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Chapter 265: Chapter 265: Take Out All The Evidence And Slap Her In The Face

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Chapter 265: Take Out All The Evidence And Slap Her In The Face

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No one would have thought that Lin Yourong, who performed the best and most likable in Mother-in-Law Joy’s show last season, would actually be so terrifying!


Everything that happened to Gao Sisi was a script she had arranged in advance. After the show ended, she exposed Gao Sisi and forced her to look so pitiful! It was not an exaggeration to say that such behavior was innumerable!

At this moment, Lin Yourong, who was tied up, no longer had her usual kind expression. She pointed at Gao Sisi and said loudly, “Stop slandering me!”

“Gao Sisi!” Lin Yourong glared at Gao Sisi. “You’re really an ingrate. I treated you well, but you bit me instead! Aren’t you afraid of retribution?!” Even at this moment, Lin Yourong was still quibbling.

And what she said made people wonder. Which of them was lying?

[My worldview has been refreshed again!]

[Did I scold Gao Sisi too early? She looks so pitiful.]

[Maybe she’s just riding on the popularity. It’s obvious that Gao Sisi isn’t simple since she knew to save the recording. She’s not a simple little white flower.]

[What Gao Sisi said contradicted her actions. One moment, she was smart enough to save the recording, and the next moment, she foolishly followed the script arranged by Lin Yourong. Perhaps she’s also acting now.]

[This is the first time I’ve seen what it means to be insignificant. Gao Sisi doesn’t have any background. Coupled with what happened previously, everyone sees her with a filter of prejudice. However, in fact, Gao Sisi didn’t do anything, but she has to pay the price for what Lin Yourong did.]

[It’s only scary to have conspiracy theories. Gao Sisi is already so miserable.

Tonight’s exposure is her only chance. She must have thought of exposing Lin Yourong’s true colors in the past, but she doesn’t have any background. How can she compete with Lin Yourong?]

[Gao Sisi is so pitiful.]

Lin Yourong was still defending herself. “Gao Sisi, on account of our previous relationship as mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I often take good care of you, even though you and Ah Qing are divorced.

“I never expected what happened to the farmer and the snake to happen to me. I didn’t expect you’ll turn around and bite me and splash this dirty water on me today. I blurted out those words in a moment of anger. I hope you’re on your own. Don’t always think about those crooked ways. Learn to be a good person is more important than anything!”

These words were very true. It almost made people believe Lin Yourong’s words. It also made Gao Sisi instantly at a disadvantage. If she did not take out concrete evidence to prove that Lin Yourong had done this to her, this would definitely be a farce and make Gao Sisi a joke.

For a moment, everyone’s gaze landed on Gao Sisi.

They wanted to see if Gao Sisi would still refute and if there would really be so-called evidence to slap Lin Yourong’s face.

Under everyone’s gaze—

Gao Sisi slowly walked out from behind Li Xiwu. She did not give up because of Lin Yourong’s words, nor did she flinch at all. Her thin face was filled with determination.

She raised her phone. “Didn’t you say that I was slandering you? Then I’ll let everyone see clearly what kind of person you, Lin Yourong, are. No one is better at distorting the truth than you.”

Lin Yourong’s pupils constricted when she heard this.

Immediately after, Gao Sisi opened a video recording on her phone and played the video in front of the live broadcast camera. This time, it was no longer a voice that could only be guessed and suspected. This time, Lin Yourong was also in the video.

Her nasty words, rough tugging, and especially her insults made everyone see the other side of Lin Yourong’s kind appearance! After the video finished playing, she continued to play the next one.

The cameraman very considerately zoomed in. The netizens, who had already exceeded 20 million online, had seen the video clearly!

Lin Yourong’s face was pale. She wanted to go forward and snatch the phone from Gao Sisi’s hand, but she was stopped. She could not go forward no matter what. Like a lunatic, she shouted at Gao Sisi to turn off the video.

Gao Sisi only looked coldly at the crazy Lin Yourong and saw that she was really angry from embarrassment after being exposed in public. Her fierce face seemed to be about to rush up and tear her apart in the next second!

[F*ck! This is a vicious woman!]

[I almost believed Lin Yourong’s nonsense!]

[The truth is already in front of her. What’s there to feel aggrieved about, Lin Yourong? The comments were all scolding Gao Sisi just now. Why aren’t those people continuing to scold her now?]

[A while ago, I saw the news of a daughter-in-law trembling and twitching on the ground when she heard her mother-in-law’s name. At that time, I thought the news was exaggerated. After seeing Gao Sisi’s encounter, I realized that it was not exaggerated at all. Gao Sisi is so miserable.]

[I have to say that Gao Sisi’s heart is really strong. This day has finally come!]

[I really didn’t expect Lin Yourong to do anything to chase her daughter-in-law out. How can she be so vicious!]

[Gao Sisi came from a well-off family and relied on her own efforts to get into a famous school. Just because her family background was not good enough and she could not bring business benefits to the Zhou family, she was trampled on by Lin Yourong like this. This Lin Yourong is too terrifying.]

Min Hanronz, who was standing at the side, was glad for the first time that she had never treated Tao Jing badly since Tao Jing entered the Wu family. Although she did not treat her as her biological daughter, she had never mistreated Tao Jing.

Seeing Lin Yourong’s vicious side just now, Min Hanrong said something practical. “The Zhou family’s stock market will definitely plummet tomorrow.”

When Xue Jinzhu heard Min Hanrong’s words, she echoed, “The entire Internet knows that a vicious woman has appeared in the Zhou family. They have to consider carefully working with the Zhou Corporation in the future.”

MO Yujin remained silent. She did not expect such a big show tonight, but this Lin Yourong was indeed quite bad. In order to chase out her daughter-in-law, she would really do anything.

They were all women, so they should know that a woman’s reputation was very important. However, Lin Yourong had ruined Gao Sisi’s reputation. Now that she would be exposed, even the heavens could not stand the grievances that Gao Sisi had suffered!

Han Qianye closed her eyes and looked away from Lin Yourong.

At this moment, Gao Sisi put away her phone and said to Lin Yourong in a calm tone, “Mrs. Zhou, you always said that I wanted to become a phoenix. You said that I don’t have such fortune and that I can only be an ordinary person in my life. What about you? Didn’t you use tricks to become Mrs. Zhou back then?” Lin Yourong roared, “Shut up! If you continue, I’ll tear your mouth apart!” Gao Sisi chuckled and turned to look at the trembling Lin Huan.

Caught off guard, Lin Huan met Gao Sisi’s gaze and took half a step back..

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