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Chapter 272: Chapter 272: Meeting Grandma!

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Chapter 272: Meeting Grandma!

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Four luxury cars stopped outside the hotel in an orderly manner. The golden Goddess of Ecstasy standing at the front of the car was especially eye-catching.


The car door opened and someone got out first.

The person was wearing black-framed glasses, a suit, and shiny leather shoes. He bowed slightly to the car and spoke. Li Xiwu guessed that he was probably a follower of the person in the car.

In the past, as long as one was a landlord, one could also have an attendant accompanying them. In today’s society, if one could have an attendant, one must be rich or noble, such as Madam Di Xin.

Although Li Xiwu was curious, she did not look at the lead car for too long. She raised her hand to tidy her hair and walked towards the hotel.

She walked fast. Just as she was about to pass by the four luxury cars and the lead car, the follower who had been standing outside the car looked up at Li


Their eyes met for a moment. The other party smiled at her. Li Xiwu was surprised. After all, she did not know the other party. She guessed that it was probably because of this person’s usual politeness, so she returned a polite smile.

The corners of her lips were halfway up. Li Xiwu noticed someone looking at her through the lowered window. She looked closer and saw that it was an old lady with a graying bun. The old lady had a sable waistcoat over her shoulder. Her makeup was exquisite, but she was expressionless.

Even from a certain distance, Li Xiwu felt that the old lady’s aura was very terrifying! An old lady of the same age, Li Xiwu saw elegance and gentleness in Madam Di Xin. And this old lady, whom she had never met before, exuded a noble aura.

Li Xiwu looked away and walked past silently, heading into the hotel.

At the same time, Pei Jingzhou’s car had yet to leave. In the car, Chen Xin retracted his gaze and turned to Pei Jingzhou. “In that car is Old Madam Mo.” Pei Jingzhou clasped his hands in front of his abdomen. “Who else?”

Chen Xin said, “There’s also the eldest daughter-in-law of the MO family. She’s sitting beside Old Madam Mo. The windows of the three cars behind haven’t been lowered, so I’m not sure who’s inside?’

Pei Jingzhou looked up. “She saw them?”

Chen Xin said, “Madam passed by Old Madam Mo’s car just now. I believe both parties have met.”

Pei Jingzhou’s expression was reserved. “Back to the hotel.”

Chen Xin said, “The company…”

Pei Jingzhou said, “The meeting is at the hotel. Inform them.”

Chen Xin nodded. “Okay.”

Li Xiwu took the elevator upstairs. When she reached the floor, the elevator doors opened. When she came out of the elevator, she happened to meet MO Yujin, who was about to go downstairs. Before she could greet her, MO Yujin took the initiative to call her, “Xiwu.”

Li Xiwu walked up to MO Yujin. “Auntie MO, are you going out?”

The two of them had not spoken much since they met yesterday. MO Yujin had originally planned to interact more with Li Xiwu at night. Unexpectedly, when she went to Han Qianye’s place at night, she found out that Li Xiwu did not return to the hotel last night.

It was rare for them to talk at this moment. MO Yujin pulled Li Xiwu aside kindly. “I’m going downstairs for breakfast. Have you eaten?”

Li Xiwu said, “I already ate on the way back.” MO Yujin asked, “Where did you stay last night?”

Li Xiwu said, “Also in North Water Town.”

MO Yujin nodded and continued to find a topic. “The iron hot spring here is quite good. Have you tried it?”

Those words immediately pulled Li Xiwu’s memory back to last night’s indulgence. Her expression didn’t change. “I tried. It’s quite good.”

MO Yujin smiled. “I was still thinking that if we had time, we could soak in it together. It’s good to chat more when we have nothing to do. I keep feeling that we hit it off very well. I just hate that I didn’t see you sooner.”

If she had seen her earlier, she would have recognized her earlier.

Li Xiwu was a little moved. If she had not found out about her relationship with MO Yujin from Pei Jingzhou, she might have just smiled at MO Yujin’s words.

“You— ‘You—

They both spoke at the same time.

Li Xiwu gestured. “You go first.”

MO Yujin did not stand on ceremony and said to Li Xiwu, “Are you happy

Hearing this, Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “No one is happy every day, but no one is depressed every day. I’m living in the middle now. Occasionally, I’ll be worried about some work matters. I’ll be very happy when I get home.”

This sentence was to tell MO Yujin about her current state of life.

When MO Yujin heard Li Xiwu’s words, she felt a little relieved. “Life is most likely not going according to your wishes. How can everything go according to your wishes? You have to worry too much about nothing. It’s best to manage your life well.”

With that, MO Yujin asked, “By the way, what were you going to say just now?

Li Xiwu pursed her lips and asked in a slow tone, “Why… did you agree to be on this show?”

It was no secret in the industry that MO Yujin never participated in variety shows. No variety show could move her or invite her. Many people in the industry were shocked that she would participate in this in-law variety show. MO Yujin looked at Li Xiwu and asked seriously, “Do you want to know?”

Li Xiwu nodded. “If it’s convenient for you to say, I want to know.”

MO Yujin looked moved. “I…”

Buzz buzz buzz.

Someone’s phone vibrated.

Li Xiwu’s reaction was slow for a few seconds. She realized that it was her phone. The caller ID was Han Qianye.

MO Yujin also saw the caller ID on Li Xiwu’s phone. Thinking that she still had something to do, she swallowed the words she had almost said just now. It was not the right time. It was not too late to talk about it later.

Hence, she could only say, “Qianye should be asking if you’re back. I should go down for breakfast. Otherwise, I won’t have time to rush the live broadcast later.”

Li Xiwu nodded and left to answer Han Qianye’s call.


A moment after Pei Jingzhou’s car drove away, in the lead car at the entrance of the hotel, the MO family’s daughter-in-law, Xu Qing, said in a low voice, “Mom, Pei Jingzhou i s car has already left.”

Guan Suling narrowed her eyes for a while. When she heard this, she slowly opened her eyes. “Send someone to follow carefully and see if he left North

Water Town.”

Xu Qing raised her chin at the person outside the car door. The person outside the car understood and turned to make the arrangements.

Guan Suling looked at the entrance of the hotel. “When will Yujin come out?”

Xu Qing said carefully, “Yujin is on the way out.”

The MO family had a certain status in the entire capital. Their background was far-reaching, especially Old Madam Mo’s background, Guan Suling.

Guan Suling’s surname was Guan. This surname was indeed very common in today’s world, so it was not surprising. However, her ancestor’s surname was the Güwalgiya clan. This surname was the first clan in the Manchurian clan, and she was a true relative of the emperor.

However, later on, the Güwalgiva family evolved into the surname Guan.

Although the surname could be changed, its background was unshakable.

Guan Suling had a domineering personality in the MO family. The descendants of the MO family respected her very much. Even though Guan Suling was almost 80 years old, she still had the final say in the MO family..

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