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Chapter 238: Chapter 238: Revealing the Secret of Why She Has To Get Married

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Chapter 238: Revealing the Secret of Why She Has To Get Married

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However, Old Master Qiao did not think so. “If I hadn’t taken you in back then, you would have gone to a better family and lived a better life. You wouldn’t have been forced to take over all the Qiao family’s mess.”



Qiao Jingmo didn’t want to say anything else. Knowing that he couldn’t persuade Old Master Qiao, he turned around and was about to leave. Old Master Qiao looked at Qiao Jingmo’s back as he left. “Jingmo.”

Qiao Jingmo stopped in his tracks.

Old Master Qiao’s tone was filled with self-blame. “Back then, my bet with the Bai family was the wrong start. All these years, you were the one who turned the tide and slowly brought the Qiao family back to the right track. Although you’ve reached a high level, you can’t easily resolve the promise of losing to the Bai family back then. I can’t watch helplessly as Qiao Guigui is taken away by the Bai family, but I can’t do anything to protect her. From now on, only you can protect her.”

Old Master Qiao spoke for a long time. After saying that, his breathing was unstable and he was a little excited. Qiao Jingmo turned around and walked back to the bed. He took the warm water beside him and handed it to Old Master Qiao. “The doctor instructed you to control your emotions.”


Old Master Qiao took the warm water and took a sip. Only then did he recover a little. He looked up at Qiao Jingmo. “I know that Guigui didn’t marry you willingly, but this is the only way to protect her now. Jingmo, if the Qiao family suppresses the Bai family in the future and there’s no longer the threat of the Bai family, when Guigui still wants to leave, let her go, okay?”

These words were filled with selfishness.

On the one hand, he wanted Qiao Jingmo to control the Qiao family to fight the Bai family and protect Qiao Qiao. On the other hand, he wanted Qiao Jingmo to give Qiao Qiao her freedom after going against the Bai family.

Back then, in the bet agreement between the Qiao family and the Bai family, the losing party had to send their daughter to the Bai family. Old Master Qiao only had a son and a daughter. At that time, his daughter had already married into the capital. The Bai family had originally planned to go to the capital to snatch her.


Coincidentally, Jiang Lin gave birth to Qiao Qiao.

Hence, the Bai family settled for Qiao Qiao.

In name, it was a marriage alliance, but in reality, the Bai family didn’t have any boys of marriageable age with Qiao Qiao. This was an insult to the Qiao family. If Qiao Qiao was really sent to the Bai family, it would be equivalent to entering a fire pit. One could imagine how she would live the rest of her life.

Hence, Old Master Qiao planned ahead from the beginning. He knew very well that his eldest son, Qiao Ruzhang, had limited abilities and wouldn’t be able to support the Qiao family for long. He needed a more capable successor.

Coincidentally, Shao Jingmo, who had lost his parents, was waiting to be adopted. On one hand, he was his comrade. On the other hand, Old Master Qiao saw the tenacity in Shao Jingmo’s eyes and planned to nurture Qiao Jingmo to take over the Qiao family.

Later on, Old Master Qiao focused on nurturing Qiao Jingmo and pushed him to the peak.


Qiao Jingmo didn’t disappoint him either. He supported the entire Qiao family by himself, and his ability became more and more outstanding, gaining everyone’s recognition.

Everything was going according to Old Master Qiao’s plan.

Including Qiao Qiao’s three years in the capital, it was also arranged by Old Master Qiao to hide from the Bai family. In these three years, the Qiao family needed to rise to another level. Qiao Jingmo’s name was also well-known throughout Xingzhou. He already had the ability to protect Qiao Qiao.

Every step was a good move by Old Master Qiao, but his body was getting worse and worse.

Old Master Qiao looked at the silent Qiao Jingmo. “Actually, this child’s heart is soft. Get along well after you get married and treat her wholeheartedly. She might accept you.”

Qiao Jingmo smiled. “She won’t like me.”

These words were filled with certainty.

Old Master Qiao was about to say something when Qiao Jingmo interrupted him in a calm tone. “I know her. What she wants has nothing to do with me. Don’t worry. When I completely suppress the Bai family, I’ll divorce her and give her the freedom she wants.”


Old Master Qiao closed his eyes. “It’s been hard on you, Jingmo.”

Qiao Jingmo slowly stood up. “There’s no grievance in the adult world. Love and liking can’t be synchronized. I don’t care about these.”

Old Master Qiao couldn’t tell if he meant what he said.

Meanwhile, Qiao Qiao, who was rolling around on her own bed, had no idea that she would be snatched away to be someone else’s mistress at any moment.

Although she did not know about these things, she was no longer worried about marrying Qiao Jingmo. She had already accepted it calmly.

She analyzed it carefully and determined not to move out with Qiao Jingmo after marriage. At the very least, staying in the Qiao family would ensure her personal safety. When she could get a divorce, she would get a divorce without hesitation. At that time, she would fly back to the Capital without stopping and return to her previous life. Just thinking about it made her feel that the future was promising.

However, there was one thing that troubled Qiao Qiao.

She lay on the bed and rested her chin on her hands. She asked herself, …Do we really have to sleep together after we get married?”


In the suburban courtyard.

Pei Jingzhou made three side dishes. There was no soup, and the food looked, smelled, and tasted good. It was obvious that it was delicious. Li Xiwu temporarily put aside the matter of Qiao Qiao and Qiao Jingmo getting married and sat down to eat seriously.

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “How is it compared to your cooking skills?”

Li Xiwu: “I’m ashamed of my inferiority.”


Pei Jingzhou curved his lips. “You sure know how to praise.”

Li Xiwu took the initiative to pour Pei Jingzhou a cup of Peach Blossom Wine. “Fourth Brother, you always say that you’re craving for this. Do you want to drink to your heart’s content tonight?”

Pei Jingzhou took the cup of peach blossom wine from her. “From your tone, you want to get me drunk?”

Li Xiwu:

Had she written all her thoughts on her face?

There was not much Peach Blossom Wine left. There was only this jar, but it was enough for tonight. Although Li Xiwu had a clear goal in mind, she tried her best not to make it too obvious. From time to time, she would clink her glass and stare at him from time to time.

Pei Jingzhou liked this. He was already slightly tipsy after dinner.

Li Xiwu asked him to go in and rest while she cleaned up the dishes. Pei Jingzhou didn’t allow her to do so. He maintained his clear-headed movements and pace as he went to clean up the dishes. He didn’t allow Li Xiwu to enter the kitchen.

Ten minutes later, when Pei Jingzhou returned to his room, Li Xiwu had already made the bed. He looked at the neat surface of the bed. “Waiting for

Li Xiwu smiled. “Mm.”

He took off his jacket and walked over. He took her hand and lay down on the bed. Everything was so natural, and Li Xiwu’s reaction was very obedient.

Pei Jingzhou was on top of her, kneeling on one knee beside her. Just as he was about to kiss her, she raised her head and seemed to be taking the initiative. Pei Jingzhou paused and slowly opened his clear eyes.

After looking at each other for a moment, his lips curled into a playful smile.

“Honey, what are you up to?”

Being seen through, Li Xiwu was very calm. She said calmly, “Theoretically speaking, a drunk man couldn’t do it. I want to see if Fourth Brother is really drunk or not.”

Pei Jingzhou’s palm caressed the back of her shoulder and pinched the back of her neck. “Are you sure you can say this?”

Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “Why not… mmm…”

Pei Jingzhou lowered his head and kissed her lips..

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