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Chapter 252: Chapter 252: True Goal

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Chapter 252: True Goal

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Online controversy is polarizing.


However, there was nothing she could do. All the comments about Li Xiwu’s husband’s true identity were suppressed.

Xue Jinzhu hates Yu Hewei to death now. She still did not know that the Internet had already caused public opinion. If she knew, she would feel even more guilty. She was so stupid that she was actually led by Yu Hewei to spout nonsense.

However, Yu Hewei did not stop there. She seemed about to say something else.

On the other side, Li Xiwu suddenly put down her paintbrush and stood up. “I’m going to the bathroom.”

Tao Jing had been focused on drawing just now. Her mind automatically blocked out the sounds of the outside world. It was only when Li Xiwu got up and said that she wanted to go to the bathroom that she snapped out of her focused world.

Tao Jing also put down her paintbrush. “Do you want to go together?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “No need. Continue drawing.”

Tao Jing nodded. “Okay.”

Only Li Xiwu left the camera for the time being. She went to the side and asked the bystanders how to get to the washroom. The bystanders pointed the way for her, and then the female staff of the show accompanied her.

In the washroom, Li Xiwu took out her phone. The page showed a missed call from Pei Jingzhou.

The reason why she came out alone was because she felt her phone vibrate. She also guessed that it was very likely Pei Jingzhou, so she did not take out her phone directly. When the vibration stopped, she stood up and said that she wanted to go to the washroom.

Two or three minutes before the phone vibrated, Li Xiwu heard everything Yu Hewei said to guide Xue Jinzhu.

She heard her clearly.

Although from the moment she saw Yu Hewei today, she knew that Yu Hewei was here for her this time and planned to do something, Li Xiwu did not expect Yu Hewei to be unable to hold back so quickly.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath and picked up her phone to call Pei Jingzhou back.

When the call was picked up, Li Xiwu pressed the phone to her ear. “Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “I’ve already instructed them that Yu Hewei will be picked up soon. ”

Li Xiwu asked calmly, “What’s the reason for picking her up?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Personal reasons.”

“If we do this, it will seem like we’re covering up.” Li Xiwu lowered her voice. “She’s already said those words. If we replace her now, there will only be more speculation.”

Pei Jingzhou comforted her. “These will be taken care of. Don’t worry.”

Li Xiwu’s mentality was very stable now. “Fourth Brother.”

“Yes,” Pei Jingzhou replied. Pei Jingzhou’s voice on the other end of the line made Li Xiwu feel at ease. Before she could speak, Pei Jingzhou asked her what she meant. “What do you think?”

Li Xiwu took a deep breath. “I’ll find a chance to talk to her. Stay out of this for now.”

Whether they could talk about it or not was another matter. However, Li Xiwu felt that there was still a chance of reconciling. After all, Yu Hewei had also said that the two of them had been very good friends in the past.

Pei Jingzhou respected Li Xiwu’s decision, even though he wanted to pack Yu Hewei up and send her back to Hai City, restrict her freedom, and pay the price for her nonsense on this show.

However, as long as Li Xiwu said no, Pei Jingzhou would stop immediately and listen to Li Xiwu.

After ending the call, Li Xiwu opened Weibo and took a look. There were no bad public opinions. They should have been suppressed.

Li Xiwu heaved a sigh of relief and walked out, preparing to return to the camera to continue the live broadcast. Unexpectedly, the moment she came out, she met Yu Hewei, who had been standing by the corridor of the washroom for an unknown period of time.

Li Xiwu looked around and did not see the female staff member who had accompanied her just now. Only Yu Hewei stood there alone, a slender lady’s cigarette between her fingers.

When she was DIYing the kite inside just now, Yu Hewei took off her coat. Underneath was a thin black tight knitted sweater that accentuated her curvaceous figure.

Yu Hewei’s figure was really good. Other than her 1.7 meters tall, her natural looks and personality were very outstanding.

Seeing her come out, Yu Hewei smiled at her. “Xiwu.”

Li Xiwu couldn’t ignore it. She walked towards Yu Hewei. “Why aren’t you going

Yu Hewei raised her hand. There was a lady’s cigarette between her fingers. Li Xiwu had seen it when she came out.

Yu Hewei said, “I’m here for a cigarette. I’m not going to the bathroom.” With that, Yu Hewei took out a lighter. Before starting the fire, she asked Li Xiwu, “Do you mind?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “No.”

With a click, the cigarette in Yu Hewei’s hand lit up, and wisps of smoke drifted away.

When the smoke wafted to the tip of Li Xiwu’s nose, she subconsciously wanted to frown. She sensed something waving in front of her. She looked up and saw Yu Hewei reach out and fan the smoke away.

Li Xiwu took half a step back. “It’s fine”

Pei Jingzhou usually smoked occasionally, but he basically did not smoke in front of her. Second-hand smoke was very harmful, so Li Xiwu rarely smelled smoke.

Yu Hewei took down her cigarette and blew out the smoke. When it dissipated, she slowly approached Li Xiwu. “Are you angry?”

Li Xiwu looked straight at Yu Hewei calmly. “What do you mean?”

Yu Hewei curled her red lips. “Won’t you be angry if I spout nonsense on the show?”

Li Xiwu said, “Yes.”

Yu Hewei said, “Then I’ll be careful next time. I won’t say this again.” Li Xiwu’s lips twitched. “You’ve achieved your goal, haven’t you?”

“Goal?” Yu Hewei smiled. “You know what my goal is?”

Li Xiwu raised her eyebrows. “Huh?”

Yu tapped her cigarette with her fingertip, and the ash fell into the trash can beside her. She stood very straight, a little taller than Li Xiwu when she came face to face with her. In terms of aura, the two of them were about the same, so there was no aura of one suppressing the other.

Yu Hewei smiled playfully. “I don’t think you’ll ever guess my goal.”

Li Xiwu felt the smell of smoke grow stronger. This time, she couldn’t control it. She frowned. “Were we really good friends in the past?”

Yu Hewei saw Li Xiwu frown and pressed the cigarette into the trash can. She said calmly, “You don’t have our memories, so no matter what I say, you might think I made it up to lie to you.”

Li Xiwu looked at the cigarette that was pressed with half of it left. “The possibility of you lying to me is indeed high. I’m sorry, I really can’t trust you completely.”

Yu Hewei choked on a laugh. “Yes, I understand.”

Li Xiwu had originally planned to wait a little longer and find an opportunity to chat with Yu Hewei after the live broadcast ended. Now that she had left the live broadcast at the same time, if it was too long, she did not know what the netizens would think.

She said, “I’ll go back first.’

Without waiting for Yu Hewei to say anything, she turned and left. She had just taken two steps when Yu Hewei grabbed her wrist. “Little Wuyou.”

It was the first time Li Xiwu had heard a new form of address. However, it was shouted out by Yu Hewei, so Li Xiwu was not too surprised.

Li Xiwu turned around. “It’s more appropriate for you to call me by my current name, especially now that we’re recording a show. There are many scenes.


Before Li Xiwu could finish, Yu Hewei suddenly pulled her back—

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