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Chapter 268: Chapter 268: The Seriousness of the Matter, Public Apology

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Chapter 268: The Seriousness of the Matter, Public Apology

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Lin Yourong hurriedly returned to the Zhou Residence.


When the Zhou family’s butler saw Lin Yourong return, he immediately came forward. “Madam, you’re back.”

Lin Yourong had been in a panic along the way back. When she saw the butler coming to welcome her, she immediately adjusted her expression. “Where’s Old Zhou?”

The Old Zhou Lin Yourong was talking about was the current head of the Zhou family, Zhou Maoyi.

“Madam, Master…” The butler stopped.

“Why are you hemming and hawing!” Lin Yourong frowned and pushed the butler in front of her away. “Get the servants to go to my bathroom to fill the bathtub. I want to take a bath. It’s been a tiring day outside.”

“Aye, okay.”

Seeing Lin Yourong walk in, the butler thought that he had to remind her. Otherwise, the scene would definitely get out of hand. He opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, he heard Master Zhou’s voice— “You’re back.”

The huge living room was brightly lit. At this moment, the servants had already returned to the servants’ room. Zhou Maoyi was the only one sitting on the sofa in the living room. He flipped through a book in his hand. His sitting posture was casual and not particular. He did not flip through it quickly, but slowly and methodically.

Hearing Lin Yourong’s voice, he said, “You’re back.” He did not look up and was still flipping through the book in his hand.

Seeing this, Lin Yourong’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

At this moment, she was even more nervous than being exposed by Gao Sisi in front of everyone in North Water Town.

Especially in front of the usually moody Zhou Maoyi.

The butler quietly walked behind Lin Yourong and lowered his voice. “Madam, the master has been waiting for you.”

Lin Yourong swallowed. “Got it.”

The butler was a little worried. He retreated out the door but did not leave.

Lin Yourong walked towards the sofa nervously. When she got closer, she shouted gently, “Old Zhou, it’s already so late. Why aren’t you resting?”

As she spoke, Lin Yourong sat down beside Zhou Maoyi. She was very close to him, and her wrist was naturally on Zhou Maoyi’s arm.

Zhou Maoyi looked away from the book in front of him and slowly raised his head to look sideways at Lin Yourong. “I’m waiting for you.

Although they were an old married couple, which woman didn’t love this warmth, especially since it was already so late and Zhou Maoyi was still sitting there waiting for her to return.

Lin Yourong hugged Zhou Maoyi’s arm and said, “A few days ago, Chanel sent me an invitation to their domestic show. Mrs. Lin and I arranged to go together. This time, Chanel invited many celebrities. It was so lively that I forgot when to come back.”

A lie naturally came from Lin Yourong.

No matter what, she had to hide this from Zhou Maoyi first. If she really couldn’t hide it anymore, she would make up a story and think of a way to fool him. In any case, Zhou Maoyi had indulged her all these years. This had just happened tonight. Zhou Maoyi definitely didn’t know that she had gone to North Water Town tonight.

She thought about that.

Zhou Maoyi asked her calmly, “To the Chanel show?”

Lin Yourong calmed herself down and said calmly, “That’s right. Two years ago, I just became Chanel’s high-end VIP in the domestic area. Ever since then,

Chanel has invited me to every show.”

Zhou Maoyi retracted his gaze. “Why didn’t I hear you say that before?”

Lin Yourong could tell that something was wrong with his tone. “Old Zhou, are you unhappy that I came back so late?”

Zhou Maoyi put down the book, pushed Lin Yourong away, and slowly stood up.

Lin Yourong had yet to realize the seriousness of the matter. She looked up at Zhou Maoyi, who had stood up, and thought for a moment, preparing to continue lying. Then, she stood up. “Old Zhou, this time…”

Before Lin Yourong could finish speaking, Zhou Maoyi raised his arm and swung it at her face.

It happened too suddenly, and this slap was too fast. Lin Yourong could not dodge in time and was forcefully slapped by Zhou Maoyi!

As for Lin Yourong, she was stunned. It took Lin Yourong a while to react. She had been hit by Zhou Maoyi. She raised her hand to cover her face and looked at him in disbelief. “…You hit me.’

Zhou Maoyi’s expression was so cold that it was terrifying. “I hit you to teach you a lesson!”

Lin Yourong was still stubborn. “You hit me because I did something? Zhou

Maoyi, you’d better make yourself clear!”

“Make myself clear?” Zhou Maoyi’s cold voice sounded. “What you did on that lousy show embarrassed the Zhou family completely. Do you think I don’t know about this?”

The moment he said that—

Lin Yourong’s expression suddenly changed!

Zhou Maoyi grabbed Lin Yourong’s wrist and pulled her over. He questioned sternly, “Forget about being embarrassed. Do you know that you offended the Pei family this time?!”

At this moment, the numb pain on Lin Yourong’s cheek spread to her wrist. It could be seen that Zhou Maoyi had used a lot of strength to grab her wrist. Lin Yourong frowned in pain and said guiltily, “Old Zhou, I-I know I was wrong.” Zhou Maoyi let go.

Lin Yourong retreated out of habit, twisted her feet, and fell to the ground.

Lin Yourong felt guilty and aggrieved. “Since you already know, why didn’t you comfort me? Instead, you slapped me. Zhou Maoyi, do you know that the slap you gave me just now was very painful!”

Zhou Maoyi looked down at Lin Yourong, who had fallen to the ground. “You know pain too?”

Lin Yourong was furious and dissatisfied. “Zhou Maoyi, what are you saying?”

Zhou Maoyi said, “Do you really think the Pei family is easy to provoke?! You really don’t know the severity of the matter! Even if their Pei family doesn’t do anything, our Zhou Corporation’s future path will be blocked. Tonight, the Zhou Corporation’s stock market is already falling. I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. Look at what you’ve done. You’ve implicated the entire Zhou family!”

When Lin Yourong, who was originally very aggrieved, heard Zhou Maoyi’s words, she realized the seriousness of the matter.

One side of her face was red, and the other was pale. “Old Zhou, I-I didn’t know this matter would blow up. Besides, I was just anxious.”

Zhou Maoyi was furious. “Anxious? Why are you anxious? Is the Pei family someone we can provoke? You even brought Lin Huan to cause trouble. She doesn’t have the life to marry into the Pei family. Don’t even think about it.

“Let me tell you, it’s easy for the Pei family to kill our Zhou family, but even if they don’t do anything this time, our Zhou family will be in trouble. Think about how much trouble you’ve caused this time!”

Lin Yourong quickly stood up and asked worriedly, “Old Zhou, then, then what should we do now?”

Zhou Maoyi closed his eyes tightly and took a deep breath. “I’ve already asked Zhou Qing to arrange a press conference tomorrow. You have to attend and apologize. ”

“Alright, I’ll apologize. I’ll definitely apologize obediently.” Lin Yourong nodded without hesitation.

It was nothing to apologize to the Pei family. However, what Zhou Maoyi said was, “Not only do you have to apologize to the Pei family, but you also have to apologize to Gao Sisi.”

Hearing this, Lin Yourong’s expression immediately changed. “What? You still want to apologize to that woman?”

As soon as she finished speaking, Zhou Maoyi raised his hand again and pretended to hit Lin Yourong.

This time, Lin Yourong’s eyes were sharp. She immediately raised her hand to cover her face. “It’s fine to apologize to the Pei family, but why do you want me to apologize to Gao Sisi in public? You’re asking me to throw my face on the ground and be stepped on!”

Zhou Maoyi snorted coldly. “You still know shame?”

“I…” When Lin Yourong heard that she was going to apologize to Gao Sisi publicly, she was extremely unwilling. “No, I won’t apologize to that slut. I’m Mrs. Zhou!”

Zhou Maoyi reminded Lin Yourong coldly, “Don’t tell me you really think it’s over when President Pei and Mrs. Pei didn’t mind? Have you figured it out? You’ve offended the Pei family. If our Zhou family doesn’t show our attitude this time, it won’t be long before our Zhou family won’t be able to have a foothold in the capital. It’s not up to you to go to this press conference. Not only do you have to apologize to the Pei family, but you also have to apologize for Gao Sisi.

Lin Yourong gradually realized the seriousness of this matter..

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