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Chapter 259: Chapter 259: Pei Jingzhou Personally Took Action, Livestreamed on the Internet

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Chapter 259: Pei Jingzhou Personally Took Action, Livestreamed on the Internet

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Lin Yourong naturally wouldn’t refuse.


The car was only two to three minutes away, but Min Hanrong only returned after a long time.

[I guess Min Hanrong must have gone to gossip.]

[Why do I feel that Lin Yourong came back deliberately to reveal this information?]

[Tonight’s revelation shocked my worldview. I feel a little indigestion.]

[Li Xiwu probably didn’t expect the perfect persona that she had maintained for so long to completely collapse because of a substitute.]


[Help! I want to know who that first love is.]

[The mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are real mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, and they didn’t violate the principles of this show. However, I didn’t expect them to be real plastic mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. When Li Xiwu and Han Qianye first appeared on the variety show, they obviously didn’t know each other well. I finally understand the real reason.]

[Why is everyone talking about Li Xiwu? But I think Li Xiwu is the victim. She’s a substitute. As soon as the first love returns, that man will abandon her!]

[I’m dying of laughter when I say that my heart aches for Li Xiwu. You won’t be able to earn the money she can get after a divorce for several lifetimes. Do you feel sorry for her?]

On the other side.

Yu Hewei and Li Xiwu, who were walking back to the hotel together, did not speak much along the way as if they had just met. The walk was not very far. They could return to the hotel in seven or eight minutes. Yu Hewei asked Li

Xiwu, “Can you walk?”

Li Xiwu pursed her lips. “Why not?”

Yu Hewei said considerately, “You should be a little tired after walking outside all day.”

Li Xiwu pried away Yu Hewei’s arm. “I’m not tired.”

Yu Hewei watched as Li Xiwu pried her hand away. The smile on her lips faded a little as she walked forward and stood beside Li Xiwu. “You don’t seem to like me very much.”

Li Xiwu looked forward, thinking about what had just happened. She replied to Yu Hewei, “Why would I think that?”

Yu Hewei said, “You dont have much patience with me.”

Li Xiwu said, “Probably because we’re not that close.”

Yu Hewei sounded a little more anxious than before. “We used to be best friends. Really. Best friends.”

Li Xiwu retracted her gaze and looked sideways at Yu Hewei. She looked a little excited because of what she had just said. She hesitated for a moment and said, “You said it was in the past. I don’t have my past memories. There’s no point in telling me now.” “Little Wuyou!

“My name is Li Xiwu.”

They both sounded dominant.

A moment later, Yu Hewei was the first to show weakness. “Don’t you think that the call Lin Yourong answered was premeditated?”

At the mention of that call, Li Xiwu’s expression turned very ugly.

At this moment, Yu Hewei held Li Xiwu’s wrist. “You look like you’re in a bad mood.”

Li Xiwu looked up in silence.

Yu Hewei touched Li Xiwu’s face with her fingertips. Li Xiwu calmly avoided Yu Hewei’s touch. Yu Hewei’s fingertips paused as she carefully observed Li Xiwu’s expression. “Even at this late hour, there will probably be a storm on the Internet. By tomorrow, it will probably be a huge wave.” Li Xiwu looked Yu straight in the eye. “Is that what you want to see?”

“No.” Yu Hewei said, “I want to see you better than anyone.”

Li Xiwu said, “Not necessarily.”

Yu Hewei smiled. ‘You’re good at everything, except your taste in men.”

Li Xiwu’s lips twitched “Why do you say that?”

Yu Hewei said, “Pei Jingzhou is actually not that good. When you went overseas for a few years, if he really loved you, why didn’t he give up everything and stay by your side willingly? You’re not that important to him.”

Li Xiwu said, “Not everyone has to live for anyone. Everyone has their own life. Why should he give up everything in the country and stay by my side? It’s actually stupid to risk everything for one person.”

Yu Hewei smiled and was about to say something.

Li Xiwu interrupted, “Whether he’s good or not, I’ll judge for myself. It’s not your place to point it out.”

Yu Hewei choked and looked at Li Xiwu, who was cold and distant. “He treated you as a substitute for four years.”

Li Xiwu said, “You don’t have to remind me of anything.” After a pause, Li Xiwu asked, “I want to know, did you work together this time?”

Yu Hewei smiled faintly. “Don’t misunderstand. I’m me. I don’t associate with anyone.”

“Do you think I can’t guess that you joined forces with that Gu guy last time?!” Li Xiwu said in a low voice.

Gu guy…

Yu Hewei remembered. Gu Lanshi.

Thinking of the man she had easily played with, the smile on Yu Hewei’s lips deepened. “He had impure motives for what happened last time. I stopped myself in time. We didn’t keep in touch much after that.”

Li Xiwu turned sideways and kept walking. Yu Hewei followed slowly and the two of them returned to the hotel.

Yu Hewei did not return to her suite. Instead, she followed Li Xiwu to the suite she and Han Qianye were staying in. At the door, Yu Hewei asked politely, “Can I come in and sit?”

Li Xiwu said, “If I say no, will you still 20 in?”

Yu Hewei said, “No.”

Li Xiwu said calmly, “Then go back and rest early.”

Yu Hewei pursed her lips and was silent for dozens of seconds. Then, she nodded. “Alright, rest early too. I hope tonight’s matter won’t affect your sleep too much. See you tomorrow.”

With that, Yu Hewei retreated, turned around, and left. She was very decisive.

Li Xiwu closed the door and leaned against it to inhale. She was indeed a very strong-willed woman, but it was inevitable that her eyes would turn red from standing in the wind for too long.

Difficulties always arise, and each one is more troublesome than the last.

Li Xiwu took out her phone. Weibo had already begun to trend. She opened it and took a look. Just as she thought, the contents of Lin Yourong’s call had been recorded and exposed online.

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and sighed. She was a little frustrated. This trouble was even more troublesome than before. For a moment, she didn’t know how to deal with it.

Refute the rumors? Would the netizens believe her if she came to refute the rumors? Or, she could deal with Lin Yourong’s rumor first..

In the end, Li Xiwu took out her phone and hesitated about calling Pei Jingzhou. When she was about to dial the number, she thought that he must be asleep at this time. While she was thinking, the phone in her hand buzzed

She thought it was Pei Jingzhou calling. It was actually Xue Jinzhu’s number.

Li Xiwu guessed that Xue Jinzhu also knew. She called to ask her about the situation. Li Xiwu adjusted her emotions and picked up. “Jinzhu.”

Xue Jinzhu’s noisy voice came from the phone

“Sister Li! President Pei suddenly came to the show! That Lin Yourong did not manage to leave and was stopped by President Pei’s people.. Now, it’s being broadcast live on the Internet!’

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