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Chapter 241: Chapter 241: Son? Whose son?

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Chapter 241: Son? Whose son?

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Li Xiwu smiled and didn’t reply. She got up and said, “I’m leaving.”



Qi Jiangchi waved the sealed can in his hand. “Thank you for feeding mea”

She came out of the office. Li Xiwu took out her phone and called Xue Jinzhu. At this moment, Xue Jinzhu, who was playing cards, picked up Li Xiwu’s call in a hurry. “Sister Li, did you take the initiative to call me because you missed

Li Xiwu asked, “What are you doing?

Xue Jinzhu lied without changing her expression. “I’m watching television.” Li Xiwu was amused. “Why do I hear mahjong?


Xue Jinzhu said, “They’re playing mahjong on TV. Wait a minute, let me take a look at this card. It’s the wrong card… Hey, hey, Sister Li, did you hear that? It’s the people on television who said that it’s the wrong card, not me”

Li Xiwu:

This Xue Jinzhu was so young. She was not keen on shopping and doing nails, but she liked to play cards. Li Xiwu did not understand! She threw a sentence at Xue Jinzhu. “Whether you want to win immediately or not, you have to reach the company by eleven.”

Xue Jinzhu looked at the time and quickly pushed the cards in front of her.


“Ahhh, there’s still fifteen minutes. I’m not playing anymore. You guys play

first. i ‘

With that, she quickly slipped away.

Xue Jinzhu arrived at the company before eleven o’clock. She pushed the door open and entered. “Sister Li, I’m here. It’s not eleven yet. I should be on time!” Li Xiwu looked up from behind her desk. “Are you lucky today?”

Xue Jinzhu panted as she replied, “It’s alright. I won more than 1,600 before I came. When I left, the faces of the other three mahjong friends turned green. They probably won’t be playing cards with me for a while.” Li Xiwu said, “It’s my fault.”

“Of course…” Xue Jinzhu smiled. “I don’t blame Sister Li.”


Xue Jinzhu, who had an extremely strong desire to live, quickly went forward and stood beside Li Xiwu. She bent down and asked, “Sister Li, are you in such a hurry to summon me to the company because you have some important mission for me?

Li Xiwu folded her hands and looked at Xue Jinzhu. ‘Yes, I do.” Xue Jinzhu was looking forward to it. “What mission?

Li Xiwu said, “The mission is to stay in the company for class.”

The smile on Xue Jinzhu’s face gradually disappeared. “…Class?”

Li Xiwu nodded. ‘Voice, script, image and performance. Mandarin and physical image.”

Xue Jinzhu said weakly, “But my Mandarin is very accurate.”

Li Xiwu said, “It’s accurate.”

Xue Jinzhu said, “Accurate!”


After a while, Li Xiwu opened the drawer and handed a curriculum to Xue Jinzhu. “Now, as long as I have time, I’ll personally watch you go to class. From one to three today, go to Image Room One to practice your form. From four to six, go to the ideological and moral recuperation and legal foundation classes. Although the teacher taught you these when you were studying, as an artist, you still have to learn them again to prevent you from taking the wrong path in the future.”

The smile on Xue Jinzhu’s face had completely disappeared. “It doesn’t end until six?”

Li Xiwu said, “Too short? How about eight o’clock?”

“Six o’clock! Six o’clock! Six o’clock it is,” Xue Jinzhu compromised. After a pause, Xue Jinzhu asked, “Then what should I do now?

Li Xiwu said, “To voice training.”

Xue Jinzhu puffed up her cheeks and pouted. “Sister Li, have you been stimulated by something?”

Li Xiwu put down her folded hands and leaned back. “You don’t say. It was really stimulating. And it was quite stimulating.”

Xue Jinzhu was nervous. “Huh? Sister Li, what triggered you?”

Li Xiwu looked up at the confused Xue Jinzhu with a faint smile. “Xie Wen is my peak. I fell, and now I’ve fallen again halfway. I can’t just fall twice in a row and not be able to recover, right? Therefore, you have a long way to go.”

When Xue Jinzhu heard this, she was not happy because Li Xiwu thought highly of her. Instead, she was very discouraged. “Then wouldn’t I have so much pressure?”

Li Xiwu said, “Then should I change to someone else?”

“I’ll learn, I’ll learn, I’ll learn!!” Xue Jinzhu was afraid that she would fall out of favor. “I’ll definitely study seriously and not disappoint Sister Li.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “That would be best, of course.”


Creating stars required a certain amount of luck. Actually, the bet on Xue Jinzhu was very risky.

Previously, with Xie Wen and Ji Weiling as comparisons, Xue Jinzhu’s starting point had become very low. It was very difficult to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Even if she parachuted in as a resource celebrity, she might not be able to cause much of a stir after filming a few female lead dramas.

But everything could only be risked. How could a bicycle become a motorcycle without taking a gamble?

After an entire day of classes, Xue Jinzhu was tortured. The voice training almost made her throat hoarse. The afternoon’s image training made her, who had never practiced dance, scream her heart out in the image room.

In the last ideological and moral recuperation and legal foundation course, Xue Jinzhu was very sleepy and was hit in the palm by the teacher several times.

The moment she came out of the classroom, Xue Jinzhu pointed at the door. “This lousy class ends here!”

After taking a few steps, Xue Jinzhu turned back and pointed at the door. “I’ll come again another day!”

With that, she slipped away.

It was already very late when Li Xiwu finished her work today. Pei Jingzhou’s car waited outside for more than ten minutes before Li Xiwu rushed down.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.” She got into the car.

Pei Jingzhou asked her, “Are you done with your work?”

Li Xiwu nodded and smiled easily. “There’s a lot of work piling up, but it’s all taken care of.”

Just as she finished speaking, Xue Jinzhu, who had come out of the company, saw that Li Xiwu’s car door was still open. She ran over in a hurry and pounced on Li Xiwu’s lap. She stretched out her hands for Li Xiwu to see. “Sister Li, it hurts.”

Li Xiwu looked down at the palms of Xue Jinzhu’s hands. They were indeed a little red. Li Xiwu knew all the teachers Hua Guan taught celebrities. They were even stricter than the teachers in school.

She was about to comfort her, at that moment, Xue Jinzhu looked up and saw the man sitting beside Li Xiwu. She immediately fell silent and silently retreated. “Boss is also here. Hehehe, sorry to disturb you. I’ll leave!”

With that, she slipped away.

Li Xiwu:

After the car door closed, Li Xiwu looked at the unsmiling Pei Jingzhou beside her. “Fourth Brother, look. You just sat there and didn’t even have to say a

word. You scared her away.”

Pei Jingzhou smiled. “Yes, it’s my fault.”

Li Xiwu said, “The teacher at Hua Guan is indeed a little strict.”

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows. “Feel sorry for her?”

Li Xiwu said, “A little. She’s not from a scientific class. Her starting point will be harder than anyone else’s.”

It was rare for Pei Jingzhou to add, ‘People who know how to cause trouble won’t be too lucky. Her future will be easy.”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows and her mood improved. “Then I’ll have to borrow

Fourth Brother’s auspicious words.”

Pei Jingzhou pulled her closer. “Are you tired?”

Li Xiwu said, “Not so bad.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I’ll help you massage it.”

Li Xiwu did not refuse. Although Pei Jingzhou should be more tired after his work ended, Pei Jingzhou would still do the same if she rejected him. She relaxed in his arms.

A buzzing vibration came from Pei Jingzhou’s pocket. Pei Jingzhou said, “Answer it for me.”

Li Xiwu did as she was told and took the phone out of his pocket. She looked at the screen. It was a call from Han Qianye.

Li Xiwu picked it up and put the phone to her ear. Before she could speak, Han Qian’s voice came from the receiver. “Where’s your son? Will you bring him over tonight?”

Li Xiwu was stunned.. Son? Whose son?

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