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Chapter 273: Chapter 273: She Has a More Noble Identity

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Chapter 273: She Has a More Noble Identity

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Xu Qing, this eldest daughter-in-law, was an unreachable Mrs. MO outside, but in front of Guan Suling, she was the obedient daughter-in-law of the MO family. Every time she spoke, she had to consider it for a long time and not dare to make any mistakes.


At this moment, Xu Qing looked at the figure coming out of the hotel and said to the old lady beside her, “Mom, Yujin is out.”

A moment later, the car door opened. Xu Qing got out of the car first. MO Yujin walked over and called out, “Sister-in-law.”

Xu Qing nodded and gestured to the car. “Mom is waiting for you.”

MO Yujin nodded and bent down to get into the car. Xu Qing considerately closed the car door and went to the car behind.

“You’re here.” Guan Suling glanced sideways at MO Yujin, who had just sat down.

Due to the MO Family’s upbringing, MO Yujin stood or sat upright at all times. “Mom, why are you here so early today?”

Guan Suling looked at the fatigue on MO Yujin’s face. “Is recording a show that tiring?

MO Yujin sighed. “Stop talking. This is the first time I’ve recorded such a live variety show in my life. It’s terrible.”

Guan Suling said, “Aren’t you tired from filming?

MO Yujin said, “Mom, that’s different.”

“How can it be ditterent(” Guan Suling looked at the rearview mirror in front of her and said calmly, “Tell me about yesterday.”

Hearing this, MO Yu Jin straightened up. Actually, she had already called Guan Suling last night and told her what she knew. Han Qianye did not reveal much, but Li Xiwu’s identity was confirmed.

Otherwise, Guan Suling would not have rushed over so early in the morning. When she bumped into Li Xiwu when she came out just now, she almost couldn’t help but want to acknowledge her.

Now that Guan Suling asked again, it was obvious that she wanted to hear the situation from MO Yu Jin.

After MO Yujin’s expression turned serious, she was in no hurry to say anything. Instead, she asked, “Did you see Xiwu just now?

Guan Suling recalled her brief meeting with Li Xiwu just now and her heart trembled. She slowly clenched her fists on her lapel. In this life, Guan Suling had never changed her expression no matter what happened. Only the moment she really saw Li Xiwu, she was nervous and lost her mind.

Even though her appearance had changed a little, Guan Suling felt close to her with just one look…

MO Yujin looked at the dazed Guan Suling and waved her hand in front of her eyes. “Mom?”

Guan Suling came back to her senses. “Go ahead.”

MO Yujin slowly said, “Although Han Qianye didn’t say it explicitly, we can basically confirm that Li Xiwu is Little You with amnesia.”

Guan Suling’s calm expression slowly became no longer so calm. Her clenched fists were trembling slightly. She took a deep breath to calm her emotions. “Are there any characteristics?

Because she knew late, Guan Suling had never watched a live broadcast. She had watched the live broadcast for an entire day yesterday. During this period, she had even asked MO Yan to find her a recording of Li Xiwu on the Internet.

Actually, Guan Suling was basically certain that Li Xiwu was Little You. But she was especially afraid that in the end, it would be for nothing. After all, something like Little You’s “resurrection” was too unreal.

MO Yujin placed her hand on the back of Guan Suling’s trembling hand and shook it. “Mom, I haven’t interacted much with Xiwu. I can’t see any characteristics for the time being.”

Guan Suling asked, “Doesn’t she have any memories?

MO Yujin shook her head. “No.”

Guan Suling sighed softly. “I’ve already gotten someone to investigate everything that happened after Pei Jingzhou returned from Country T four years ago. Pei Jingzhou has kept the news tight. We can’t find out anything.”

MO Yujin said according to her guess, “Little You has experienced so much. Pei Jingzhou made her lose her memory. It can be considered a new beginning. Otherwise, how would she survive?

Guan Sulings expression turned cold. “No matter what Pei Jingzhou’s intentions were back then, he shouldn’t have hidden Little You for four years.

He even hid it from me.”

MO Yujin didn’t dare to say anything. She knew that Guan Suling was angry.

For the past four years, Guan Suling had gone to the ancestral hall every day to see the longevity tablet she had erected for Li You. Although she knew in her heart that Li You was no longer around, she could not accept the fact that she was no longer around) so she stubbornly erected a longevity tablet for her.

She thought that the heavens must have opened their eyes.

She had been blessing Li You and letting her return safely.

Han Qianye had been upset the entire night because of what happened last night. Today, she finally calmed down a little.

At the thought of her friendship with Lin Yourong, she panicked. After calling Li Xiwu and waiting for her to return, she opened the news feed on her phone. It was a press conference held by the Zhou Corporation.

The entire process and video content of the press conference had been officially posted on the official Weibo of the Zhou Corporation.

This matter became a trending topic. It caused a lot of heated discussion. Lin Yourong appeared wearing a mask. Under the cameras of the reporters, her face looked very haggard after removing the mask.

She solemnly apologized to the Pei Corporation and even admitted her evil actions against Gao Sisi in private. In front of the camera, she sincerely acknowledged her mistake and her attitude was not perfunctory at all.

However, the netizens still scolded Lin Yourong—

[Apologizing is already letting you off easy. How are you going to repay Gao Sisi for the harm she suffered?]

[While chasing away her daughter-in-law who doesn’t have a prominent family background, she urged her niece to interfere in someone else’s marriage. The evil mother-in-law of the year has become a god!]

[To be honest, I’m starting to suspect that the couples in the second season also have a problem like Gao Sisi and Lin Yourong. They pretend to be harmonious on the surface, but their relationship is actually extremely bad?]

[If I’m at a press conference, I’ll send Lin Yourong a basket of eggs.]

[Girls nowadays are afraid of marriage to begin with. Lin Yourong has contributed greatly by increasing the fear of marriage. If only she could be punished.]

[I hope Gao Sisi can live a good life in the future. When she meets a man who really loves her, she has to meet a mother-in-law who treats her well with all her heart.]

[The Zhou Corporation’s stock market has fallen so badly.]

[After offending the Pei family, even if the Pei family doesn’t make a move, they won’t have a good time.]

[Fortunately, Li Xiwu was very magnanimous last night and did not pursue the matter. Otherwise, the Zhou Corporation would definitely be in trouble!]

[Speaking of which, what shocked me was that Li Xiwu married into the Pei family in the capital. Her life is simply better than Lin Yourong’s. Back then, it took Lin Yourong a lot of effort to succeed!]

[Li Xiwu realized the fairy tale of Cinderella marrying into a wealthy family. In the end, she was lucky + she has a face that can marry into a wealthy family.] Han Qianye was in a good mood when she saw the comments.

When she saw that there were comments discussing Li Xiwu, she reported it.


Who’s Cinderella?

Not only was her Xiwu the only daughter of the highest-ranking diplomat in

China, but she was also the only daughter of the only female mayor in Shen City in the past ten years. Apart from that, she also had the bloodline of the Guan family. Guan Suling was her biological grandmother!

Who could compare to such a background?

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