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Chapter 261: Chapter 261: Plot Twist! She’s Finished!

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Chapter 261: Plot Twist! She’s Finished!

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The trend of netizens’ comments gradually changed


[There’s all kinds of gossip in the wealthy circle. I don’t think it has anything to do with Lin Yourong, right?]

[He handed over a lawyer’s letter the moment he came up. It’s indeed the style of a capitalist!]

[Why do I feel that Lin Yourong could have hung up and stopped her at that time? Why did she have to wait for her niece to finish saying those words? There’s something wrong with this detail.]

[Perhaps Lin Yourong didn’t spread rumors, but she did let this matter be exposed in front of the entire Internet. She should bear this responsibility.]

[It’s also a live broadcast now. Just make it clear. I don’t think there’s a need to mobilize so many people. Peace makes money.]

There were also many neutral netizens. After all, everyone had eyes and ears. Everyone had seen what happened in the live-stream. Some netizens were also very determined not to follow the rhythm of others.

At this moment, Han Qianye had already figured out the situation from MO Yujin. She was simply furious. When she heard that Lin Yourong was still quibbling, she was furious. She walked forward aggressively and pointed at Lin Yourong’s nose. “Lin Yourong, are you crazy? What do you want to do?”

Lin Yourong was stunned for a few seconds before she reacted. ‘Qianye, why are you still scolding me?”

Han Qianye said, “I’m scolding you. You’re spouting nonsense.”

Lin Yourong was about to retort, but when she thought that doing so would not achieve the effect, she immediately lowered her attitude. ‘Qianye, this matter is indeed my negligence. I’ve heard you mention it before, but I didn’t take it seriously at that time. I didn’t expect it to suddenly spread in the circle of aristocratic families. Coincidentally, our Huanhuan heard it and said a few words to me. At that time, I was careless and didn’t hang up quickly. I’m really sorry.”

These words were filled with sincerity. Her tone was also very sincere and apologetic. Not a penny less. Most importantly, there seemed to be something else revealed in these words..

However, these words were even more infuriating to Han Qianye. “Lin Yourong! Shut up!

[Brainless is getting anxious!]

[I think there’s no need for her to be so aggressive since Lin Yourong admitted her mistake.]

[Is this considered bullying?]

[Lin Yourong’s ‘I’ve heard you mention it before, but I didn’t take it seriously’ is too much information!]

[To put it bluntly, it’s true. Because she had to record a show, Li Xiwu’s husband personally rushed over to refute the rumors. He even gave a lawyer’s letter as soon as he came. I’m dying of laughter.]

[Although the Pei family in the capital has a powerful background, their favorability plummeted when they threatened others in such a live broadcast!] At this moment, Xue Jinzhu walked to Han Qianye’s side and asked Lin Yourong faintly, “Auntie, may I ask where you learn your etiquette, righteousness and shame?”

Lin Yourong was not familiar with Xue Jinzhu and did not want to talk to her.

Xue Jinzhu could tell that Lin Yourong clearly didn’t want to talk to her, so she insisted on saying, “Auntie, can’t you hear me? If you can’t hear me, I suggest you quickly shake your head and hear if it’s the sound of the sea!’

Lin Yourong’s face turned green. “Have you no manners? Why are you talking like that?”

Xue Jinzhu pouted aggrievedly. “What did I say? Oh, so you can hear me? Then why did you ignore me just now? It means that you chose to pretend to be deaf.”

[I’ve quite liked Miss Piggy recently, but I’ve lost my good impression of her tonight.]

[Xue Jinzhu, don’t be a busybody.]

[Xue Jinzhu’s actions are too shameless. No matter what, Lin Yourong is an elder, right? How can she speak to an elder like this?]

[No wonder Tang Xian doesn’t like her very much. I suddenly understood.]

Lin Yourong, who was said to be pretending to be deaf, felt angry. However, Lin Yourong still quickly suppressed her anger and said to Han Qianye, “Qianye, I don’t know how to explain it. What do you think will satisfy you? I can cooperate.”

Han Qianye sneered. “No need.”

Lin Yourong felt smug.

What she had just said was very beneficial to her. As long as Han Qianye refused to let go of her, the Pei family’s reputation would be at a disadvantage. This did not seem to be of much use and the Pei family’s power could easily diffuse it.

However, this way, Lin Yourong could remove herself. This matter had nothing to do with her. Her backup plan was still very stable.

Because the Pei family would not do anything else for their pride.

Lin Yourong thought that her plan was very good. However, she did not know that she had planned too early!

“Mrs. Zhou!’

Then Li Xiwu’s voice came from nearby.

Everyone looked in the direction of the voice.

Li Xiwu stood there.

The jacket wrapped around her slender body, and the night wind blew gently, blowing her nose red. Her almond-shaped eyes were especially bright in the night. Her hair was messy, and her face was especially beautiful. [I thought Li Xiwu wouldn’t appear!]

[Li Xiwu is back. Are the couple going to be aggressive together next?]

[I believe in Sister Li and Fourth Brother’s relationship. A substitute doesn’t exist at all.]

[I don’t like Lin Yourong’s appearance. Wait for the plot twist!]

Many netizens were teasing.

There were also many netizens waiting for a plot twist.

Li Xiwu slowly walked to Pei Jingzhou’s side. Because of Li Xiwu’s arrival, Pei

Jingzhou’s cold face softened. “You’re here.”

Li Xiwu looked up at Pei Jingzhou. “Mm.”

A few minutes ago, on the way here, Li Xiwu received Pei Jingzhou’s message and knew about his arrangements for tonight.

This time, Pei Jingzhou did not choose to deal with the Zhou family in his usual way. Instead, he chose another legal way to resolve this matter. If he resolved it in the usual way, this matter would eventually leave an imprint on the Internet. The memories of the Internet could be deleted, but human memories would not.

It would all be easier if they chose the legal way to resolve the matter.

Lin Yourong looked at Li Xiwu, who had returned, and did not take it too seriously. She thought to herself, So what if Li Xiwu returned? In any case, she could just deny this matter.

Just as she was thinking this, Li Xiwu walked up to her.

Han Qianye shouted, “Xixi…”

Li Xiwu gave Han Qianye a reassuring look and turned to Lin Yourong. “Mrs. Zhou, the contents of your call with your niece were accidentally exposed on the Internet. This matter involves my relationship with my husband. I know that explanation alone is not enough.”

Lin Yourong was extremely smug in her heart, but she said tactfully, “Yes, this matter still needs to be clarified I’ll cooperate.”

“Since Mrs. Zhou will cooperate, that’s even better.” Li Xiwu turned to Chen Xin and said, “Assistant Chen, please ask Miss Lin Huan. She’s the one who caused this misunderstanding. Let her clarify.”

Lin Yourong reminded her, “Huanhuan is at home. I’m afraid she can’t come now.”

At this moment, Lin Yourong was still thinking that she had to quickly tell Lin Huan when she got back. She had to keep her mouth shut and definitely not reveal that she was the one who instigated these words!

Li Xiwu asked, “Really?’

Lin Yourong said with certainty, “Of course. Why don’t we do it tomorrow? Isnt there a live broadcast tomorrow?”

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “But I invited Miss Lin Huan here. She’s in the car.”

Lin Yourong’s expression changed. “What? You, you, you brought Huanhuan here?”

“She was invited,” Li Xiwu said. “Since we’re going to clarify, we can’t delay it. Miss Lin Huan must be very willing to cooperate.”

Lin Yourong had a bad feeling.. It was over…

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