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Chapter 262: Chapter 262: Restore the Truth

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Chapter 262: Restore the Truth

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Lin Yourong probably did not expect Li Xiwu to bring Lin Huan here in such a short period of time.


She would never have expected that after Lin Huan called and said those deliberate words during the live broadcast, Pei Jingzhou would immediately get someone to find Lin Huan and personally bring her to the live broadcast!

[Damn! Why is it getting more and more exciting! Even television dramas aren’t this exciting!]

[Fourth Brother is already here personally. How can he let that Lin Yourong continue to spread rumors?]

[Those who sympathize with Lin Yourong, other than not having eyes, don’t you have ears? This time, Lin Yourong clearly put her on speakerphone so that everyone can hear her conversation with her niece!]

[I also want to say that why would anyone think that Lin Yourong is innocent?]

[I suddenly remember Mother-in-law Joy of the first season. I keep feeling that

Lin Yourong’s interaction with her daughter-in-law on the show was guided by Lin Yourong.]

[After the recording ended, there were a lot of people who scolded Gao Sisi. Now that I think about it, there must be something fishy…]

Under everyone’s gazes, Lin Huan followed Chen Xin with a bitter expression and was walking over.

When Lin Huan approached, she saw Lin Yourong in the crowd and immediately shouted, “Aunt!’

Lin Yourong quickly walked forward. “Huanhuan, why are you here?”

Lin Huan said nothing. Along the way, Lin Huan was scared to death, especially when she was perfectly fine at home. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, scaring her badly.

Then she was brought here.

Other than knocking on the door, those people were very gentlemanly to her. They did not intimidate or threaten her, but the more they did so, the more afraid she became because she also realized that she seemed to have gotten into trouble..

Lin Huan looked at the concern and nervousness in her aunt’s eyes and said nervously, “Yes, Mr. Pei sent someone to pick me up.”

Lin Yourong’s heart tightened. At this moment, Li Xiwu slowly said, “Miss Lin.”

Lin Huan looked at Li Xiwu, who was calling her. The two of them had already met just now. The two of them had come together, but Li Xiwu had appeared first. She waited in the car.

The two of them had already talked about what they needed to talk about. She wasn’t completely honest, and Li Xiwu hadn’t threatened her with the truth, or done anything to her. She had always respected her.

Li Xiwu could tell that Lin Huan was nervous. “Miss Lin, I hope you can explain clearly in front of everyone and on camera what you said to Mrs. Zhou on the phone.”

Lin Huan swallowed nervously. “I..

Lin Yourong suddenly said, “Miss Li, no matter what, you can’t be aggressive, right?!’

This sudden accusation stunned everyone present. Even Li Xiwu was stunned. She glanced sideways at Lin Yourong, who looked a little angry. “Mrs. Zhou, what do you mean?”

Lin Yourong took the opportunity to say, “Miss Li, I caused this misunderstanding. I’ll definitely visit you early tomorrow to apologize. Is that okay? Huanhuan is timid. There are many people here. I’m afraid I’ll scare her.” Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “Mrs. Zhou, we invited Miss Lin here to clarify this misunderstanding. Why wait until tomorrow?”

Lin Yourong panicked. “I think..

Li Xiwu interrupted Lin Yourong. “There’s no need for Mrs. Zhou to think so. It’s enough for everyone to know the truth. Besides…” Li Xiwu looked at Lin Huan, who was a little nervous but not frightened. “Besides, since Miss Lin is here, she naturally won’t be as easily frightened as Mrs. Zhou said.”

Lin Yourong wanted to stop her.

Pei Jingzhou, who was standing quietly at the side, said, “Mrs. Zhou!’

When Lin Yourong heard Pei Jingzhou’s voice, her heart skipped a beat. This time, it was Pei Jingzhou who spoke. She did not dare to refute and said with a dry smile, “I just feel sorry for my niece.”

Pei Jingzhou’s lips curled up. “It’s the same for me, my heart aches for my wife, so if we can clarify this matter as soon as possible, we should clarify it as soon as possible. Why are you hemming and hawing?’

Pei Jingzhou was a reasonable person now. He did not show the dictatorial style of a capitalist at all. Especially since he chose to clarify in public and not settle it in private, it was enough to stop many people from nitpicking.

Li Xiwu retreated a little and left the main position of the camera to Lin Huan. “Miss Lin, please explain what you said on the phone clearly. Whose mouth did you hear it from? It concerns my husband’s and my reputation. I hope you can tell me the truth.”

Everyone’s gaze landed on Lin Huan. There were too many gazes, making Lin Huan feel too pressured and nervous. [That Miss Lin, hurry up and say it. I’m so anxious!]

[This Miss Lin must know something.]

[That Lin Yourong looks guilty. She must be up to something.]

[This is the magnanimity of a top wealthy family. How is she being aggressive?

She’s just asking the rumormonger to restore the truth.]

[Fourth Brother and Sister Li have always resolved things harmoniously in public. You have to know that this is the Pei family in the capital. This way of settling things can be said to be very dignified.]

Yu Hewei, who was watching this scene from the side, smiled.

What a show.

It was just that she was not involved. If she had known that Lin Yourong would do this, she would have participated. It would definitely have been more exciting.

At this moment, in front of everyone, Lin Huan faced Li Xiwu and said officially, “I’m sorry, Miss Li.”

Li Xiwu said nothing.

Lin Huan decided to take responsibility for everything. “I didn’t hear these words from anyone else, and no one in the aristocratic circle spread them. I-I was too jealous of you, so I said these words. At that time, I didn’t know that Aunt was under the live broadcast camera, so I didn’t control my mouth for a moment. I’m willing to take responsibility for letting these words affect Miss Li and Mr. Pei.”

Li Xiwu said calmly, “Is that so?”

Lin Huan nodded. “It is. It’s also my personal reason. I shouldnt be jealous of you. It’s my fault alone. It has nothing to do with anyone.”

Lin Yourong, who had been very nervous at the side, heaved a sigh of relief when she heard Lin Huan’s words and removed her. Fortunately, she had not doted on her niece for nothing.

She thought that she would give herself up, but she did not expect her to take all the responsibility!

How nice!

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Pei Jingzhou and said, “What do you think, Fourth Brother?”

Pei Jingzhou’s voice was cold. “Since you’ve clarified, let’s forget about this matter!’

Li Xiwu’s eyelashes curved. “Okay.”

Lin Huan was stunned when she heard that it was over. She was prepared to take responsibility for Mr. Pei’s anger and all of this, but in the end, Mr. Pei and Miss Li let it go just like that? Did she hear wrongly?

Not only Lin Huan, but Lin Yourong was also very surprised..

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