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Chapter 231: Chapter 231: I’ll Marry You

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Chapter 231: I’ll Marry You

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“Cough cough cough cough…



Just a second ago, Qiao Qiao was still determined. The next second, she saw Old Master Qiao suddenly cough. He coughed so hard that he could not breathe, as if he would die in the next second.

Qiao Qiao  was frightened by this scene. She quickly patted Old Master Qiao’s

back to calm him down. “Boohoo, Grandpa, don’t scare me. Haven’t you always been fine? How did you suddenly become like this?”

Old Master Qiao coughed a few times and finally recovered a little. His face turned red from coughing. He panted loudly and said, “Grandpa is old. This illness comes like a landslide. No matter how good my body was in the past, it’s all in the past.”


As he spoke, Old Master Qiao grabbed Qiao Qiao’s wrist and said to her in a weak voice, “When you’re old, you should follow the will of the heavens. I don’t have many regrets in my life, but I didn’t see the day of my Little Guigui’s wedding…”

Tears welled up in Qiao Qiao’s eyes. “Grandpa…”

Old Master Qiao’s eyes became much more cloudy. He dragged his breath and said, “If I didn’t see Little Guigui get married with my own eyes, how could I leave in peace? I wouldn’t be able to close my eyes even if I died.” Qiao Qiao asked stubbornly, “Must it be Qiao Jingmo?”

This time, she was talking about Qiao Jingmo, not Shao Jingmo.


Old Master Qiao immediately asked, “You don’t like Jingmo?”

Qiao Qiao took a deep breath. “Although many people know that he’s your adopted son, since he changed the surname of the Qiao family, he’s my little uncle. If Grandpa insists on matchmaking me with him, won’t the seniority be messed up?”

Old Master Qiao immediately said, “Jingmo didn’t change to the Qiao family’s surname.”

Qiao Qiao: ‘Q”

Old Master Qiao said earnestly, “The surname Qiao is just a verbal surname.

That was just to get Deep Blue and the other old guys to acknowledge him. Jingmo didn’t enter our family’s household register. He still has the surname Shao, and he’s not your biological uncle. The two of you can be together.” Qiao Qiao fell silent.


Actually, Qiao Qiao was willing to compromise if it was just marriage. Compared to letting her grandfather leave this world with regret, she had to fulfill his last wish no matter what. In any case, they could get a divorce after getting married.

As long as her grandfather’s wish was fulfilled, it would be her greatest filial piety! However, she had to find someone else to marry, right? If she married Shao Jingmo, wouldn’t there be another wife-killing case in Xingzhou soon?

At that time, she would not be able to live anymore. How could she get a divorce? She would be widowed.

“Guigui,” Old Master Qiao called out kindly.

Qiao Qiao said in a muffled voice, “Grandpa, please go ahead.”

Old Master Qiao said, “Although Jingmo is seven years older than you, there’s a good saying. When a man is three years older than you, he has a mountain of gold. He’s seven years older than you. You have two mountains of gold that you can’t squander in this lifetime.” pursed her lips. “I don’t want this gold mountain.”

Old Master Qiao said in another way, “Then think of it this way. He’s more mature than you and can protect you.”

Qiao Qiao muttered, “Protect me… I’ll be lucky if he didn’t kill me.”


Old Master Qiao didn’t hear Qiao Qiao’s mumbling and continued, “He’s not arrogant when the situation is good, and he won’t panic when the situation is bad. When the wind comes, he can block it. When the sky collapses, he can shoulder it. Jingmo is not only the pillar of support for our Qiao family, but also your future support. I can only feel at ease if I hand you over to him.”

Qiao Qiao looked at the old man, who was getting more and more agitated. “Grandpa, you look like a matchmaker.”

Old Master Qiao coughed twice. “I also hope that you can see Jingmo’s good side. I’ll only be at ease if I hand you over to Jingmo.”

Qiao Qiao said honestly, “The reason why you like him is because you brought him up, so you have your own filter.”

Three years ago, she knew that her grandfather really valued Shao Jingmo.

In order for Shao Jingmo to successfully take over Deep Blue, he started paving the way for Shao Jingmo when Shao Jingmo was 15 years old. First, he changed his surname so that Shao Jingmo could gain a foothold in Deep Blue as early as possible. After that, Shao Jingmo was present for all of Deep Blue’s major matters.

Old Master Qiao did this so that everyone could see Shao Jingmo’s ability. After that, he sent Shao Jingmo overseas for three years. Three years later, he returned and took over Deep Blue.

On the other hand, Shao Jingmo did not disappoint the old man at all. He was young and promising, and his achievements were outstanding. Even Deep Blue and the other old fellows were impressed by him. The people that his grandfather had led in the past were now following Shao Jingmo’s lead.

Old Master Qiao let go of Qiao Qiao’s hand and said kindly, “You rushed back to see me. I’m very happy. I said too much just now and I’m a little tired. I want to sleep a little longer.”

Qiao Qiao refused to leave. “But Dad isn’t here yet.”

Old Master Qiao sighed benevolently. “I just felt that I couldn’t take it anymore. Now, I feel that I can hold on for a while longer. At the very least, I have to hold on until the wedding.”

Qiao Qiao:

After helping the old man lie down, Qiao Qiao walked out of the room in a daze.


She thought that there was no one outside and wanted to find a place to cry. Unexpectedly, she bumped into Qiao Jingmo the moment she came out!

Qiao Qiao forcefully suppressed her emotions and walked up to the expressionless Qiao Jingmo. “How long have you been outside?”

Qiao Jingmo: “I’ve been here all along.”

Qiao Qiao took a deep breath. “Did you hear my conversation with Grandpa?”

Qiao Jingmo raised his eyebrows. “Yes.” was displeased to hear him admit it so frankly.

Why was it that she had to face it alone while he listened from the outside? If he was present and heard her grandfather mention this, he would definitely object immediately. This way, she would not be afraid of angering her grandfather and have nothing to say. In the end, it would become a disguised tacit agreement!

Qiao Qiao calmed herself down and tried to be calm. “I know you definitely won’t marry me. I also…”

Before she could finish speaking, Qiao Jingmo interrupted her. “Who said I won’t marry you?”

Qiao Qiao was stunned. “Huh?”

Qiao Jingmo’s expression softened. “If it’s his wish, I’ll follow it.”

In other words, as long as Old Master Qiao suggested it, he, Qiao Jingmo, would do it!

Qiao Qiao rolled her eyes at him. “You make it sound so dignified. You could have taken everything from the Qiao family, but you still pretended to listen to Grandpa and married me. Isn’t it just to take everything from the Qiao family?” These words were too unpleasant.

Afraid of Qiao Jingmo’s cold gaze, Qiao Qiao was about to slip away. However, she was still a step too late!

Qiao Jingmo grabbed her wrist. Qiao Qiao struggled a few times, but she couldn’t break free. She knew that she would hurt herself no matter how hard she tried, so she simply took a step back and stood in front of him. “Even if you’re fierce to me, I’ll still say this because what I said is the truth.”

Qiao Jingmo’s grip on her wrist was slowly tightening.

Qiao Qiao frowned. “It hurts! Are you crazy? My hand hurts!”

Qiao Jingmo pursed his lips. “You’re right. Not only do I want everything in the Qiao family, but I also want to marry you..”

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