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Chapter 260: Chapter 260: President Pei Is Very Powerful

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Chapter 260: President Pei Is Very Powerful

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Li Xiwu thought that Xue Jinzhu had called her because she was curious about Lin Yourong’s call and wanted to ask her if it was true. Unexpectedly, Xue Jinzhu suddenly told her that Pei Jingzhou was here and even stopped Lin Yourong, who was about to leave.


Pei Jingzhou… wasn’t planning to personally refute the rumors, right?

Li Xiwu quickly asked, “Is he at the Kongming Lantern Show?”

Xue Jinzhu quickly replied, “That’s right, that’s right. They’re all still here. The live broadcast was supposed to end in ten minutes, but no one expected President Pei to come at this time!’

It was not appropriate for Li Xiwu to ask too much at this time. She just needed to know that they were still there.

“I’ll be right there.”

With that, Li Xiwu ended the call with Xue Jinzhu, put away her phone, and went downstairs. She had walked back just now. Now that she was rushing back, she could only walk. She could take a taxi over, but the traffic lights on the road would delay the time. It was not as fast as her running back.

Halfway there, Li Xiwu suddenly received a message from Pei Jingzhou…

At the same time, at the venue of the Kongming Lantern Show.

Originally, because the live broadcast was about to end, its popularity had decreased to only 9 million. After Pei Jingzhou appeared in front of the camera, it quickly increased back to more than 15 million viewers online.

It was almost 16 million.

Director Gao had a feeling that tonight might be the first time he broke through the 20 million popularity threshold!

[F*ck! I even turned off the live broadcast and went to Weibo to watch the show, but my little friend crazily called me and said that Li Xiwu’s husband was online!]

[What’s going on? I haven’t even understood the situation.]

[As soon as such a thing happened, Li Xiwu’s husband immediately went online!

He’s going to domineeringly protect his wife!]

[Why would he protect her wife? He’s good to Li Xiwu because Li Xiwu has a beautiful face.]

[Let’s watch the show!]

[Speaking of which, will Li Xiwu appear?]

[No one knows if Li Xiwu will appear, but Li Xiwu’s husband really has an aura.

He’s the most eye-catching existence wherever he stands.]

[As expected of Big Boss Pei! The first time I saw this man, I felt that his aura was definitely not just that of a company executive!!]

Gao Yueban looked at the soaring online viewership. Not only was he not happy, but he also had a headache. “I really have to give it to this Lin Yourong. She brought so much trouble to the show!’

Yu Jing had already calmed down. “Don’t panic. If President Pei is here, it means that our show can continue recording. If President Pei stops the show in a fit of anger, this month will be wasted!’

Hearing this, Gao Yueban’s broken mentality was barely comforted.

“Why do you think Lin Yourong took it so hard and insisted on offending the Pei family?” Gao Yueban looked a little frustrated.

Yu Jing said, “This is probably called, ‘There’s a path to heaven, but you dont take it.There’s no door to hell, yet you want to take it.’”

Gao Yueban agreed. “Yes, yes, yes!’

Under the live broadcast camera, Pei Jingzhou just stood there quietly. The surrounding air seemed to be covered in a layer of cold frost.

The Kongming Lantern Show, which was still performing in the night sky, looked out of place in the current atmosphere.

Lin Yourong, who was intercepted, was extremely flustered. She reached out and pulled Han Qianye’s sleeve. “Qianye..

Han Qianye still did not know what was going on. She asked, “What happened?” Lin Yourong swallowed and said with a dry smile, “… Hanrong accompanied me there just now. I was about to get into the car when I was stopped. I… I dont know what happened.”

Han Qianye looked up at Pei Jingzhou. “This..

Pei Jingzhou raised his eyebrows and gestured slightly. Behind him, Chen Xin and another young man in a suit walked towards Lin Yourong with a document. When Xue Jinzhu saw Chen Xin, her pink heart was bubbling.

She shouted in her heart, Brother- Brother- Brother- Brother- Brother-

She controlled herself. She and her brother were both still at work, separately. She must not disturb him from his work.

Chen Xin walked up to Lin Yourong without looking sideways. The lawyer beside him handed the document to Lin Yourong. “Mrs. Zhou, please take a look.” Lin Yourong was so flustered that she didn’t dare to take it. “What, what is this?”

Chen Xin was expressionless. “A lawyer’s letter.”

Lin Yourong stuttered in fear. “A-A-A lawyer’s letter?”

Chen Xin nodded and said politely, “Mr. Pei applied for legal aid regarding Mrs.

Zhou’s involvement in spreading rumors about Mr. and Mrs. Pei’s relationship.” The moment that was said, everyone present could not help but sigh.

Min Hanrong thought about how she had tried to get close to Lin Yourong just now and was afraid that she would suffer too. She prayed silently in her heart.

Lin Yourong’s face instantly turned pale. “This-this has nothing to do with me. My niece only heard a few words from someone else and told me about it. She didn’t mean it…

The lawyer said stiffly, “Mrs. Zhou, do I need to popularize legal knowledge for

Before Lin Yourong could speak, the lawyer said, “If the situation is serious, it can constitute defamation.”

Lin Yourong stabilized her nervous mood and said stubbornly, “How am I spreading rumors!’

The lawyer: “Mrs. Zhou, according to article 246 of the Criminal Code, if the situation is serious for the crime of defamation or other methods to publicly insult others or fabricate facts to slander others, you will be sentenced to not more than three years of fixed-term imprisonment, criminal detention, control, or deprivation of political rights.”

[F*ck! For real!]

[Boss Pei is so domineering!]

[Lin Yourong, who asked you to spread rumors? Sister Li and Fourth Brother are clearly very close. She must have been sued.]

[Am I the only one who’s shocked? I didn’t expect Li Xiwu’s husband’s house to really be the Pei family in the capital!]

[Everyone else is shocked that it’s the Pei family in the capital. Only I’m shocked that President Pei is so handsome that he doesnt look like a real person! I’ve always thought that the current head of the Pei family in the capital is a short uncle. I’m sorry, President Pei. You’re so handsome that you’ve become my dream material tonight.]

[Boss Pei is domineering and protective of his wife. I love him.]

At this moment, Lin Yourong, who was originally pretending to be calm, began to feel guilty in the next second. How could she have expected that this matter with Huanhuan today would alarm Pei Jingzhou to come personally? Wasn’t she just a substitute?

If even Han Qianye could not stand a substitute, why would Pei Jingzhou care?

But now, the lawyer’s letter was really in front of her. And it was under the live broadcast of the entire Internet. If her husband found out that what she had done this time had actually alarmed Pei Jingzhou, it would be over!

She couldnt admit it!


She refused to admit it!

Lin Yourong instantly adjusted her expression and quickly calmed her tone. “You said that I was spreading rumors, then I’ll say that you were spreading rumors. That’s the gossip my niece heard, not the gossip we spread. How can you blame it on me?”

At this point, Lin Yourong raised her aura. “I quickly stopped it at that time.

Everyone can testify for me. This has nothing to do with me.”

Lin Yourong saw Pei Jingzhou’s cold expression and was shocked. Then, she gathered her courage and continued, “I didn’t know about this at all. My Huanhuan was just hearing rumors and mentioned it in front of me. In our women’s circle, it’s normal to gossip occasionally. It’s just that Huanhuan didn’t know that I was on the show at that time and under the live camera. Can you blame us?”

There was a good reason for this.

Anyone who heard this would think that it was true.. It probably… had nothing to do with Lin Yourong?

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