandpa finally waited for you to come back.”

Qiao Qiao said in a muffled voice, “I’m sorry, Grandpa.”

Old Master Qiao gripped Qiao Qiao’s hand tightly. “Help me up. Grandpa wants to take a good look at you.”

Qiao Qiao quickly did as she was told, but she wasn’t strong enough. Jiang Lin went forward to help. The two of them helped Old Master Qiao sit up. Old Master Qiao gestured for Jiang Lin to call Eldest Brother Qiao over. It seemed that he was going to make arrangements in advance.

Jiang Lin nodded with red eyes and went to call him.

Qiao Qiao bit her lip to stop herself from crying. Old Master Qiao touched Qiao Qiao’s face benevolently. “You’re still the same as when you were young. Every time you were about to cry, you would bite your lips. Several times, you would bite your lips until the skin broke and your mouth was full of blood.”

Qiao Qiao let go. “Then I won’t bite.”

Old Master Qiao said, “That’s good.”

Qiao Qiao held back her tears. “What’s wrong with you?”

Old Master Qiao avoided talking about his health and said, “Grandpa has chosen a grandson-in-law. Grandpa is very satisfied and wants to see the two of you get married. This way, Grandpa can leave in peace.”

Qiao Qiao thought that at this point, she shouldn’t contradict the old man. She nodded. “Okay, whatever you say.”

Old Master Qiao was very happy. “Then, you and Jingmo should get the marriage certificate early.”

Qiao Qiao:

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Old Master Qiao said slowly, “Only Jingmo suits you the most.”

Qiao Qiao immediately said, “Then you have no say in this matter.” Old Master Qiao looked sad. “You just said to let me call the shots.”

Qiao Qiao:

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