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Chapter 266: Chapter 266: The Most Complete Counterattack

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Chapter 266: The Most Complete Counterattack

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Gao Sisi put her hands in her pockets and looked at Lin Huan calmly. “You took the blame for her. You’re so noble, just as stupid as I was back then.”


Lin Huan’s heart skipped a beat. Just because of Gao Sisi’s words, everyone’s gazes gathered on Gao Sisi again.

Netizens speculated online: [What’s going on? That Miss Lin took the blame for her aunt? Why?]

[What else did Lin Yourong do?]

[I felt that something was wrong just now. Since Sister Li and Fourth Brother did not pursue the matter, I did not think too much about it. Now, it seems that I feel that there’s something fishy about the initial matter.]

[Is it only because Miss Lin is jealous that she started a rumor? To be honest, I don’t believe it completely. Lin Yourong definitely can’t escape responsibility.] [Damn, don’t tell me even Gao Sisi knows? Gao Sisi is really going all out.]

Lin Huan was very flustered. On the one hand, she was afraid that the real truth would be exposed and make her aunt’s current situation even worse. On the other hand, she thought of the things her aunt had done… that her aunt had actually done anything to destroy a girl her age.

What did Gao Sisi do wrong? She was only married to her cousin. She had not done anything to let the Zhou family down or harm them. Why had she experienced so much darkness? It was all caused by her aunt.

If not for the fact that today’s timing was right, Lin Huan did not dare to imagine how long Gao Sisi would have to experience such an endless and hopeless life.

Perhaps Gao Sisi still had a chance. Or perhaps she would rot in the dirt for the rest of her life.

And the culprit behind all this was her aunt!

Just as Lin Huan thought that Gao Sisi would say something, Gao Sisi turned around. “I finally… wiped away the dirty water on my body that I almost thought I would never be able to wipe away in my life.”

Gao Sisi was about to leave. Such a carefree and agile back. It did not seem to have any intention of doing anything else.

As she had said, she had come tonight to prove her innocence and clean herself up. She wanted to continue uprightly, unlike before, when she was criticized by her neighbors and did not dare to retort loudly. She was treated as a joke and conversation topic by her relatives and friends, and her friends distanced themselves from her one after another.

This was a live broadcast for the entire country. Everyone had witnessed her counterattack. From now on, if anyone poked at her back again, she could refute them very loudly.

However, the angry Lin Yourong did not intend to let Gao Sisi leave so easily. She pushed away the person beside her and was about to rush forward to stop Gao Sisi.

Everyone present panicked. They were afraid that Lin Yourong would do something irreversible.

Fortunately, at this moment, Lin Huan suddenly rushed forward and pulled Lin

Yourong, who had lost control. “Aunt! Aunt!”

Lin Yourong angrily shook off Lin Huan’s hand. “Move.”

Lin Huan grabbed Lin Yourong’s arm tightly. “Aunt, all your actions are on camera. Calm down.”

As soon as she said this, Lin Yourong was stunned. She realized how rude she had been. She actually lost control and insulted Gao Sisi in public! However, when she thought about how Gao Sisi had exposed those things, she was furious. She was so angry that she wished she could tear Gao Sisi’s face apart!

Lin Yourong thought to herself that since it was difficult to do these things in front of the live broadcast camera, she would do it outside of the camera. She had to teach Gao Sisi, that b*tch, a lesson and let her know the consequences of offending her!

As she thought this, the expression on Lin Yourong’s face became strange.

She pushed Lin Huan’s hand away and was about to walk forward when Lin Huan suddenly said, “Aunt, can you not be like this? Gao Sisi has already become like this because of you. What else do you want? I’ve listened to you and did as you say this time. I’ve taken responsibility for everything. Let’s go back and stop causing trouble.”

Lin Yourong suddenly turned to look at Lin Huan. Lin Huan’s eyes were filled with tears because her heart ached for Gao Sisi. She did not expect Gao Sisi to be tricked so badly by her aunt. However, to Lin Huan’s surprise, Lin Yourong raised her hand and slapped her face— Smack!

There was a sharp sound.

Lin Yourong raised her hand and slapped Lin Huan’s cheek heavily. With this slap, Lin Huan glanced to the side, and crystalline tears fell from her eyes.

After Lin Yourong finished slapping, she was stunned. The burning sensation on her palm became denser and denser. Only then did she realize that she had actually hit Lin Huan in public. “Huanhuan, I…”

Lin Huan covered her face and retreated aggrievedly. “Aunt, if you can vent your anger by hitting me, I’m willing to be hit by you, but don’t make things difficult for Gao Sisi anymore. It’s not easy for her either. I listened to you this time, but I can’t do such a thing again in the future. Uncle will be angry if he finds out.

At the mention of the Zhou family’s head, Lin Yourong realized that she had caused a huge disaster! She was in no mood to care about Lin Huan. She stumbled and ran away first. This direction was in the direction Gao Sisi had left.

Li Xiwu immediately said to Chen Xin, “Assistant Chen, for safety reasons, send

Miss Gao home. You must send her to the door.”

Chen Xin was already prepared. He nodded. “Okay, Madam.”

Li Xiwu was not used to hearing Chen Xin call her Madam so she was caught off guard. It was probably because Chen Xin wanted to call her Miss Li just now, but he realized that it was not appropriate to call her Miss Li on this occasion, so he changed it to Madam.

After Chen Xin left, the entire recording venue fell silent.

[This slap hurts even through the screen.]

[I knew this Lin Yourong was not a good person. In the future, which fearless person would dare to marry into the Zhou family? If they go, they will risk their lives.]

[When I saw Gao Sisi leave so freely, I really had mixed feelings. I apologize for what I said to her just now. I’m sorry, Gao Sisi. I hope you can meet a good person in the future.]

[This Lin Yourong is so scary. Lin Huan took the blame for her. So it was Lin

Yourong who spread rumors about Sister Li and Fourth Brother’s relationship.]

[Miss Lin chose to make this matter clear. She did the right thing. She only suffered a slap. This Lin Yourong is too scary.]

[As expected, it was Lin Yourong’s idea. How dare she create such rumors. It’s too disgusting.]

[Cursing the Zhou family’s stock market to plummet tomorrow. It’s best if the Zhou family goes bankrupt.]

[I was afraid that Lin Yourong’s son would find out the truth and go back to look for Gao Sisi. Although it’s possible that that man did not know from the beginning to the end, if he comes back to look for Gao Sisi, Gao Sisi must not be with that scumbag.]

[That’s right. Such a man would divorce you because of an illusion and misunderstanding created by others. He has never thought of living with you seriously for the rest of his life.]

[I’m sorry, Gao Sisi. I’ve always misunderstood your character. I hope you can be happy from now on..]

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