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Chapter 257: Chapter 257: Exposing The Truth on the Internet

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Chapter 257: Exposing The Truth on the Internet

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The kite in the sky made Xue Jinzhu pleasantly surprised and excited. She pointed at the sky with one hand and pulled the person beside her with the other. “Look! Look! That lantern show in the sky’s the kite I made today! It’s real! It’s exactly the same!”


Han Qianye, who was being pulled by Xue Jinzhu, said faintly, “Then do you think it’s possible that the kite in the sky was arranged according to the kite you made?”

Xue Jinzhu glanced sideways at Han Qianye. “It can’t be such a coincidence, right?”

Han Qianye raised her hand and gently pushed Xue Jinzhu’s head with her fingertips. “What a coincidence. Xiwu paid for it for you.”

With that, Xue Jinzhu looked incredulous. “Huh? What? Is… is this true? Did

Sister Li really arrange it?”

Han Qianye said angrily, “It’s fake.”

[Although Miss Pig’s reaction is very real, the style is still very comical!] [Sister Li is too good.]

[Sister Li is Cancer, right? She always gives silently, especially tonight. I’m almost touched.]

[There were even people who scolded Li Xiwu for her character in the afternoon. Those who scolded her are the inhumane ones.]

[Is it also dirt now that we’re not born well? Then will these people who were born at the bottom of the hierarchy in reality not be able to live?]

[Those people are just jealous. The more ordinary someone is, the easier it is to be jealous. On the other hand, those who were born in Rome feel that it’s only right to enjoy everything.]

At this moment, the popularity of the live broadcast had already exceeded ten million.

By seven or eight in the evening, most of the people had finished their work.

In their free time after dinner, they would occasionally see the live broadcast on their WeChat Moments or the live broadcast on Weibo. They would sit or lie down and project the live broadcast onto the screen to watch slowly.

At this moment, Xue Jinzhu happily moved in front of Li Xiwu and shouted, “Sister Li

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Are you feeling better now?”

“Yes, yes, yes.” Xue Jinzhu nodded in embarrassment before saying, “It’s really a surprise. Thank you for preparing a surprise for me.”

Li Xiwu said, “As long as you’re happy.”

“More than happy.” Xue Jinzhu held Li Xiwu’s arm and swayed it intimately. “Sister Li, I suspect that you bought a house in my heart. Otherwise, why would you figure out my mood?”

Li Xiwu looked down at Xue Jinzhu’s coquettish expression. “I don’t have to figure out your mood.”

Xue Jinzhu looked up in a daze. “Huh?”

Li Xiwu smiled. “Because your feelings are written all over your face.”

Xue Jinzhu:

Although it was embarrassing, happiness and surprise had filled her heart.

Yu Hewei, who was standing on the other side, watched this scene quietly. After an unknown period of time, MO Yujin’s voice called out to her from beside her, “Weiwei.’

Yu Hewei’s expression instantly returned to normal. She glanced sideways and replied, “Yes?”

This was the first time MO Yujin had recorded such a live variety show.

Although she did not do much the entire day, she was still a little tired. Thinking of the purpose of this show, she suddenly realized that she couldn’t just care about the purpose and maintain a superficial appearance, so she took the initiative to chat with Yu Hewei.

MO Yujin asked, “Did you have a good time today?”

Yu Hewei said, “So-so.”

MO Yujin asked with concern, “Did something unhappy happen?”

Yu Hewei smiled faintly. “This is the first time I’m on such a national live broadcast. I’m not used to it.”

MO Yujin expressed her understanding. “It’s the same. Actually, I’m not used to it either.”

Not to mention this kind of live variety show, she had never participated in many variety shows in the past.

This time, she had wanted MO Yan to come. She had recorded several variety shows and had a good sense of variety. However, the old lady was afraid that she, MO Yan, would say something wrong on the show, so she decided to let her test her.

On the other side.

Lin Yourong, who was standing beside Han Qianye, looked up at the Kong Ming Lantern Show in the night sky. “Qianye, look at this Kongming Lantern.

Although it’s made of drones, it’s more interesting than burning turpentine.”

Han Qianye added, “Not only will it be more interesting, but it will also be more environmentally friendly. In the past, Kongming Lanterns were all one-time use, but they could not be confirmed to be discovered immediately after landing. It’s also easy to cause a fire.”

Lin Yourong nodded. “I see.”

Han Qianye relaxed. “Yes.”

Lin Yourong looked at Han Qianye’s satisfied expression and quietly moved to the side until she was on Tang Xian’s side. She was four people away from Han Qianye. Taking advantage of the fact that everyone’s attention was on the Kongming Lantern Show, Lin Yourong reached into her coat pocket and touched her phone.

Lin Huan, who was watching the live broadcast, saw her aunt’s action and knew that it was time to call her. Hence, Lin Huan picked up her phone and called Lin Yourong.

Accompanied by beautiful and slow music, Lin Yourong took out her phone and picked up the call. “Hello, Huannuan.”

On the other end of the line, Lin Yourong couldn’t hear what Lin Huan said clearly, so she turned on the speakerphone. “Huanhuan, have you had dinner?”

Lin Huan’s voice came from the speakerphone. “Aunt, I’ve already had dinner.

What about you?”

Lin Yourong said, “I ate too.”

Lin Huan chatted with Lin Yourong in a casual tone. “Aunt, are you free tomorrow?”

Lin Yourong asked, “What’s wrong? Is Huanhuan asking me out tomorrow?”

“A friend I used to know arranged a tea party tomorrow afternoon,” Lin Huan said. “Aunt, do you want to come?”

Lin Yourong said, “Aiyo, I won’t go to your young tea party.”

Lin Huan’s tone suddenly became mysterious. “I heard that there’s gossip in the aristocratic circle this time.”

Lin Yourong raised her eyebrows curiously. “Hehe, is that so?”

As the speaker was turned on, Lin Huan’s voice could be heard from the phone from two to three meters away. The netizens in the live-stream could also hear it, and it was very clear.

Lin Huan imitated the gossipy tone Lin Yourong had taught her before she went out. “Aunt, do you know that the gossip I heard this time is related to the Pei family in the capital?”

Lin Yourong’s expression changed. “Huanhuan, I’m…”

Lin Yourong deliberately said this nervously, but her tone was very slow.

Lin Huan beat her to it and said, “I haven’t heard much so far. I won’t know the details until I go to the tea party tomorrow. However, I still know a little about it. It’s said that President Pei’s first love is coming back.”

Lin Yourong was stunned. “Huh? What do you mean?”

Lin Huan continued in a mysterious tone, “It’s the current head of the Pei family in the capital, Pei Jingzhou. I heard that his first love has returned. I heard from everyone’s gossip that it won’t be long before Pei Jingzhou divorces his current wife and takes back his first love. President Pei’s current wife seems to be on that mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show. It should be the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law variety show you went on before. She’s quite popular on the variety show..”

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