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Chapter 26

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Surprise Discovery, Shocking Everyone!

At this moment, no one noticed what Han Qianye had seen. And no one cared what she said. This was because everyone’s attention was on Cheng Zhongqing.

Only Li Xiwu looked in the direction Han Qianye was pointing. When she saw the ‘thing’ Han Qianye was pointing at, her gaze froze for a few seconds, as if she was carefully identifying what it was.

Before she could distinguish clearly, Han Qianye’s light voice came from beside her. “I know. This is chicken, but this chicken looks so fat. It will definitely be very juicy when stewed.”

Li Xiwu: “?” Is that a chicken?

Han Qianye had yet to notice Li Xiwu’s expression. She pointed at the ‘chicken’ not far away and said to Li Xiwu, “Do you think such a fat chicken will taste good? Should I roast it or stew it?”

Li Xiwu pressed her lips together. “That is chicken, but… not edible.”

Han Qianye immediately reacted. “Oh, got it.”

Li Xiwu was quite surprised that Han Qianye did not refute her this time. She turned back to Han Qianye. The latter looked away guiltily. “People can’t fall in the same place twice, can they?”

Li Xiwu’s suppressed lips curved a little. “Then, I’ll let you do your best next.”

Han Qianye’s eyes widened. “Huh?”

Grinning, Li Xiwu covered her mic.

A moment later—

Han Qianye cleared her throat and coughed. “Ahem!” This cough immediately attracted everyone’s attention. Everyone looked at Han Qianye.

Min Hanrong asked with a gentle smile, “Qianye, did you discover something?”

Han Qianye’s eyes lit up. She looked at Min Hanrong, who was asking her a question, and said smugly, “Yo, you guessed correctly.”

Min Hanrong smiled gently because millions of netizens in the live-stream were watching. But in fact, she didn’t believe it at all. Han Qianye knew nothing. Even if wild protected animals walked past her, she wouldn’t recognize them. What could she find? It was probably another joke. She was waiting for Han Qianye to embarrass himself in a competition between peers.

Cheng Zhongqing and Du Xu, who were walking in front, looked at Han Qianye. Du Xu asked, “Miss Li’s mother-in-law, what did you find?”

Wan Yu walked over. “Aunt Han, is there something new?”

Luo Xiaosong also walked over. “I didn’t see any wild protected animals along the way here. Did Auntie Han see any rare plants?”

In Fu Town, other than wild protected animals, there were also many second-level protected plants in the country. However, they were not easily discovered. Most of them were in relatively remote and dark places in the forest.

This was because the rarer the plant, the more afraid it was of sunlight. The environment it grew in was extremely harsh.

They didn’t find any wild protected animals along the way. Luo Xiaosong thought that the discovery of the fourth group of mother-in-law was probably due to the discovery of a level-two protected plant.

At this moment, everyone was more or less looking forward to Han Qianye’s discovery. Then, under everyone’s expectant gazes, Han Qianye pointed at the two ‘chickens’ who were looking for worms to eat on the ground not far away and said with great certainty, “That’s a new discovery.”

The moment that was said, everyone looked in the direction Han Qianye was pointing.

Not far away, outside a fence railing, two ‘chickens’ were looking for worms to eat on the ground. Moreover, the two ‘chickens’ were fat and looked like they had been raised well by their owners!

Min Hanrong almost couldn’t help but laugh out loud. She tried her best to suppress the smile on her lips. “The mountains and rivers in Fu Town raise people and chickens. Look, the chickens here are all fatter than the others.”

Wan Yu squatted down and called out like a chicken, “Coo, coo, coo…”

Luo Xiaosong clicked his tongue. “Is this from pure feeding? What a fat hen.”

Du Xu didn’t look right. “It’s definitely chicken, but…”

“I’ll go over and take a look.” With that, Cheng Zhongqing walked over.

The two ‘chickens’ were not afraid of anyone at all. They were not afraid when they saw someone coming over. They continued to lower their heads and look for food.

Min Hanrong walked to Han Qianye’s side. “Qianye, you have good taste. You discovered these two fat chickens immediately.”

Seeing that no one recognized it, Han Qianye’s heart began to waver. Could Li Xiwu have tricked her into making a fool of herself? Were those two fat chickens really national level two protected wildlife?

Not to mention everyone’s reaction, she didn’t think so at the time. It’s just two big hens, isn’t it? However, Han Qianye still believed Li Xiwu’s words and ignored the fact that it was very likely that Li Xiwu was lying to her.

At this moment, Wan Yu asked, “Auntie Han, do you feel that these two chickens are wild protected animals?”

Han Qianye’s thoughts were already wavering. She hesitated for a moment before agreeing.

Wan Yu came over and said to Han Qianye, “Auntie Han, most chickens are poultry. If chickens are protected animals, they must be golden pheasants. However, golden pheasants are very easy to recognize. They have white bellies and red bellies. Their feathers are purple-red. The feathers on their tails are especially long, and they are still black and white.”

At this point, Wan Yu casually added, “And the golden pheasant looks a little like the phoenix on television. It’s very beautiful.”

At the side, Luo Xiaosong chimed in, “As far as I know, there are no golden pheasant in Fu Town so far.”

The two of them spoke clearly to Han Qianye.

Min Hanrong almost laughed out loud at the side. She tried her best to suppress the smile on her lips. “I happened to see a picture of a golden pheasant in a report. It looked especially like a phoenix in a painting. It was indeed very beautiful.”

When Wan Yu heard Min Hanrong’s reply, she smiled. “I think so too.”

Han Qianye began to feel frustrated. She looked at Li Xiwu beside her and asked with her eyes, “Didn’t you say that those two fat chickens are wild protected animals?”

Li Xiwu gave Han Qianye a look, indicating for her to calm down.

However, at this moment, Han Qianye no longer believed Li Xiwu’s words. She had made a fool of herself just now. She did not even want to appear in front of the camera. She only felt that standing here was a joke.

Just as she was fuming, Cheng Zhongqing’s pleasantly surprised voice sounded from the other end—

“Siberian grouse! My God! That’s a Siberian grouse! We almost missed it!”

Cheng Zhongqing’s voice was just loud enough for everyone present to hear.

Wan Yu was stunned. “A Siberian grouse?”

Luo Xiaosong clapped his hands and suddenly remembered. “Look at my memory. How could I forget that there were two Siberian grouses among the protected animals that roamed Fu Town?”

Du Xu raised her voice and asked with uncertainty, “Old Cheng, is it really a Siberian grouse?”

“Why would I lie to you? This is a genuine Siberian grouse, a level-two wild protected animal of the country. There are only two of them in the entire Fu Town.” Cheng Zhongqing looked ashamed as he said this. “We actually didn’t notice it when we passed by. Fortunately, Miss Li’s mother-in-law was here. Otherwise, we would have missed it.”

As soon as Cheng Zhongqing said this, everyone looked at Han Qianye in surprise.

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