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Chapter 248: Chapter 248: Little You, I Miss You

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Chapter 248: Little You, I Miss You

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After learning from Pei Jingzhou about MO Yujin’s relationship with her, Li Xiwu’s mentality changed slightly when she faced MO Yujin again. Although she didn’t have a complete memory now, if MO Yujin was her aunt, she was related to her by blood.



Blood relations…

She had always thought that she was alone in this world. But now, her family was starting to appear…


A voice from the front snapped Li Xiwu back to her senses. She looked up at MO

Yujin, who was walking towards her. “”

MO Yujin walked up to Li Xiwu. “I heard that you’re very familiar with North

Water Town?”

Li Xiwu said, “Not me. My mother.”

The word “mother” naturally came from Li Xiwu’s mouth, but MO Yujin, who was in front of her, revealed a strange expression. Although it was fleeting, Li Xiwu still saw it.

MO Yujin smiled. “You mean your mother-in-law, right?”

Li Xiwu nodded. ‘Yes.”

MO Yujin regained her original expression and turned to look at Han Qianye.

“Qianye, Xiwu said that you’re very familiar with North Water Town.”

Han Qianye said indifferently, “Not really. I’ve only been here twice.”

“That’s still a little more familiar than everyone else.” MO Yujin went forward and held Han Qianye’s arm affectionately. “Tell me about the fun places. When the lucky fan comes, I’ll take her to have fun. I have to leave behind good memories for the next three days.”

Han Qianye let MO Yujin hold her arm. “Are you going in the afternoon?

MO Yujin nodded. “She only came at noon. She only has time in the afternoon. Or should we go together in the afternoon?

“I’d better tell you some fun places.” Han Qianye was afraid of too many people. She didn’t like too many people following her and Xixi.

Han Qianye recalled carefully. “My deepest impression is the hot spring here in North Water Town, followed by the Kongming Lantern Show at night. There’s a church at the top of the mountain. Oh right, there’s also a very famous Shadow Picture Theatre. That’s all I remember.”

With that, Han Qianye did not forget to remind MO Yujin, “Memorize these places. Just use the GPS when you leave in the afternoon or drive the production team’s car.”

MO Yujin noted it down seriously. “Thank you. I’m quite looking forward to that Kongming Lantern Show. I didn’t know there was such a good place in the capital for so many years. In the past, when I had time, I would always go to other cities to play.”

Han Qianye said, “I didn’t find it myself. It was Rongrong who brought me here for the first time.”

It was nearing noon.

The lucky loyal female fan who was selected was also picked up by the production team’s car and brought to North Water Town. Everyone also returned to the large private room arranged by the hotel one after another. After they sat down, the dishes began to be served one after another.

Like everyone else, Han Qianye stuck her head out and looked at the door. “I heard from the staff outside that the lucky loyal fan we drew this time is a very beautiful girl.”

Tang Xian chimed in, “I also heard the staff describe her as looking like a model from an anime. This is an affirmation of beauty.” Min Hanrong said expectantly, “She must be a beauty.” “It must be!”

It was Xu Muzhen who spoke. She said excitedly at the top of her voice, ‘IA model face is the most standard face shape. Most of them appear in anime.

Wow, this young lady must look very mature.”

Xu Muzhen was only guessing now. She would never have guessed correctly.

[I keep feeling that this lucky fan is a predetermined candidate. She’s not a commoner at all.]

[The lucky fan I imagined should be a slightly fat young lady. She looks simple but clean. She likes to smile and has a super good personality. This is a true ordinary person. Only then will the immersion be strong.]

(200,000 reposts. Everyone wants this lucky opportunity. I don’t think it can be faked.]

[Let’s look forward to it together!]

Li Xiwu took a sip of water and waved it gently. She looked relaxed and expectant like everyone else.

Especially since the other party was a loyal fan of Mother-in-Law Joy. She had watched the live broadcast from beginning to end and had a similar understanding of the show as the guests, so she must be very happy to get along.

Just as she was thinking this, the waiter came in and gestured for the person outside the door to come in.

Under everyone’s expectant gazes and the online viewing of the millions of netizens in the live-stream, the single loyal female fan who was lucky enough to be selected slowly walked into everyone’s sight.

She had short hair and exquisite facial features. She really looked like a model face in an anime. She wasn’t dressed cool. It was an older sister’s style. She wore a long coat, leather boots, and a cold color combination.

She had fair skin and fiery red lips, but her eye makeup was light. At first glance, she was a cold beauty, but on closer look, she was a very aggressive older sister.

[Ahhhh, she looks the same as her own Weibo photo! She’s so beautiful!]

[Damn, this ordinary fan is too beautiful.]

[Nuwa, open the door. Don’t stay silent. I know you’re at home.]

[She’s the same type of cold beauty as Sister Li, but she looks more mature than Sister Li!]

The comments in the live-stream had gone crazy.

Currently, there are more than eight million viewers online. It was still rising.

Other than Han Qianye and Li Xiwu, the others were really happy and applauded warmly. Only Li Xiwu and Han Qianye did not clap from the bottom of their hearts.

Han Qianye even wanted to get up and open her mouth—

Li Xiwu suddenly grabbed Han Qianye’s wrist. “Mom, do you want to go to the bathroom?”

Han Qianye realized that she had almost shouted Yu Hewei’s name. When the time came, the production team would not be able to smooth things over and would confirm the fact that the draw was predetermined.

Han Qianye straightened her coat and sat down again. “My clothes are hurting. I’ll get up and tidy them up.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Yu Hewei, who was being warmly welcomed by everyone not far away. Recalling how she had heard the words Little Wei not long ago, she was surprised to think of Yu Hewei.

In the end, it was really Yu Hewei!

She was on this show too. Obviously, she was also here for her. The MO family only wanted to confirm her. What about Yu Hewei? What was her goal? Was it good or bad?

Li Xiwu didn’t know why Yu Hewei had come to the show for her. She had no impression of Yu Hewei at all now, and she didn’t know about their previous relationship. She thought about how to deal with it next.

Under the camera, Yu Hewei introduced herself openly. “Hello, everyone. My name is Yu Hewei. I’m a girl from Hai City.”

Tang Xian asked, “Did you just come from Hai City”

Yu Hewei smiled faintly. “Yes, Hai City is close to the capital. The plane will only take an hour and a half to arrive. After I found out that I was selected, I booked a flight and rushed over immediately.”

“Weiwei, come sit here.”

Everyone could tell that MO Yujin seemed to be very satisfied with Yu Hewei. She pulled Yu Hewei over and sat down. This seat was just beside Li Xiwu.

After Yu Hewei sat down, she turned to look at Li Xiwu. At this moment, Li Xiwu was also looking at her.

Yu Hewei spoke first. “I’m a fan of yours. I like you a lot. Can I hug you?

Under the live camera, Li Xiwu naturally wouldn’t refuse. “Sure.”

“That’s great.” Yu Hewei reached out and leaned forvvard, taking the initiative to hug Li Xiwu.

The moment they hugged, Li Xiwu felt a sense of familiarity for the first time in a long time. Yu Hewei’s soft voice fell in her ears, only the two of them could hear it.

She said, “Little You, I’ve missed you..”

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