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Chapter 264: Chapter 264: The Real Face Is Exposed! Vicious Woman!

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Chapter 264: The Real Face Is Exposed! Vicious Woman!

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Lin Huan still wanted to apologize to Li Xiwu in private later. Just as she was about to say that she would leave first, she suddenly saw’ Gao Sisi shake off Lin Yourong’s hand. This action shocked her!


Lin Huan’s eyes widened.

Xue Jinzhu, who was watching from the side, also widened her eyes. “Damn, what’s going on!’

Li Xiwu glanced sideways at Pei Jingzhou. Pei Jingzhou’s gaze was on her. Their eyes met and he gave her a reassuring look.

That’s right. This was the real drama.

She and Pei Jingzhou were the parties involved in spreading rumors. If the other party apologized, it was impossible for them to not let it go in front of everyone.

However, according to Pei Jingzhou’s personality, he would not let it go. Therefore, he made sufficient arrangements.

Gao Sisi. who had aDDeared. was also included in the arrangements.

Some people had to pay the price for what they had done. For example, Lin Yourong had tried her best to chase Gao Sisi out of the Zhou family and even destroyed Gao Sisi’s reputation, making her unable to raise her head for the rest of her life.

At this moment, Gao Sisi suddenly shook off Lin Yourong’s hand. Everyone was shocked!

[Damn! What is Gao Sisi doing?]

[Why do I feel that Gao Sisi is crazy? It’s as if she’s drunk. She’s so thin that she’s almost out of shape!]

[Did she raise too many men and have her essence sucked dry? Hahahahaa]

[Lin Yourong is really too good to her. If my daughter-in-law were like this, I would kick her as far as I can.]

[I want to see what new tricks this Gao Sisi can come up with.]

More and more people scolded Gao Sisi. The comments were getting worse.

Lin Yourong looked at Gao Sisi’s abnormal expression and asked with concern, “Sisi, what’s wrong?’

Gao Sisi took out her phone and opened a recorded scene for Lin Yourong to see. “Mrs. Zhou, do you know what this is?”

When Lin Yourong saw a recording on the screen, her heart skipped a beat. It shouldn’t be a bad thing, right? Lin Yourong comforted herself. Don’t think too much. It had been so long. If Gao Sisi still had evidence of her scheme to chase her out, she would have taken it out to threaten her.

Thinking of this, Lin Yourong was much more relieved. She pretended to ask, “Sisi, what is this?”

Gao Sisi’s voice suddenly became sharp. “It’s Mrs. Zhou’s plan to chase her daughter-in-law out of the wealthy family!’

As soon as she finished speaking, Lin Yourong’s expression changed. She subconsciously reached out to take the phone from Gao Sisi’s hand.

Gao Sisi avoided her hand “Mrs. Zhou, are you feeling guilty?”

Lin Yourong still maintained the smile on her face. “Sisi, what nonsense are you talking about?”

“That’s right. In Mrs. Zhou’s opinion, isn’t it just nonsense?”

Gao Sisi took a step back and held the phone steadily in her hand. “It’s precisely because I knew that even if I made this evidence public, I wouldnt be able to cause any trouble. This is because you, Mrs. Zhou, will suppress it immediately. This kind of thankless thing will never be washed away. I’d rather not do it than take this evidence. Tonight is really a suitable opportunity.”

Lin Yourong’s expression darkened. The gentleness and concern on her face disappeared. She glared at Gao Sisi fiercely. “What nonsense are you talking about! You’re crazy. What do you look like!’

Lin Yourongs expression suddenly changed, shocking everyone.

Especially netizens.

Gao Sisi’s eyes turned red. “Look, as long as I speak, it’s nonsense. If you casually accuse me twice, I’ll be consigned to eternal damnation.”

“Gao Sisi!’

“Don’t call me.” Gao Sisi’s expression turned cold, and the phone in her hand swayed gently. “Since no one believes what I said, let everyone hear what you said, Mrs. Zhou.”

Under Lin Yourong’s disbelieving gaze, Gao Sisi opened the recording she had saved.

—Gao Sisi! Are you courting death? I advise you to sign the divorce agreement obediently. Otherwise, I’ll teach you a lesson!

As soon as this voice sounded, everyone immediately recognized it.

It was Lin Yourong’s voice! That tone and those words were like two completely different people from her current appearance.

Then Gao Sisi’s voice sounded.

—Are you so intolerant of me?

—The entire Internet knows what kind of person you are now. You’re promiscuous and fickle. Should I keep you so you can continue to embarrass our Zhou family?

—You know very well that this has nothing to do with me. It’s all a trap you dug for me step by step. What gigolo? What promiscuous woman? It has nothing to do with me at all. I only have Zhou Qing as a man. I only love Zhou Qing.

—Shut up! Who do you think you are! Hurry up and sign it. Pack your luggage and get out of the Zhou family. Otherwise, I’ll completely ruin your reputation.

—Mom, I can move out. I don’t want to divorce Zhou Qing. (Here are the uncontrollable cries.)

—Why are you crying? Are you at a funeral? I went on this lousy show just for today. I spent a lot of effort to make Ah Qing believe that you’re a promiscuous woman. You’re from a lowly family. It’s already benevolent of me to let you be the wife of a wealthy family for half a year. Mrs. Zhou’s position is not something you can sit on.

—Mom .

—Two people came and pressed her to sign. After signing, they threw her out.

When the recording was exposed, the entire Internet was shocked.

Lin Yourong tried to go forward and snatch the phone from Gao Sisi’s hand. Gao Sisi retreated and dodged. She said with a heart-wrenching smile, “I’ve never thought of going back to the Zhou family again. Don’t worry, but I can’t swallow this dirty water and injustice… I’ve always been waiting for such an opportunity to wash away the dirty water on me. Tonight was really too suitable. In order to rush to me earlier, I almost got into a car accident. Fortunately, everything was in time!!”

Lin Yourong was so angry that her entire body was trembling. “Gao Sisi, don’t think that just because you took a phone and played a recording there, people will believe you. That’s not what I said at all. You synthesized it, right?! Yes, synthesize! It’s synthesis!’

Gao Sisi chuckled. “The voices can be synthesized. What if I have other videos?” “Video?!” Lin Yourong’s heart trembled.

How could there be a video? At that time, these words were said in the Zhou Residence. Even if there were surveillance cameras in the living room, one had to have her permission to retrieve the footage.

Gao Sisi’s smile was bitter. “Ever since I entered the Zhou family, I’ve been living in pain almost every day. Sometimes, I feel like I’ve married into an ancient family and become a concubine. In fact, I’m worse than a concubine. My every word and action dissatisfies you. You scold me at every turn and mentally insult me. At first, I would only endure it silently. Later on, I started recording. I’m not afraid to tell you that I still have many recordings of you mentally insulting me, including…”

Lin Yourong wanted to tear Gao Sisi’s mouth apart. With that in mind, she rushed forward.

Pei Jingzhou raised his hand, and Chen Xin immediately went forward to stop Lin Yourong. The others quickly went forward to help stop Lin Yourong, while

Li Xiwu stood in front of Gao Sisi.

Gao Sisi looked at Li Xiwu’s figure with red eyes.

She looked past Li Xiwu’s shoulder and saw the agitated Lin Yourong. She said firmly, “Including the fact that you lied to me about going on Mother-in-Law Joy’s variety show. I have to follow the script you gave me. At that time, I naively thought that you would slowly accept me if I listened to you, but I didn’t expect that those were all your plans to chase me out of the Zhou family! You’re the vicious woman!”

Everyone present gasped.

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