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Chapter 276: Chapter 276: Calling her Mother-in-Law First as a Respect

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Chapter 276: Calling her Mother-in-Law First as a Respect

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Yu Hewei was not a public figure.


She had been selected as a ‘Mother-in-Law Joys fan’ to be on this show. There was nothing inappropriate about her bringing up these topics. If Li Xiwu didn’t want to answer, she could choose not to.

The production team would not stop Yu Hewei from asking any questions. The more casual they asked, the more realistic the show seemed.

“You’ve suffered setbacks in your career. Do you think you… can still be called Miss Li?”

As Yu Hewei asked this question in front of the entire Internet, the live comments were all on fire!

[She hit the nail on the head. Yu Hewei really dares to ask!]

[Yu Hewei has proven the authenticity of the show. In the second season, Li Xiwu and Han Qianye’s group are the most popular. If they are too perfect, they will always be picked out.]

[I feel that Yu Hewei is a fake fan. She can’t be a spy sent by someone, right?


[This question is simply poking at Li Xiwu’s lifeline!]

Li Xiwu was still calm. Even though Yu Hewei’s every word was openly and secretly ‘provoking’ her!

She took a shallow breath and said steadily, “It’s my duty to lead the artists well. It’s not up to me to make the artists famous. As for the title you mentioned, it’s just a title. Whether there’s such a title or not, I’m still a manager.”

There was silence for a moment.

Yu Hewei raised her eyes and looked ahead. When she spoke, her voice was slightly soft. “Then have you ever thought that if you don’t become a manager in the future, you will change to another profession?

Li Xiwu smiled faintly. “The future is still far away. I’m short-sighted and haven’t planned for the future yet.”

Han Qianye and MO Yujin, who were walking behind, talked about beauty. In the past, Han Qianye had always chatted the happiest about such topics. Now, she was a little distracted. She glanced at Li Xiwu from time to time.

When MO Yujin saw this, her lips curled up and she couldn’t help but laugh. Originally, the number of times MO Yujin secretly looked at Li Xiwu was already very frequent. However, Han Qianye looked at Li Xiwu more often than she did. At this point, she wished she could tie it to her belt.

“Qianye,” MO Yujin called out casually.

Han Qianye retracted her gaze. “What’s wrong?

MO Yujin asked, “I remember you have a daughter?”

Han Qianye knew that MO Yujin was looking for a topic to chat about. “Yes, I do have a daughter.”

MO Yujin asked, “How old is your daughter?”

Han Qianye said, “Twenty-two.”

MO Yujin asked, “Does she have a boyfriend?”

Han Qianye hesitated when she answered. “No…”

Should be?



To be honest, Han Qianye really did not know if Pei Jiao had a boyfriend outside. After her daughter returned from overseas, she did not go to the company to train or find a job herself. She was either idle or busy all day.

Although the Pei family was big and powerful, it was better not to spread the news that the children they nurtured did not want to improve. It was fine as long as she knew. After all, ‘family scandals should not be aired in public’.

MO Yujin began to digress. “You know that, right? I have a son.”

Han Qianye had yet to realize what MO Yujin was going to say. She nodded and said, “I know. Otherwise, why would you be on this show!”

[I’m dying of laughter. Brainless’ brain circuits always surprise people.]

[I heard MO Yujin’s plan outside the screen.]

[Han Qianye actually has a daughter? Then I’ll call her mother-in-law first.]

[I feel that Yu Hewei doesn’t meet MO Yujin’s criteria for choosing a daughter-in-law.]

[Yu Hewei has such a valiant personality. It’s not easy to control her. I feel that she and MO Yujin are both talking about their own things on the show.]

MO Yujin began to recommend herself. “My son is 25 years old this year. He’s 1.85 meters tall and doesn’t have any bad habits. He’s extroverted and has a stable job. He doesn’t lack anything except a girlfriend.”

Han Qianye.

MO Yujin continued, “I’m not sure what type he likes. I’m not sure how many relationships he’s had, but I’m very sure he’s single now. The company is under his control now, and his future is promising.”

Han Qianye:

MO Yujin chuckled.

This was the first time Han Qianye had seen such a wretched smile on MO

Yujin’s face! She cleared her throat. “So what are you going to do?”

MO Yujin patted Han Qianye’s shoulder and said seriously, “Why don’t we become in-laws?

Han Qianye waved her hand away. “I’m sorry, but my daughter has a betrothal.”

“What era is it? Why was there a betrothal?!” MO Yujin’s tone was rather straightforward. “The child has already grown up. How can a child’s engagement be anything? Are you sure your daughter is willing?”

That made sense.

Actually, Han Qianye also felt that the arranged marriage with the Wei family back then probably did not count anymore. She was the only one who remembered it. She had never seen the Wei family take the initiative to mention this.

[One second I’m calling her mother-in-law, and the next it’s gone.]

[The betrothal was too much. My parents also arranged a betrothal for me when I was three years old. In the end, the other party grew up and became disabled! I was so frightened that I went on a blind date. They were all better-looking than the betrothal.]

[Speaking of which, MO Yujin’s son seems to be the CEO of the Qin Corporation?]

[Damn, the Qin Corporation behind Ying Huang Entertainment? Another high-quality man at the top of the food chain. I wonder what Han Qianye’s

daughter looks like.]

MO Yujin took out her phone. “I’ll push my son’s WeChat to you. Push your daughter’s WeChat to me.”

Han Qianye said without thinking, “Okay.”

Hence, the two of them quickly exchanged WeChat business cards. After Han Qianye received the WeChat name card from MO Yujin, she sent it to Pei Jiao.

Han Qianye: Picture

Han Qianye: “This is the person your Auntie MO introduced to you.”

Han Qianye: “Chat first. We’ll talk about the Wei family when we find them.”

At this moment, Pei Jiao, who was riding her motorcycle at the edge of the city, heard the frequent vibration of her phone in her pocket.

Beike’s helmet behind her was broken, and the windshield in front of him was gone. The wind was too strong, and he could not open his eyes. He could only bury his face in Pei Jiao’s back. “Slow down! Slow down! Ancestor! It’s taking my life!”

Pei Jiao said, “Women have to be fast!”

Beike: “Fast my ass!”

Pei Jiao continued to speed up. “The phone in my pocket is vibrating. Take it out and see who sent the message. Don’t touch anywhere else or I’ll beat your dog head up.”

Beike grimaced. “Who asked you to wear such tight pants?”

“So what! I like to be beautiful! Cut the crap and hurry up.”

It took Beike a lot of effort to take the phone out of Pei Jiao’s tight pants

Pei Jiao reminded him not to shake his hand. If he dropped her phone, he, Beike, would be dead.

Beike thought, Isn’t this more exciting than running for your life!?

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