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Chapter 256: Chapter 256: Coax Her

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Chapter 256: Coax Her

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Han Qianye did not say anything at first.


Until MO Yujin asked, “Are you serious or joking?”

Han Qianye said, “Of course I’m serious. I was blind for a while, but I’m fine now.”

Min Hanrong realized. “What a joke.”

Han Qianye smiled but did not say anything. Lin Yourong kept feeling that Han Qianye’s words were meant for her, but she was not sure if they were really meant for her. It sounded quite subtle, anywvay.

Around five o’clock, Tang Xian and Xiang Lan returned.

Xiang Lan did not see Xu Muzhen. After asking, she found out that Xu Muzhen was still sleeping in the suite and rushed over to wake her up.

Tang Xian and Xiang Lan had been live-streaming, and so had they when they returned. Now that everyone had entered the country again, Lin Yourong’s appearance stunned the netizens—

[Am I seeing things? Is this person Lin Yourong from the first season’s Mother-in-Law Joy?]

[It’s Lin Yourong. I have a deep impression of this rich appearance.] [This last episode’s surprises are really coming wave after wave.]

[First, there were special guests, then there were ordinary fans. Now, even the mother-in-law of the previous season has appeared. Is the last episode prepared to blow up?]

[The last episode is so lively.]

It was a little after five-thirty when Li Xiwu and the others returned. It was neither early nor late. When Han Qianye saw Li Xiwu return, she immediately surrounded her like a bee seeing flowers.

Tang Xian looked at Xue Jinzhu’s depressed expression and asked gently, “Why didn’t you have fun?”

Xue Jinzhu pouted. When she heard Tang Xian’s question, she had the urge to spit it out. She turned around and looked at Yu Hewei, who was acting as if nothing had happened, but she still obediently swallowed her words.

Forget it!

Xue Jinzhu said to Tang Xian, “I’m tired from playing all day.”

Tang Xian asked, “You went to the Kite Cultural Center, right?”

Xue Jinzhu was surprised. “How did you know?”

“It’s easy for me to know.” Tang Xian pulled Xue Jinzhu over and sat down. “When I wanted to look for you, I could have just asked the production team. I wanted to look for you, but when I found out that you went to the mountain platform and had to take the cable car, I thought about it and let it go.”

Xue Jinzhu sat down and said, “The wind on the mountain platform is very suitable for flying a kite. It’s just bad luck that the kite broke.”

Tang Xian looked at her. “Are you unhappy about this?”

“Not really.” Xue Jinzhu did not tell the truth. She changed the topic and asked the new face, “Who is she?”

Tang Xianjie said, “She’s Lin Yourong, one of the mother-in-laws in

Mother-in-Law Joy’s first season.”

Xue Jinzhu did not know much about Mother-in-Law Joy last season. She nodded and stopped paying attention.

At this moment, Lin Yourong enthusiastically chatted with Li Xiwu. “The wind on the mountain platform should be very strong, right?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Not really, it’s not very strong. It’s suitable for flying a kite.”

Lin Yourong said, “If I had known, we would have come too.”

Li Xiwu didn’t know how long Lin Yourong planned to stay for this inexplicable appearance on the show, so she couldn’t ask further. She only said, “If you have time tomorrow, you can go too.”

Lin Yourong smiled faintly. “I’ll only stay for a day. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go tomorrow.”

So she will leave tomorrow.

Li Xiwu added, “It’s okay if you can’t go to the mountain platform. You can watch the Kongming Lantern Show tonight. On the way back, I heard that there’s also a Kongming Lantern Show tonight.”

“Really?” Lin Yourong looked surprised. “How lucky.”

The atmosphere was very lively. It was livelier than any previous episode.

In the other corner.

Gao Yueban and Yu Jing, who were sitting behind the monitor, looked at each other for a few seconds.

Gao Yueban asked, “Did you send Lin Yourong an invitation?”

Yu Jing raised his hand and pretended to be wronged. “Why would I send an invitation to Lin Yourong!”

Gao Yueban pressed the tip of her tongue against her cheek, looking more or less depressed. “Then why is Lin Yourong here? From the looks of it, we invited her.”

Yu Jing shook his head in disbelief. “That’s strange. Why is she here?”

At this moment, other than Gao Yueban and Yu Jing, who knew that Lin Yourong was not invited this time, the other guests, including the staff, all thought that Lin Yourong’s appearance was another arrangement of the production team.

Gao Yueban felt a headache coming on. “We know better than the audience what this Lin Yourong was like in the previous episode. Gao Sisi is really innocent. She rushed here for the last episode. Why do I feel that she’s up to no good?!”

Although sometimes a woman’s intuition was very accurate, a man’s intuition couldn’t be much worse.

Yu Jing rubbed his chin. “Let’s take a look first. It’s best if she’s just here to freeload on the last episode. If there’s any problem, we’ll ask her to leave as soon as possible.”

Gao Yueban nodded. “That’s the only way.”

The last episode of the live broadcast was infinitely extended. It wouldn’t end until nine p.m. This time could very well satisfy the netizens’ night view of the Kongming Lantern Show.

The atmosphere of dinner was very lively. After dinner, everyone arranged to watch the Kongming Lantern Show together.

The Kongming Lantern Show in Beishui Town was different from other places. It burned turpentine into hot air and rose into the sky. The Kongming Lanterns in Beishui Town were packaged by drones and could be changed into various Kongming Lantern Shows.

Some would line up into a pot of wine.

Some would arrange into clean and ugly faces.

Others can be butterflies, bees, heart-shaped signs, and so on.

Tourists can also spend money to choose shapes.

At this moment, the Kongming Lanterns in the sky had already changed into many lantern shows. Li Xiwu looked at Xue Jinzhu beside her, looking uninterested. She was probably still thinking about what had happened in the afternoon.

This was almost a knot in her heart. However, she could only keep it in her heart, so the more she held it in, the more uncomfortable she felt. She looked depressed.

Li Xiwu thought for a few seconds and went to the charge counter of the Kongming Lantern Show.

She took out her phone and searched for the photo of Xue Jinzhu flying a kite that she had taken this afternoon. She found a photo of Xue Jinzhu holding a kite and showed it to her boss. “Can you arrange it into a figure of this shayan kite in the picture? It’s best if it’s the same color.” The boss made an OK gesture. “That’s easy.”

Li Xiwu’s eyes relaxed. “That’s great.”

The fee was still a little expensive, but Li Xiwu didn’t blink when she paid.

Yu Hewei, who had followed her here, saw this and said, “You’re quite good to her.”

Li Xiwu said, “I can’t let her stay so depressed.”

Yu Hewei licked her lips. “I thought you’d do the same to me.”

The moment that was said, Li Xiwu subconsciously looked at the camera.

Fortunately, there were no live cameras here. All the cameras were over there.

Li Xiwu took a deep breath. “Let’s go watch the Kongming Lantern Show.”

Yu Hewei looked at Li Xiwu’s back view and felt a little more depressed. If she had known, she would have torn the kite apart!

After paying, she returned. Han Qianye asked her what she had gone to do. Li

Xiwu said, “Coax her.”

Han Qianye asked, “Coax who?”

Just as she finished speaking, Xue Jinzhu’s pleasantly surprised voice came from the side—

“Look at the sky! My kite! It’s my kite!”

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