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Chapter 267: Chapter 267: Satisfying!

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Chapter 267: Satisfying!

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It was already ten o’clock.


According to the schedule, today’s live broadcast should end at nine-thirty.

At this time, the 20 million popularity that had been unable to break through these few days finally broke through the 20 million highest popularity and was also the highest popularity so far.

At this moment, the passers-by had already returned home one after another. The production team staff had surrounded this place. Just now, only all the guests, Pei Jingzhou, and Gao Sisi had rushed over.

Although Pei Jingzhou had arranged for Gao Sisi to do this, everything was up to Gao Sisi. There was no threat.

Gao Sisi had been paying attention to the live broadcast since she found out that Lin Yourong had appeared in Mother-in-Law Joy’s live broadcast this afternoon. At that time, she had been hesitating if she should take the risk and rush to this show to expose Lin Yourong’s true colors.

But she was afraid of being chased away as a lunatic. After all, Lin Yourong was so capable. This way, her chances would become even smaller. She would have to live in the shadow of this for the rest of her life.

While she was in pain, she received a call. To her, it was almost a call of salvation. Then, without hesitation, she drove over in a hurry. At the speed she sped along the way, she almost got into a car accident.

She was in such a hurry because she had a chance.

It was that President Pei who gave her a chance. She had to seize this opportunity. She had to! Fortunately, she had succeeded. She had finally wiped away the dirt on her body. From now on, she will not live as painfully as before.

Mother-in-law Joy’s explosive content tonight was undoubtedly trending on Weibo. And it reached the top of the trending searches as quickly as possible. The entries were #Mother-in-Law Joy#. There were no words. If one clicked on them, they would be able to see the trending topic tonight.

Some netizens posted Mother-in-Law Joy’s recording on Weibo. The discussion was very high, and the likes had reached more than 500,000.

[After watching the recording, I just want to say that this Lin Yourong is too disgusting.]

[Back then, Gao Sisi was scolded so badly that she was forced to divorce. If not for the fact that Gao Sisi’s heart was still strong, she would have gone crazy.] [Lin Yourong’s own history is not very glorious. It’s really awesome.]

[Lin Yourong was drenched in the rain when she became Mrs. Zhou, so she wanted to tear Gao Sisi’s umbrella apart.]

[This Lin Yourong is too evil. She even spread rumors about Li Xiwu and her husband. How disgusting.]

[Especially since she can watch her niece take the blame for her with a clear conscience. The Zhou family should chase her out.]

There were more and more criticisms.

Everyone was cursing the Zhou Corporation’s stock market to plummet tomorrow. Who knew that the negative public opinion caused by Lin Yourong’s personal actions had already affected the Zhou Corporation’s stock market?

When the netizens saw this, they were very satisfied!

It was already ten-fifteen.

Mother-in-Law Joy’s recording on the first day of the last episode of the second season ended at five minutes past ten.

Tonight, it had obtained the highest popularity and exploded with topics!

Mother-in-Law Joy’s variety show has become a popular A-list variety show!

Lin Huan would naturally be sent away the same way she was picked up. However, before she left, she still did what she had thought before. She walked up to Li Xiwu and Pei Jingzhou.

Although she was nervous and afraid of Pei Jingzhou, she still had to muster the courage to say what she needed to say. Her tone was very sincere. “Miss Li, I’m really sorry about this matter. I’ll apologize to you on behalf of my aunt.”

Li Xiwu’s voice was calm. “You should go home early.”

Lin Huan bowed. “I’m sorry, Miss Li. I apologize for this.”

Li Xiwu reached out and raised Lin Huan’s shoulder, indicating that she should stand up straight. After Lin Huan stood up straight, Li Xiwu said, “Actually, in the end, I didn’t expect you to tell the truth.”

Lin Huan sighed and lowered her eyes. “I was blinded for a moment. I thought, I thought…”

Li Xiwu said, “You thought it’s what your aunt said?”

Lin Huan said nothing.

Li Xiwu looked at Lin Huan’s self-reproachful expression and said in a gentler voice, “You have to learn to judge for yourself.” Lin Huan nodded. “Then I’ll go back first.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Okay.”

The car drove over. The driver got out and opened the door for Lin Huan. Lin Huan bent down and got into the car before leaving.

After the live broadcast, the others returned to the hotel one after another as they tried to digest everything that had happened tonight.

Han Qianye was preoccupied and did not say much.

Because Chen Xin had left and President Pei was still around, Xue Jinzhu could not speak to anyone, so she could only follow Tang Xian back to the hotel. Min

Hanrong’s group and Xiang Lan’s group were also with her. Han Qianye and MO Yujin walked behind.

Min Hanrong had already put away her microphone and said with a sigh, “Speaking of which, harming others and yourself. This Lin Yourong is really too much. Why did she have to be so ruthless?”

Tang Xian sighed. “How could she not feel guilty after hurting Gao Sisi like that?”

Xue Jinzhu, who was walking slowly with her arms crossed, chimed in, “Some people are born so bad that they’re completely bad. Even if they do something even worse, she won’t feel that she did anything wrong.”

Tao Jing remained silent.

She had also married into a wealthy family, but her family background was good to begin with, and she was also the educated type. Min Hanrong had treated her quite well. Compared to Gao Sisi’s encounter, she could not empathize, but it was true that she felt very sympathetic, so she still felt very uncomfortable, especially when she thought of Gao Sisi’s gaze when she left. Her heart ached for her…

Xiang Lan did not have the habit of discussing others, even Lin Yourong, who had done many bad things.

She glanced sideways at Xu Muzhen, who was beside her. At this moment, Xu Muzhen was like a cha in a melon field, jumping up and down as she listened carefully to everyone’s gossip about Lin Yourong, especially how she got to her position now.

At this moment, the production team finished work one after another and moved all the recording equipment back to the hotel.

By the time everyone dispersed, it was ten-thirty.

Li Xiwu relaxed and returned to the car with Pei Jingzhou. She only planned to sit for a while and talk to Pei Jingzhou while they returned to the hotel. Unexpectedly, Pei Jingzhou asked the driver to drive.

Li Xiwu asked, “Where to?”

Pei Jingzhou’s gaze landed on her face. “I booked another hotel.”

Li Xiwu sat up straight. “When did this happen?”

Pei Jingzhou pulled her hand over. “When I came.”

Li Xiwu leaned closer to Pei Jingzhou. “Thank you for tonight, Fourth Brother.”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Since we’re husband and wife, we’re bound together. You can treat it as if I’m doing this for myself. There’s no need to thank me.” Li Xiwu smiled brightly. “Then, thank you, Hubby.”

Pei Jingzhou lowered his head and kissed her forehead. “Don’t tease me.”

Li Xiwu looked up. “Is this considered teasing?”

Pei Jingzhou said, “Yes, even if it’s a smile.”

The smile on Li Xiwu’s face faded, but it was not because of her conversation with Pei Jingzhou. She said, “Fourth Brother, I want to know some of my past interactions with Yu Hewei.. Can you tell me?”

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