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Chapter 27

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Huge Reversal!

Everyone’s eyes were too eager.

Han Qianye was stunned! At this moment, several question marks popped into her mind:

—What’s wrong?

—What happened?

—Why are they all looking at me?

Cheng Zhongqing came forward and extended his hand to Han Qianye excitedly. “Miss Li’s mother-in-law, it’s all thanks to your sharp eyes this time. Otherwise, we would have missed these two Siberian grouses.”

Han Qianye reached out her hand in confusion. “It’s… it’s fine.”

Cheng Zhongqing held it with both hands and leaned forward slightly. It was obvious that he was really excited and happy.

Wan Yu and Luo Xiaosong, who were at the side, both revealed embarrassed smiles. Especially when they thought about how the two of them had actually taught Miss Li’s mother-in-law about golden pheasants. However, the ones who should be taught were the two of them. They didn’t even know about Siberian grouses. What a toad on a train, pretending to be an old customer with a big belly. The two of them were so embarrassed that their toes were about to dig through the soles of their shoes.

However, Min Hanrong did not know much about that whatsoever grouse. She asked, “Are these two fat chickens really protected animals?”

“Hanrong, those two Siberian grouses are the second-level national priority in protecting wild animals!” Cheng Zhongqing said in a serious tone, “Because its appearance is very similar to a domestic hen, it’s not easy to recognize it at a glance. I didn’t notice it just now, they didn’t recognize it when they saw it too. Fortunately, Miss Li’s mother-in-law recognized it at a glance. Otherwise, we would have really missed these two Siberian grouses today.”

Min Hanrong was a household name in the early years. Cheng Zhongqing had seen Min Hanrong’s movie before, so he called her by her name.

When Min Hanrong heard Cheng Zhongqing’s words, she suddenly realized that she was too ignorant. She laughed dryly and said, “No wonder. This Siberian grouse does look like a fat hen.”

After saying that, she turned to look at Han Qianye. “Qianye, your eyes are still sharp. You recognized those two Siberian grouses at a glance.”

Han Qianye had already regained her composure. She thought Li Xiwu had lied to her and caused her to make a fool of herself again. Who knew that there would be a huge reversal! She looked at Min Hanrong again. For some reason, she suddenly wanted to laugh. As long as Min Hanrong suffered, she would be happy.

“It’s alright. It’s just that I happened to see a picture of a Siberian grouse in the past. I recognized it.” Han Qianye could not hide the smugness in her tone.

The smile on Min Hanrong’s face was about to collapse.

[I suspect there’s a script! Han Qianye doesn’t even know a lynx, but now she’s the only one among everyone who recognizes the Siberian grouse.]

[Ridiculous! I wouldn’t believe that it wasn’t scripted.]

[But why do I feel that Han Qianye won this round without doing anything?]

[Did anyone notice what Li Xiwu said in the live broadcast just now… That’s a chicken, but it can’t be eaten?]

[But there’s no sound later on. How strange…]

[No matter what, it was indeed Han Qianye who discovered the two Siberian grouses first. What’s there to fight about!]

[Han Qianye is a little scheming, but she can always be seen through. For example, when she was doing nothing, when she discovered the Siberian grouses, she had the characteristic of a comedian.]

[I’m on Han Qianye’s side in this wave. She was the one who discovered the two Siberian grouses first and won’t accept any rebuttal.]

[I’ve learned something new. The Siberian grouse is actually a second-level national priority wildlife protection.]

Today, the fourth group’s live-stream was especially popular. The popularity of Group Four’s live-stream had been very stable since the morning.

“Everyone, come and take a look!” Cheng Zhongqing summoned everyone to listen to his explanation of the SIberian grouse.

Du Xu waved at Han Qianye. “Qianye, let’s go take a look.” Because they were familiar with each other, Du Xu changed the way she addressed Han Qianye from ‘Miss Li’s mother-in-law’ to ‘Qianye’.

Han Qianye took half a step forward happily. Suddenly, she thought of something and turned back to Li Xiwu. “Let’s go over and take a closer look at those two Siberian grouses.”

Li Xiwu nodded. “Okay.”

As soon as she replied, Han Qianye held her wrist naturally. “Follow me.”

Li Xiwu paused, clearly stunned.

Han Qianye turned to look at her and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Li Xiwu shook her head. “Nothing.”

Han Qianye looked down at the hand holding Li Xiwu’s wrist and whispered, “You don’t like being held?”

“No.” Li Xiwu sounded mildly surprised.

Recalling her previous ‘for her own good’ behavior, Li Xiwu did not think much of it and let Han Qianye hold her wrist as they walked over. It was obvious that Han Qianye was in a good mood. It was entirely on her face that she was in a good mood. She was like a child.

Cheng Zhongqing pointed at the two Siberian grouses that were looking for food and were not afraid of strangers.

“The range of altitude where Siberian grouse rest is generally around 700 to 1,600 meters. No migration behavior has been found so far. And the two Siberian grouses in Fu Town are said to have been bought and raised as hens on the street when a townsman went to visit relatives in the northeast in the early years. While he was raising the Siberian grouse, he accidentally found on TV that it was to be listed as a priority wildlife protection. It was very similar to the ‘hens’ he raised, so he took the initiative to report it.

“Because the townspeople took the initiative to report their contributions, and because the two Siberian grouses were not killed and were raised well, they made up for their contributions and let the townspeople continue to raise these two Siberian grouses in Fu Town.

“However, because both are female Siberian grouses, they are currently unable to reproduce. I heard from the higher-ups that the breeding of Siberian grouses will begin this year. I look forward to seeing countless Siberian grouses in Fu Town next year.”

Cheng Zhongqing was very excited when he explained to everyone and calls for everyone to protect the country’s rare animals.

The number of viewers and popularity of the live stream also rapidly soared to its peak during this period of time. The comments screen went wild—

[Isn’t this more interesting than watching Parental Shortness?]

[Everyone is responsible for the protection of rare wild animals.]

[Old Mr. Cheng shouldn’t be a plant expert, but an animal expert.]

[I’ve broadened my horizons. However, looking at these two Siberian grouses up close, no matter how I look at them, they look like fat old hens. In Old Cheng’s words, it’s all thanks to Han Qianye. Otherwise, everyone would have missed them.]

[Group Four’s mother-in-law and daughter-in-law won so much today.]

[Li Xiwu in the morning and Han Qianye in the afternoon. This mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are very stable today.]

[I wonder if I’ll see Li Xiwu cooking again tonight?]

[I heard that today’s live broadcast ends at five o’clock. Damn, doesn’t that mean that we can only squat on the Wind Platform for the premiere?]

[This variety show is too good at causing trouble. They know what we want to watch, but they just have to keep us hanging. The viewership ratings for the live broadcast and premiere are the same.]

Today’s live broadcast ended at 5:30 pm. Gao Yueban had also received a notice from the higher-ups at the last minute. The program wanted a gimmick. Now, Li Xiwu’s culinary skills were the biggest gimmick. If he could whet the appetite and broadcast it during the premiere, the ratings would be stable!

Not only Director Gao, but the organizers also did not expect that the least popular mother-in-law and daughter-in-law of Group Four would actually become the trump card of this show.

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