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Chapter 263: Chapter 263: They’re a Real Couple. Don’t Even Think About Being a Mistress

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Chapter 263: They’re a Real Couple. Don’t Even Think About Being a Mistress

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She had already thought of how to plead for Huanhuan, but Pei Jingzhou and Li Xiwu had no intention of pursuing the matter.


Pei Jingzhou gestured to the lawyer. “Since they admitted this matter and sincerely apologized, take back the lawyer’s letter and don’t pursue the matter.”

The lawyer did as he was told. “Okay, Mr. Pei.”

Soon, the lawyer put away the lawyer’s letter in public and retreated to stand behind Chen Xin. It was as if the matter had been resolved and he did not have to participate in anything from now on!

Han Qianye was still very unhappy. He was letting them off just like that? Or did her son have other plans and was prepared to deal with the Zhou family in private?

At this moment, Xue Jinzhu stood up and said in an unhappy tone, “Hey, Miss Lin, don’t think that you can be secretly happy just because Sister Li said that she won’t pursue the matter. I feel that your apology isn’t sincere enough!’ Tang Xian pulled Xue Jinzhu. “Jinzhu, don’t speak so loudly.”

Chen Xin’s gaze landed on Tang Xian. Tang Xian ignored Chen Xin’s gaze and pulled Xue Jinzhu back.

Xue Jinzhu waved her hands and stood with her arms crossed. Her unhappiness was written all over her face.

[This Xue Jinzhu is really dramatic!]

[Li Xiwu didn’t even pursue the matter, but she insisted on jumping out and saying more.]

[She’s already admitted her mistake and apologized. She didn’t pursue the matter. The matter was resolved successfully.]

[Sister Li is so generous. Fourth Brother is so gentle. Who said that top-notch wealthy families are very arrogant? As expected of the real couple I’m the most enthusiastic about!]

[Everyone knows why Miss Lin is spreading rumors, right? She’s very beautiful, a beauty that can be seen at a glance in the crowd, but when she stands beside Sister Li, she instantly pales in comparison. Also, they’re a real couple. Don’t even think about being a mistress.]

[Fortunately, I trust Sister Li very firmly. Those who change sides with the wind, explode on the spot!]

[It’s time to end today’s live broadcast. I’m looking forward to tomorrow.]

Everyone thought that this matter was over. The nearly 20 million online viewers thought that the live broadcast was also about to end.

A face that Mother-in-Law Joy had not seen for a long time appeared on camera. It was also because of this person’s appearance that the popularity of the live broadcast quickly exceeded 20 million!

“Gao Sisi!’

Yu Jing was the one who cried out in surprise. He hurriedly pushed Gao Yueban, who was beside him. “Hey, hey, hey! Gao Sisi is here!’

Gao Yueban said, “I’m not blind. I saw it.”

Yu Jing asked, “What does Gao Sisi mean by appearing at this time? She just happened to be in the limelight. What’s going on?’

“There’s no need to write a script for the screenwriter. Tonight’s episode can be considered the drama of the year.” Gao Yueban couldn’t help but sigh.

On the other side.

Seeing that the matter had been resolved properly, Lin Yourong was in a good mood. When she looked up, she saw a familiar figure in the crowd on Tang Xian’s side. She stood there quietly and looked at her.

After Lin Yourong saw that person’s face clearly, her heart trembled!

Gao Sisi! Why was she here?!!

The moment Lin Yourong noticed Gao Sisi, Gao Sisi walked over.

At the same time, everyone saw Gao Sisi suddenly appear.

When Lin Yourong saw Gao Sisi’s expression, she widened her mouth in surprise. “Gao Sisi! Why are you here?”

[I’m ready to quit the live broadcast! As soon as Gao Sisi appeared, I woke up.]

[As a fan of the first season, let me explain. Gao Sisi is Lin Yourong’s daughter-in-law in the first season of Mother-in-Law Joy.]

[Isn’t Gao Sisi raising a gigolo in marriage? She did it to the fullest on the previous show. At that time, she was scolded badly. How dare she appear on the live broadcast of the second season?]

[Should I say it? Gao Sisi looks so haggard]

[She didn’t have a good life and no money to squander after she must have left the Zhou family. No one indulged her. That’s why she’s so haggard.]

[This serves her right. It’s fine if she caused so much trouble. It’s not a big problem, but she has a gigolo. Her private life in marriage is not proper at all. Back then, Lin Yourong was very tolerant of her and did not let her leave with nothing. She even seemed to have given her a lot of money.]

[I don’t understand why Gao Sisi is here at this time!]

Most netizens were wondering why Gao Sisi had appeared in front of Mother-in-Law Joy’s live broadcast at this time. However, most of the speculations were malicious.

What happened back then made many people have a bad impression of Gao Sisi.

Gao Sisi slowly walked up to Lin Yourong. She was wearing a thick black down jacket. The loose style made her body look a little bloated, but in fact, she was not fat and was very thin. In fact, she was so thin that she looked out of shape.

This was the change in her entire being after the divorce.

Gao Sisi raised her hand and combed her long hair. Under the light, she looked a little more energetic. She looked at Lin Yourong, who looked like she had seen a

ghost, and said, “Mrs. Zhou, long time no see.”

If not for the fact that there were people around and the live broadcast, Lin Yourong would definitely have pushed Gao Sisi away.

But she couldn’t do that now.

Not only could she not do that, but she also had to show concern. She asked gently, “Sisi, why are you here? I haven’t seen you in a long time. How have you been? You seem to have lost a lot of weight.”

Gao Sisi smiled. “I did lose weight.”

When Lin Yourong heard this, she was even more concerned than before. “Why haven’t you taken good care of yourself recently? How has your life been unsatisfactory? Just tell me. Even if you’re not my daughter-in-law now, you’re still my family to me.”

Gao Sisi said, “I’m afraid I’m not worthy of this family.”

Lin Yourong smiled and said, “How could that be? We’ve been family before. You’re my family now.”

Gao Sisi suddenly asked, “Really?”

When she asked this, Gao Sisi’s eyes lit up.

Lin Huan watched from the side and felt that something was wrong. She did not have a deep impression of Gao Sisi because she had been studying in H Nation and had not spent much time back in the country. She had only met Gao Sisi a few times.

In her impression, Gao Sisi was a very lively girl with a good personality. She was easy to talk to and innocent. She had probably been pampered by her cousin.

Later on, she heard that after Gao Sisi and her aunt went on a variety show, she divorced her cousin not long after. The reason was that Gao Sisi’s private life was indecent and she raised a gigolo to censor the Zhou family..

Lin Yourong nodded. “Of course. Of course you’re still my family.” After answering, Lin Yourong stared at Gao Sisi’s face and said with concern, “Look at you. You’ve lost too much weight.”

With that, Lin Yourong took the initiative to hold Gao Sisi’s hand. “You don’t take good care of yourself at all. I’ll get Auntie to go to your place to take care of you for a while. Let’s go. I’ll send you home first.”

Holding Gao Sisi’s hand, Lin Yourong did not forget Lin Huan and reminded her,

“Huanhuan, we should go..”

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