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Chapter 234: Chapter 234: Knock Where? Your Heart?

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Chapter 234: Knock Where? Your Heart?

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Li Xiwu had yet to make up her mind. Just as Pei Jingzhou had said, one had to be responsible for adoption. Kinship was more about fate. If one was not sufficiently prepared, it would easily cause a second injury.



She had this thought only because she felt that Yaoyao was not happy with his life. In addition, after spending two days together, she felt that Yaoyao was not like the first time they met, where he kept his heart closed and was unwilling to communicate with others.

He was clearly a very lively child. However, one could not just look at the surface. Perhaps he was just not used to living in China. After all, he grew up in Country T.

When they came out of the supermarket, Pei Jingzhou was carrying a huge bag of things. It was obvious that it was very heavy. Li Xiwu, on the other hand, was walking beside Pei Jingzhou with empty hands.

There was still a short distance to the open-air parking lot.


Li Xiwu tried to share the burden several times, “You injured your hand the last time. You can’t change your hand even though you’re carrying so much weight. How about…’

Pei Jingzhou curved his lips. “Wifey, do you think I don’t even have the strength to carry these things?”

Li Xiwu smiled helplessly. “You’re very strong, alright?”

Pei Jingzhou: “You can praise me later.”


Li Xiwu:

Pei Jingzhou personally drove the car back to the small courtyard. After nearly half an hour of driving, it was already half past seven when they returned to the small courtyard. With Pei Jingzhou around, Li Xiwu did not have to worry about dinner. She also took the time to check the snacks in the cabinet that were about to expire. Because there was no date label, she could only tell by the color.

She threw away some and packed the unopened ones. She will bring them to the company tomorrow.


The phone in her coat pocket beeped.

Li Xiwu took it out and saw that it was a WeChat message from Qiao Qiao. She clicked on it.


Qiao Qiao: [I’m getting married.]

Li Xiwu’s hand trembled when she saw this WeChat message. The first thought that popped up in her mind was: Is this a joke?

Having known Qiao Qiao for so long, Qiao Qiao could be considered a model for independent women in the modern city. Without a boyfriend, she wouldn’t easily accept a blind date and get married quickly.

Therefore, this WeChat message was most likely meant to tease her.

Hence, Li Xiwu replied: [Everyone is a hooligan when they said they were getting married. Let’s take a look at the marriage certificate first.]

The sentence she sent was also a joke. If she guessed correctly, the next WeChat message Qiao Qiao sent should be a laughing emoji! However, it was the opposite of what she had imagined.

Qiao Qiao replied: [I haven’t registered my marriage yet, but I’ll send it to you in the next two days.]

The smile on Li Xiwu’s face froze. Really?


She immediately made a call.

Qiao Qiao picked it up. “Bae.”

Li Xiwu smiled and asked, “Where are you?”

Qiao Qiao said in a muffled voice, “Back to Xingzhou.”

The smile on Li Xiwu’s face gradually disappeared. “You’re back in Xingzhou?

Today? Are you at the Qiao family’s house now?”

This time, it was three consecutive questions from Li Xiwu.

Qiao Qiao answered first, “I’m back in Xingzhou. It happened after you called me this morning, so I’m staying at the Qiao Residence now.”

After answering, Qiao Qiao sighed continuously. “It’s said that everyone’s natal years are different. They’re either bumpy or rich. I don’t pray for it to be rich. At least, it’s good not to be bumpy. Who would have thought that the natal tribulation of my 24-year-old life would be a huge tribulation in my life!”

Qiao Qiao’s words were filled with frustration. It also showed her dispirited mood.

Li Xiwu put down what she was doing and sat down on the stool next to the cabinet. “You just returned to Xingzhou and were forced to get married. From your tone, I think it’s a business marriage?”

Qiao Qiao expressed her resentment. “If it was a business marriage, I wouldn’t be so sad.”

Li Xiwu seemed to have thought of something and guessed in a bold direction. “Could it be that the person you’re getting married to is Qiao Jingmo?”


Qiao Qiao:

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Qiao Qiao was really impressed that her guess was so accurate!

Li Xiwu listened to the silence on the other end of the line for a long time before asking, “Qiao’er, am I right?”

Qiao Qiao took a deep breath and sighed again. “Bae, I suspect that you live in my heart.”

Li Xiwu smiled. “I accidentally booked a room in your heart.”

Qiao Qiao’s mood improved a little. She didn’t need Li Xiwu to say anything. Just listening to Li Xiwu’s voice made her feel a lot better, probably because she felt more at ease.

She explained the situation to Li Xiwu from beginning to end.

After hearing this, Li Xiwu concluded, “The current situation is that your grandfather’s health isn’t good. He’s holding on to his last breath and wants to see you get married. Qiao Jingmo is the other half that your grandfather has chosen for you. Your grandfather hopes that the two of you can get married quickly.”

Qiao Qiao replied, “Correct.”

Li Xiwu continued, “And the reason why you’re so unhappy is because you hate Qiao Jingmo and can’t accept this arrangement. But because this is what your grandfather wants to see with his last breath, you’re in pain and conflict now, and you’re forced to accept it.”

Qiao Oiao exclaimed, “I announce that you’re rent-free in my heart.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t help but laugh, “This matter is indeed tricky.”

“Sigh!” Qiao Qiao said. “Bae, you know, I’ve sighed more today than I’ve sighed in the past twenty-four years.”

Li Xiwu knew very well that she couldn’t solve this problem for Qiao Qiao. Although Qiao Qiao kept mentioning ‘that stinky old man’ from time to time, she also often said that she would go back and send him off when he couldn’t make it anymore.

However, when Old Master Qiao’s body was about to collapse, Qiao Qiao was more worried than anyone else.

Qiao Qiao was still angry about what happened back then, but she still loved her grandfather very much.

Li Xiwu pondered for a moment before asking, “So, are you already half-compromising?”

Qiao Qiao’s voice was muffled. “I guess so.”

Li Xiwu asked, “Did Qiao Jingmo express his stance? For example, did he object?”

“Object? He won’t object!” Qiao Qiao’s tone was very serious. “Do you know what he said? He said that he wanted to marry me and embarrass me. I feel that after I get married, I’ll die before Grandpa.”

Li Xiwu:

Although it sounded a little exaggerated, Qiao Qiao’s fear and disgust for Qiao Jingmo were very clear.

Qiao Qiao continued, “I’ve been thinking about it for the entire afternoon. Since

I can’t change anything, I might as well accept the truth. Isn’t it just marrying Shao Jingmo? If he treats me badly after the marriage, I’ll beat him up. Anyway,

I won’t let myself suffer too much.”

Just as she finished speaking, Qiao Jingmo’s cold voice came from behind. “Do you want to abuse me?”

The sudden voice scared Qiao Qiao so much that she dropped her phone. She quickly picked up her phone and said to Li Xiwu, “Contact me on WeChat. I’m hanging up.”

She ended the call as quickly as possible and turned around. When she saw Qiao Jingmo walking towards her, her hair stood on end as if she was facing a great enemy. “Why didn’t you knock when you came in?”

Qiao Jingmo had a lady’s shawl on his arm and walked up to Qiao Qiao. “This is a small garden. Where should I knock? Your heart?”

Qiao Qiao:

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