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Chapter 24

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Li Xiwu Is Going To The Blind Date Show

In today’s live broadcast at noon, Li Xiwu’s group’s popularity had been at the bottom. Later on, because of the two dishes, the popularity of the live-stream soared. Not only did the number of viewers exceed the first day, but it also became a trending topic.

Just as some netizens had guessed, someone posted the video of Li Xiwu cooking on the Internet and brought up the trending topic of the Internet celebrity, Mother Dragon. Therefore, not long after, a trending topic named #MotherDragonSecondGen# climbed to the fifth place on Weibo’s trending list.

It was around one in the afternoon break that Qiao Qiao called Li Xiwu. The first thing she said was, “Bae, you’re trending!”

Although it was lunch break, Li Xiwu did not sleep. She was watching the premiere of the award ceremony held on Wind Platform a few days ago. When she received Qiao Qiao’s call, she pressed the pause button on her screen and said, “My phone kept ringing with notifications just now. They were all from Weibo, but I haven’t watched them yet.”

Qiao Qiao listened to Li Xiwu’s calm tone and asked, “Did you guess this would go viral?”

Li Xiwu’s voice was lazy. “Yes.”

Smack! Through the phone, Li Xiwu could hear Qiao Qiao slapping her thigh, followed by Qiao Qiao’s rough and heroic voice. “I knew it. Every step you take is unexpected.”

Li Xiwu laughed out loud. “When I get that four hundred million, the first thing I’ll do is take you to the cupping.”

Qiao Qiao said, “Huh?”

Li Xiwu said, “It’s not effective when you slap yourself, and your hand hurts. The cupping effect comes quickly.”

Qiao Qiao said, “Bah, bah, bah. It’s not good to do cupping at such a young age. It’s easy to get kidney failure.”

“Who said that?” Li Xiwu asked.

“Young Master He,” Qiao Qiao said.

Li Xiwu narrowed her eyes as she remembered who Qiao Qiao was referring to. He Wang, the wronged.

“In the past, cloth was used to bind small feet. That was the imprisonment of feudal ideas. Now, cloth is used to bind cerebellum. It’s understandable.” Although it was not good to speak ill of others behind their backs, the other party was He Wang.

On the other end of the line, Qiao Qiao laughed like a monkey. “This is f*cking awesome!”

Li Xiwu listened to Qiao Qiao laugh before saying, “There’s not much time in the afternoon. I’ll hang up now while it’s easier to settle things.”

“Wait!” Qiao Qiao quickly shouted. “It’s not my real reason to remind you that you’re trending. I almost forgot about it as we chatted.”

Li Xiwu raised an eyebrow. “What’s the real reason?”

Qiao Qiao asked, “Are you free tomorrow night?”

Tomorrow night…

The program was recorded every three days. After the recording tomorrow, they will rest for two days. The editing team would also edit the content of the program as soon as possible and broadcast it on the Wind Platform.

There was plenty of time, so she promised Pei Jingzhou that she would return to Lake Lu tomorrow night.

“Tell me what it’s about first.” Li Xiwu decided to make the arrangements for tomorrow night based on the importance of what Qiao Qiao had told her.

Qiao Qiao went straight to the point. “A month ago, I applied for a job on the blind date show Palpitation Light. It was 380 a day. I stood on the stage for two episodes. I am a shill after all, I couldn’t stand on the stage for too long. Later, I left holding hands with a male guest arranged by the show. Now, the show wants me to change my style and continue being a female guest. I agreed. I’ll start recording tomorrow night.”

No one knew better than Li Xiwu. These three sentences didn’t have much to say, but Li Xiwu could tell that Qiao Qiao knew what she was going to say next. She asked, “Can’t make it tomorrow night for something?”

There was a smack. Qiao Qiao slapped her thigh. The smack through the phone was especially crisp. It made Li Xiwu’s heartache.

Qiao Qiao said, “I really can’t go. I have more important things to do tomorrow night, but I have already promised the show, if I stood them up, they might not look for me anymore. I’m thinking of finding someone to go in my place. I’ll give her 300 yuan for this 380 yuan, but I feel that it’s better to put 300 yuan in your pocket instead of someone else’s. That way, I’ll feel better.”

Li Xiwu smiled and said, “Feel better? You’re trying to use the fact that you’re close to me. It’ll only be the 80 yuan which enters my pocket.”

Qiao Qiao chuckled. “What about fifty-fifty?”

Li Xiwu said, “Not a penny. I’ll go.”

On the other end of the line, Qiao Qiao was dancing with joy. “I’ll send you the positioning and some precautions. Remember, you’re a shill. You can’t go with the male guests.”

Li Xiwu said, “If the male guest is good enough, it’s not impossible.”

“No!” Qiao Qiao swallowed. “If you’re taken away by a male guest, that Pei guy will beat me to death.”

Li Xiwu didn’t respond. Qiao Qiao also realized that she shouldn’t have suddenly mentioned Pei Jingzhou. She kissed Li Xiwu a few times through the phone before hanging up.

Li Xiwu placed her phone on the table and looked at the black screen of the iPad on the stand. She couldn’t help but wonder if she could accept another man after her divorce from Pei Jingzhou. It seemed a difficult question to answer for herself.

Knock knock knock –

A knock at the door snapped Li Xiwu out of her thoughts. Before she could get up, she heard Han Qianye’s voice from outside the door. “Li Xiwu, it’s me.”

Li Xiwu went to open the door.

Han Qianye stood outside the door. She held her phone in one hand and a fruit plate in the other. Seeing Li Xiwu open the door, she casually handed the fruit plate to Li Xiwu. “I cut too much just now. I can’t finish it. The rest is for you.”

Li Xiwu looked at the fruit platter in front of her. It was neatly arranged and clearly untouched. She took the fruit platter. “Thank you.”

She thought that Han Qianye would leave after bringing the fruit platter to her, but she did not leave. She carried the fruit platter and looked like she was waiting for something.

If Li Xiwu didn’t have any EQ, she would definitely ask, “Aren’t you leaving?”

Li Xiwu invited her, “Would you like to come in?”

Han Qianye raised her eyebrows and looked at Li Xiwu. She said proudly, “You were the one who invited me in, it’s not me who wanted to go in.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Yes. I invited you in.”

“Then I’ll reluctantly go in and sit down.” With that, Han Qianye walked in with her head held high.

Li Xiwu closed the door and walked over to place the fruit platter beside the iPad. Han Qianye sat where Li Xiwu had just sat and casually asked, “Why didn’t you take a nap?”

Li Xiwu moved the chair next to her and sat down. “I’ll sleep well at night. I don’t feel much sleepiness at noon.”

Han Qianye took a closer look at Li Xiwu’s face. She had a standard oval face, and her almond-shaped eyes were exceptionally beautiful without the need for eye makeup. The lipstick on her lips had faded a lot, but her overall makeup was still there, and her makeup was clean.

Han Qianye wanted to say something nice, but her words changed. “After marrying into the Pei family, you don’t have to worry about food and clothes. How bad can your sleep be? It’s not easy to become rich.”

These words should be reminding Li Xiwu that she was ultimately just a phoenix that flew up the branch.

Li Xiwu met Han Qianye’s gaze calmly. “Don’t worry. After the show ends, you will definitely see what you want to see.”

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