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Chapter 246: Chapter 246: The MO Family Is Here

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Chapter 246: The MO Family Is Here

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When MO Yujin appeared, the comments in the entire live-stream exploded— [It’s actually MO Yujin! My Qingyi goddess!]


[The production team is too awesome. They invited MO Yujin over.]

[Actually, everyone who likes MO Yujin should know why they’re so excited. MO Yujin has never been on a variety show before. She has rejected all the previous variety show invitations, let alone a variety show in this live broadcast form.]

[I’m curious about how much the production team spent to invite MO Yujin over this time?]

[The MO Family is so rich. Sister MO doesn’t lack this bit of money. They can casually walk the red carpet with luxurious brands. If I wear a pigeon egg ring on my hand, I have to start from human evolution to earn it.]

[Who doesn’t want to be Sister Mo l s daughter-in-law for three days? It’s a dream.]

At this moment, Min Hanrong was discussing with everyone who the special guest would be this time.

Xu Muzhen suddenly covered her mouth and pointed in another direction with her other hand. “Ahhhh, is that MO Yujin?!”

Xu Muzhen’s true reaction was her true reaction at this moment. Everyone looked over.

Tao Jing had seen many of Min Hanrong’s television dramas when she was young, so she naturally knew MO Yujin, an actress from the same era as her mother-in-law. They were all Qingyi, goddesses in many people’s hearts. However, her mother-in-law, Min Hanrong, had already retired, and MO Yujin was still filming.

Xue Jinzhu did not know MO Yujin. Her hand under the table tugged at Li Xiwu’s clothes and asked in a low voice, “Sister Li, is MO Yujin in the industry?”

Li Xiwu replied, “Yes.”

Xue Jinzhu said, “I just feel that she looks a little familiar, but I can’t remember if I’ve seen her television drama before.”

Li Xiwu wanted to say that after you officially entered the entertainment industry in the future, you would come into contact with many seniors in the industry, but she realized that it was a live broadcast now, so she did not say

She only mentioned a few words to Xue Jinzhu. “MO Yujin is quite famous in the industry. When she was young, her representative works were East Works ‘and ‘Fore Records’. Just remember these two representative works.”

Xue Jinzhu was extremely touched. “Thank you, Sister Li.”

Li Xiwu smiled.

Min Hanrong was the first person to stand up. She extended her hands to MO Yujin, who also extended her hands when Min Hanrong came over. The two old friends who had not seen each other for a long time were hugging.

Min Hanrong said, ‘i l never expected you to be the special guest today.”

The smile on MO Yujin’s face was bright. “You didn’t expect this, did you? Surprised?”

“Of course I’m surprised. You’re really tight-lipped,” Min Hanrong said as she pulled MO Yujin over to sit down.

The seat was beside Min Hanrong.

MO Yujin looked around at everyone with a gentle smile. When her gaze swept past Li Xiwu, only her gaze lingered on Li Xiwu for a few more seconds. Others did not notice, but Li Xiwu felt it. She smiled at MO Yujin.

MO Yujin looked away and calmly introduced herself. “Hello, everyone. 1 1 m MO

Yujin. In this episode, I’m a special guest. Please take care of me.”

Tang Xian said, “Ms. MO, although I’m not a loyal fan of yours, I’ve seen every drama you’ve ever starred in.”

MO Yujin was unperturbed. “Master Tang has actually watched every one of my works? Oh my god, I’m so happy just thinking about it.”

Then, MO Yujin’s gaze landed on Han Qianye. She looked at each other and smiled. “We’re old acquaintances, Qianye.”

Han Qianye was also surprised to see that the special guest was MO Yujin. She would not be surprised by anyone, except MO Yujin. Han Qianye smiled back and looked sideways at Li Xiwu.

Sensing Han Qianye’s gaze, Li Xiwu maintained a smile on her lips and asked in a low voice, “What’s wrong?”

Han Qianye pursed her lips. “Do you know MO Yujin?”

Li Xiwu said frankly, “You’ve forgotten. I’m in this circle.”

Han Qianye seemed to have realized something. That’s right. Xixi was the manager. She knew most of the people in the entertainment industry, so how could she not know MO Yujin?

Xiang Lan also greeted MO Yujin.

MO Yujin smiled and said, “I’ve saved Sister Lan’s morning exercise. I wake up early every day to do it.”

Xiang Lan said, “Maintaining the habit of morning exercise is also an explanation for your body.

“That’s why I have to learn from you. I really admire you for keeping fit for so many years.” MO Yujin’s tone was one of genuine admiration, not just words.

MO Yujin was good at socializing. After arriving for a while, she immediately blended into the original atmosphere.

When it was time for Mother-in-Law Joys official Weibo to announce the lucky audience, the popularity of the live-stream decreased a little. Everyone went to Weibo to see the results.

Mother-in-Law Joys official Weibo: “Congratulations @Little Wei User for obtaining the only spot for Mother-in-Law Joys last episode of loyal single female fans. Weibo’s only official lottery tool @Weibo’s lottery platform will supervise this lottery. The result is fair and effective.”

The moment they saw the announcement, countless people were disappointed. Although the chances of being chosen were very, very slim, who didn’t want to be the lucky one in a million?

[This Little Wei is too lucky. I’m crazy envious.]

[I wanted to click on it to congratulate Little Wei, but I realized that she’s actually a beauty. Wow, I have reason to suspect that the draw this time was deliberately arranged.]

[But the lottery this time is using the official lucky draw method on Weibo. It’s still very fair.]

[Although I didn’t get chosen, I’m still looking forward to it. I hope this episode will be especially unforgettable.]

[Little Wei is so beautiful. It might not be just three days. Haha, I’m super envious, right?]

Meanwhile, at the production team’s recording venue, the staff also announced the loyal female fan who had been drawn by the officials this time. When she heard the staff say the name ‘Little Wei’ , Li Xiwu suddenly thought of Yu Hewei.

They probably all had the word Wei. Li Xiwu didn’t think it was such a coincidence, so she didn’t think too much about it.

The staff said that it would take some time to pick up this loyal fan. She would probably reach North Water Town before lunch. Everyone also expressed their anticipation.

At this moment, everyone was chatting. The atmosphere was very good. MO

Yujin probably had that socially awesome disorder. After chatting with Min Hanrong for a long time, she moved over and sat on Han Qianye’s side.

The position she chose was between Han Qianye and Li Xiwu. This way, she could also touch Li Xiwu.

Li Xiwu moved the fruit in front of her towards MO Yujin. MO Yujin suddenly took her hand and said to her, “Thank you.”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “You’re welcome.”

MO Yujin studied Li Xiwu carefully and said in a very gentle tone, “I felt very close to you at first glance. I have a niece who’s the same age as you..”

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