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Chapter 255: Chapter 255: What She Did!

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Chapter 255: What She Did!

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The view from the mountain platform was wider than on the cable car.


This place was obviously very suitable for kiting. Xue Jinzhu was very satisfied with this venue and quickly revived.

“Yu Hewei, give me the kite.” Xue Jinzhu walked over and reached out.

Yu Hewei raised her hand and handed the kite to Xue Jinzhu.

Xue Jinzhu saw that the paint was different from what she had applied. “This isn’t mine.”

Yu Hewei gave the other three kites to Xue Jinzhu and asked her to find the one she had DIYed. She found it, but Xue Jinzhu felt that something was wrong when she held it in her hand. On a closer look, she realized that it was broken!

Xue Jinzhu’s expression changed. “Why did my kite break?” Yu Hewei looked surprised. “Huh? It broke?”

Xue Jinzhu looked up and glared at Yu Hewei. “What did you do?”

Yu Hewei’s surprised expression became very innocent. “I didn’t do anything. You don’t think I broke it, do you?”

At that moment, Xue Jinzhu’s heart was broken. She felt like she was about to explode! She had been carefully protecting the kites along the way. This was something she had rarely done seriously today, but it had broken just like


Xue Jinzhu was so angry that her face turned red. “You…

“What’s wrong?” Li Xiwu asked as she approached.

When Xue Jinzhu saw Li Xiwu coming over, she quickly said to her, “Sister Li, I’ve been protecting the kites well along the way. She just took it for a while. Now that it’s back in my hand, it’s broken.”

Li Xiwu looked down. “Where did it break?”

Xue Jinzhu showed Li Xiwu the broken tail. “Look, there’s a section of the tail cut open.”

After watching Xue Jinzhu’s kite, Li Xiwu looked up at Yu Hewei, who had an indifferent expression. She did not say anything.

At this moment, Tao Jing jogged over and asked, “What’s wrong, what’s wrong?”

Tao Jing saw that Xue Jinzhu was about to cry, and Li Xiwu did not look too good. When she looked at Yu Hewei again, she was expressionless. Finally, her gaze landed on the kite in Yu Hewei’s hand. It was unknown what she saw, but Tao Jing was surprised. “Huh?”

Everyone looked at Tao Jing.

Tao Jing reached over and took back the kite from Yu Hewei. After taking it back, Tao Jing took a closer look at the shayan’s tail. “Aiya, the kite is broken.”

Hers wasn’t the only one broken. The other two were broken, too. No, to be precise, they were all broken.

Tao Jing’s heart ached for a few seconds before she quickly reacted. “Did that child accidentally crush it when he bumped into you just now?”

Yu Hewei looked apologetic. “I’m sorry.”

Tao Jing quickly waved her hand. “Don’t blame yourself. You didn’t do it on purpose.” After saying this, Tao Jing felt that this was not right and quickly added, “Of course, that child didn’t do it on purpose. The kite’s tail shouldn’t affect its flight, right? Why don’t we try it first?”

Li Xiwu said, “Apart from affecting the aesthetic a little and taking off a little, there shouldn’t be much of a problem.”

Xue Jinzhu looked at the kite in her hand and then at Yu Hewei, who looked very innocent. She couldn’t help but wonder if it was really damaged by that child.

Then, the kites in everyone’s hands took off one after another.

Just as Li Xiwu had said, other than affecting the aesthetic a little and taking off a little accidentally, they could still happily experience flying a kite.

The pleasant afternoon ended in kite-flying.

Xue Jinzhu had always been in a bad mood because of the kite’s damage. She did not have a good expression on her face towards Yu Hewei, and it was obvious.

The netizens could tell.

[Why has Xue Jinzhu been angry?]

[It’s clearly caused by a child. Is there a need to keep a straight face?]

[Ordinary fans are really easy to bully. They were the ones who handed the kites to Yu Hewei. In the end, the kite accidentally broke, and it’s all Yu Hewei’s fault!!]

[It’s a little embarrassing!]

[Xue Jinzhu put on a cold face for Yu Hewei to see. Tao Jing is a big silly girl who only wants to take pictures of the scenery. Li Xiwu should have adjusted the atmosphere at this time, but Li Xiwu seems to be isolating Yu Hewei.] [Just because Yu Hewei is a fan’s first time on a show?]

[To be honest, it’s just that Li Xiwu’s good side has been magnified. Don’t forget that Li Xiwu only became a phoenix after flying up the social ladder. With her previous family background, it’s impossible for her to have much self-restraint.]

[Internet beautification + filter. Look, once ordinary fans go online, everyone’s shortcomings are exposed.]

On the other side.

Han Qianye gave up on meeting Li Xiwu because Lin Yourong was here.

Mo Yujin naturally followed Han Qianye. If she did not go, Mo Yujin would not go either. She waited at the hotel. Seeing that no one was going, Min Hanrong sat down and chatted.

Although there was no live broadcast camera, the recording state was maintained at all times.

Min Hanrong felt like old friends with Lin Yourong at first sight. Probably because the two of them had the same pronunciation, they quickly chatted, from jewelry to some fragrance art salons to some private shows…

They were all talking about the standard of the wealthy.

Han Qianye dozed off again. At this moment, Min Hanrong suddenly asked, “How’s your daughter-in-law now?”

Han Qianye suddenly sobered up and looked at the two of them.

Lin Yourong looked regretful. “After my son divorced Gao Sisi, I actually cared about her quite a lot. After that, I sent people to send her supplements and necessities many times. In the end, I heard that she turned around and sold them. She’s fooling around with that unemployed man who doesn’t want to improve. Sigh, sometimes, it’s quite a pity.”

Min Hanrong frowned when she heard that. “You’re also kind-hearted. If it were anyone else, how could they care about her when they encountered such a troublesome matter? They would just avoid her.”

“I was thinking that we’re mother-in-law and daughter-in-law after all,” Lin Yourong said so sincerely. “Moreover, my personality is like this. No matter how others treat me, I will still treat her sincerely. Meeting is fate. I cherish every fate.”

Min Hanrong smiled and said, “One can’t even find a good mother-in-law like you.”

Lin Yourong was very tactful. “I’m not that good either.”

Min Hanrong pulled Lin Yourong’s wrist. “You’re really humble.”

Han Qianye wanted to laugh when she heard this. She pursed her lips and forced herself not to laugh. However, the further she went, the more she couldn’t hold it in. Her cheeks were about to twitch as she burst out laughing.

The distracted MO Yujin looked over. Lin Yourong and Min Hanrong also looked over.

Han Qianye pursed her lips. “I suddenly thought of something happy in the past.”

Lin Yourong asked, “What did you think of?”

Han Qianye said with a serious expression, “Thinking about the time when I was blind.”

As soon as she said this, the three people beside her looked at Han Qianye in surprise.

Min Hanrong asked, “Qianye, have you had an eye disease before?”

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